America's Got Talent
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Nandhini Perumal
Can anyone tell me the song name at 3:25?please
Rolando Edwards
I want to do all I can on your show
Rolando Edwards
This little girl can sing good I wish you luck
Masala Gaudance
Wow good job
Broskii 's
How do those pipes fit in that little body WOAH WAIT A MIN
Ilema Eddoe
she killed it
Dakota Mayne
SHE IS 9???????
Joseph Prochaska
her pitch and voice s beautiful
i felt electric shock when Chris pressed the golden buzzer
Doha al maghribia
احسن من الاصلية 😍😍😍
Walling On PS4
so cuteXD
Jane Doe
Amazing just amazing her voice is beautiful for someone her age
Miel Santos
What's the title on the golden buzzer music backround pls comment
Lukas Conrad
Ruby Robinson
3:33 smoking Meth much😂
Xavier P.
Miso Jasmine
I legit cried during this. . .
Aliya Clark
better than the original
Zoe Harris
I know every pop star is going to be like "i need to make a duet song with this girl"
Doddy Arisnawan
Her face remind me of my late aunt and her voice complete it all. I'M CRYING 😭
josh mayhue
some really good amazing
Rhona Stewart
Rhona Stewart
Rach R
Aniglica can in the voice kids she is so good✌️✊️ god bless
Waffel Ritter
the other fat kid was better FAKE NEWS
Natalee Boag
i like her better than the other little singer that was on the show Celine Tam
Willie Gonzalez
Beautiful voice
Amit Tamang
I love uu angelica you will go so farr 😍😍😍😍😍
Kyrie Nanol
celine tam is way better
Kyrie Nanol
Celine Tam is better
Karen Cutie
Her parents look so proud in the audience
Dunes Dina
Ur soo cute with an amazing voice 👍😘
Karen Cutie
Freakinnntggggg talenteddd
tekyahi Bankston
go girl sing wow my song this girl on fire
Javone Tuff
Alicia Keys has nothing on her
mohammad maleki
She reminds me of my beautiful 6 year old cousin: comment made by: Diya maleki and my cousins name is Dona and her birthday is on January so happy birthday because she lives in Ottawa by I am going there on December for Christmas even though we don’t celebrate by u can still have fun
Keelah Connolly
your amazing
Stelaya Crone
this little girl is amazing.
Sophia Vines
From AGT to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Go girl!
Lashawnda Seawood
She is so cute 😍😍
aziz gannz
hei my lyk med 174900 hahahahahah
Cry Crystal
Who agrees that girl is on fire and best than orgininal
Cry Crystal
Deepak Verma
She's going to be a massive star one day she's awesome what a voice ! Love u kiddo.
Jellybean Jones
Is it hot in here or is she on fire?
Madison Mathena

I quit my job and life.....
Alexandra Vazquez
For all the people that I disliked this video, I don’t see you getting a Golden buzzer at 9!
Shan Chin
Omg Angelica for some reason I feel what your feeling
Gelosh Reyes
HoooOoooOooooolly Molly ! xD
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