Profiles in Tremendousness - White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: The Daily Show

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Press Secretary Sean Spicer begins his relationship with the media by defending President Trump's claims of mass voter fraud and refusing to state the U.S. unemployment rate.
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Michael Beer
if TRUMP believes the votes were tampered with why in the bleep hasn't he resign his presidency and we voted him and bring Barack Obama back why we vote again America does not need to look silly but they need to pick the right candidate to be the commander and chief for the United States of America the right person
Lynn T
Urs Schaffer
when trump opens his mouth he lies!!
We are in a solar grand minimum. It always is warmer than usual before it gets very, very, cold. Check out Suspicious 0bservers to get your facts straight. It would be a great favor to all if the truth was known. Too many lies, so very many lies.
Love Trevor and the Daily Show... can we get some volume regulation on these videos? His main segment is so quiet I have to turn my volume all the way up and then the outro segments blare at twice the volume, not sure why the editors have chosen to do that!
a tremendous lying dildo lying for one
too much toilet humor.
Tbh, this video doesn't show much about Spicer's actual political views, although obviously we can assume it's pretty right wing
Light House
Lorna Nunez
Is everyone goin to sit n talk about trump until america crumble. r could we just get him n all his tenants evicted out of the White House
Tracey Ezell
hey y'all bill gates supporting Donald duck dump tramp and Warren Buffett don't buy Xbox he going to give it to Donald duck dump tramp boycott Xbox
Rebekah Wiles
Ok this is actually really funny.
Rebekah Wiles
Trevor Noah is my type of man 😻
Derp Derpus
Has Sean Spicer not heard of mints? Those things that freshen your breath and are SWALLOWABLE.
Jeffrey Bull
Sean Spicer: Are you completely without shame?
Oda Yukimura
Spicer, keep swallowing the gum. The more, the better.
Oda Yukimura
If I were Drumpf, I would have fired Spicer. What an idiot.
Lucas Layton
I literally cant believe his whole cabinet is comprised of such incompetent buffoons. I feel like theres a secret master plan somewhere behind all this bullshit...
caleb lindsey
Am I the only person that thinks Spicer Looks like Kevin James
Sairam Kaushik
if the storm of swords is any proof, never trust a spicer
al johnson
dorian venegas
Invite Trey Gowdy To Your Show and Sean Spicer
Aldranza M
why Trevor why are you so adorable wtf
u are talkin politics stop makin me aww
sphincter fits him very well.
Cecilia Barron
Sean Spencer is a moron being used by Donald creepy!!!
Sean Spicer has a difficult job.
My Name Is Nobody
"Sean Sphincter" that is one of the most hilarious descriptions of Sean.
My Name Is Nobody
Make a difference, call, call, call your Congressional Representatives every day.Let them know you will vote them out of office if they do not start Impeach Proceedings on this POS president tramp. Yes, that's right, I said tramp, bum, worthless, disreputable,despicable POS.
Konda Reddy
most arrogant guy of trump administration. obnoxious fellow and all journalists hate this bully
I had trouble getting past that he has a strange feud with Dip N Dots and Swallows 35 pieces of gum a day. who the fuck does that
Eugene Gina
Love this guy. He is the most honest reporter I know. I love America and honest reporters
you demobrats lost! deal with it!
This person has no class at all.
Weeaboo Jones
Fun alternative fact: I'm the president now! My Vice President is the red power ranger and the Secretary of State is Sherlock Holmes.
A.R. Photography
firefighters in Dubai ? what does that even mean
Geetan Madala
So many ads
Angel Wings
i see the bullshit on this page .
Kathryn Pignon
One result of dropping environmental requirements, you will not be able to sell your products outside the US. By pulling out of the international community on this issue, the US has joined the elite club which consists of Nigeria, Nicaragua, and Azukistan. Your products will no longer meet the standards of the rest of the countries of the world. Welcome to a future where you sell to YOURSELF. And no Wonder Trump is against the European Union, we have been rejecting a trade agreement with the US (but have signed one with Canada) for EIGHT years, and will continue to do so
jyotsna badrinarayanan
Am I the only one who think that Trevor Noah looks so freaking hot?
Drew B
Is this supposed to be comedy? Not one part was funny.
Audio Video Media Services
Not all subjects are a funny matters, we are talking about illegal votes. You are paid to down play illegal activity which makes you scum, in my book. I guess somebody has to do the dirty work. The essence of fake news (Media) if you will, SMH.
Abhishek Anshu
not cool Trevor ....groping Indian woman
Raan W
This show host is simply another Hollywood bully and popularity train rider. It is so sickening to watch all the media harass our new commander in chief. This Daily show host has no shame to use jokes on the President of the United States for his rating boost. How sick can the media and leftist hollywood get. Maybe they should all join the scientology cult and agree that aliens are amongst us living inside people. A book written by a drug user becomes a hollywood number one religion fellowship.
To be fair, Sean Spicer does a pretty good job overall. It cannot be easy to try to explain Trumps madness. I feel sorry for him though. He most really hate his job. Can you even imagine to wake up in the morning to coffee and som morning news only to see the news has exploded from another tweet Trump has released and to know that it's your job to try to explain the statement no matter how insane it was. I would look for another job fast.
Talyn has time
Swallowing gum is fine. It's not going to stay in your stomach for long. The whole "7 years in your gut" thing is a myth.
Danielle Stewart-Turner
stuttering stanley stuttering stanley
Jay D33
Spicer is Officially #TriggeredasFuck!
My my how ignorant Americans look for watching this relentlessly ranting shill. No wonder his ratings keep dropping. In 5 years from now he'll be on late night cable ads hocking bbq grills.
Nosipho Sobekwa
Leave them alone!
Nosipho Sobekwa
As far as Trump is concerned, I simple don't support your jokes. Trump is a World Class President. Benchmark him and come and introduce his ideas here at home. We want jobs and economic growth. You know how we suffer in SA. I am disappointed. I have lost interest in you.
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