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Press Secretary Sean Spicer begins his relationship with the media by defending President Trump's claims of mass voter fraud and refusing to state the U.S. unemployment rate.
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Nour T.
Now that Sean Sphincter is gone, at least we have the Mocc-

wait, he's gone too?

then fuck.
Abdulaziz Al-amri
Now he has resigned..
So much for my golden years being relaxing and serene. I feel like crying all the time now. No hope for the future with this idiot president.
Helen Eschenbacher
I.Love.Ronny.Chieng! Really!
Peter Deborne
All the people in the Thumbp Administration look like (Twins) from the "Island of Dr. Moreau" - "Are we not men --- What is the Law?"
Kimberly Campbell
Trevor Noah's smile saved 10 baby goats from falling off a cliff .
RedRoy Productions
To be fair, in 07 I did a study and the true unemployment rate was as high as 42%, so it's not that far off.
Whitney R
He's so funny
Xx_Preston Garvey69_Xx
Who the fuck even thinks this shit is funny? Why would you play a cringy viral video from 2010. And the fecal jokes are just plain stupid, unfunny and lude, as were his jokes & punchline.
david williams
Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha
Ramazani Mulongeca
#Spicer finally tired of covering #Trumb's lies. He decided to resign.
I love Trevor Noah but turning up the volume at the end click bit is SO annoying! Rather than click you hurry up and change the video..
and it's gone!
big orange fan
Hooked on a feeling
cov fefe
Spicy? Byebye fake guy!
Dalton Triputra
Thats why they call him sphincter cuz thats where he blows bubbles
johan hermanns
what about gum?do spicey eat that a lot?
I picture Sean Spicer with Melissa McCarthy's face now
Lien Lam
Sean Spicer did great job shut up the left Evil, hate, negative Media. Crew all sore losers. Trump 2020
Luiza Parodia
Cinnamon??? That’s the shittiest flavor. Like I’d give him the benefit of the doubt if it was like wintergreen or some shit. But CINNAMON? That’s the type of shit Trump would put in his cabinet
The Orlando Kids
And it starts right nowwwww. Oh I miss spicy. Come back Spicy!
Gilbert Alvarez
Sean Spicer is selling his soul and reputation for $179,900 a year LOL Meanwhile Dwayne Wade felt offended because Miami offered him 20 million dollars a year.
Dustin Sandlin
This whole show is barely half as good as it used to be. Just a sjw virtue signaling on tv
Gwendolyn Lashley
Trump is the CEO of the company he does not realize it is not his company.
Carol Mello
I like Sean Spicer's wacky responses. He is adorable in a very funny way. I like him better than Huckabee Sanders. She is just awful, she lies but she is not funny, just vicious.
Kahuna Kahunatu
unemployment rate is how many lost jobs in the last 3 months, not 15 years.

124M Americans are working full time and a majority are at minimum wage.

200M are working part time or not at all.

which means US has a 62% Unemployment rate...

let's see ya make that funny... 😉

Trump is a numbers guy, start telling him the truth, Comedians are the only people he takes advice from.
Jack Rabbit
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Hillary belongs in jail.
Lucia R. Reyes
GTS Revolution
Trump reminds me a lot of your average 12 year old online player. If he wins, he is the best, and when he losses, the enemy cheated or there was lag.
Calm Dust
LMAO!!! 😂😂😂
Sarah Siddons
In living color Jamaican
Arturo RoblesGiveit2me
Old Spicey eats Trump shit!
Rainy Hollowell
Listen to the fake laughter.
Evan Thompson
Kinda threw up in my mouth a bit about that gum.
Jeanne Cable
I feel a bit bad for Spicer, one of these days he's gonna burst into tears in the middle of a press conference and have a nervous breakdown
Gautam Raj
trevors show hired audiences to laugh at their jokes....
Victor A Gomez
hahahahahaaaa love it.
Eric Henn
such a shame I used to really like The Daily Show but now it's just an outlet to bitch and complain about everything. I wish they would just get onto comedy then their ratings might get better
Frank Meier
TREVOR, NO, I do not subscribe as long as you bully me with this increased volume.

I can not watch your shows in my bedroom while my girl sleeps.

She wakes up when you terrorize me and her at the end of your show with this uncomfortable increased volume!
Isa Belle
I'm lost, does Trump understand that it is the electoral vote that matters? Like seriously? He can't handle Hilary winning the popular vote???
Isa Belle
Omg! Notice that lady in the navy blue looking anxiously for an accurate answer from Spicer... this is crazy.
@thedailyshow Trevor why don't philanthropist entrepreneurs people with a large amount of money start funding global warming climate control to have more science done.why do we have to wait for a president to do so?
Ahefaz Ajani
Damn... you style a joke from John Oliver :D
fatz joe
some right wingers still looking for Obama birth certificate.
Rhyperior Ranger
I love how calm he is
Ashamed US Eagle
Spicer sold his soul. How can anyone, even a LIAR like Spicer, refer to T-rump as "the president" without puking.
Michael Beer
if TRUMP believes the votes were tampered with why in the bleep hasn't he resign his presidency and we voted him and bring Barack Obama back why we vote again America does not need to look silly but they need to pick the right candidate to be the commander and chief for the United States of America the right person
Urs Schaffer
when trump opens his mouth he lies!!
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