Angel Ruiz
whos watching in 2020
I can break all these records ez pz
boyKambyo beynteSyete
Hy Tran Luan
Who’s in october 2017
Jeneratedfrom Raw
I Officially Realized,that I Love Hayley Williams.this is so good and Awesome Music Video of All Time.hope to see You Hayley and Paramore one day!
one of their best songs. That beat is addicting!
Mason Minor
I miss her orange hair
Maggie Canon
aint it fun ,yes it is
Cristian 250
This ironically lifts my spirit
I just bought and moved into my first condo at age 23. This song is so true for me right now
Barely Beard
This video always leaves me with a smile :)
Willis rodrigues rezende
divertido ouvir essa musica.
Rosalind burton
I love this song its my alarm tone lol
Famous Jameis #813
anybody listen to this before work? lol
ntombozuko harmans
ever since the video for this song came out my insticts told me to avoid it all costs... today i ignored my instict ang God do i regret it! +27766517729
Its not fun living in the real world,its a trap....
William Hudson
did they clean up the litter and pollution ?
Meat Ghost
Someone should make a petty music video that breaks all the records they set
Must have been a blast making this video lol Paramore will always have a special place in my teenage years heart forever and always ugh still so good
Claire Hanley
When they smashed those vinyls my heart hurt....

Also does anyone else like for Hayley's aesthetic
Dan's Shiba Inu
No it’s not fun living in the real world but great song 👌🏻
Marleng Lacaba
mcpe gamer19
Wait a minute is hayley willams paramore? I just noticed this
Cameron Cabase
why are they so few now.
Phanblack 90
No entiendo :')
spooky jishwa
Who remembers when this was.on the radio ahh the good old days
Isabella Lanza
I thought this was by someone else and I kept searching for it but now, everything is fine.
Abi Rowell
This has been my alarm for four years.
Michael Kay
Abby Kintas
I like this song 🎤 I
Tobi Oyewale
best rock song ever
WidowMaker's Daddy
try 0.75 its werid and slower xD
todd booth
Hailey is gorgeous..
Omg lol
Haha sarcasm ....:)
Westt The Great
2018? WYA
Anthony Simeone
Breaking all that vinyl...sacrilege.
Damn, I heard these songs when i was really young and re-discovering them is an amazing feeling.
remember this from 5th grade
Gina Kramer
I just saw her and the band in concert on Friday and she performed this song
Daniel Hanlon
if you want, I can burn a cross on your front lawn
Daniel Hanlon
your embarrassing the fuck out of me. so, will we burn a cross in your front yard?
Marielle Ramirez
2:14 me encanta como se escucha uwu
Daniel Hanlon
ku Klux kineval.
Daniel Hanlon
Daniel Hanlon
did you see what you made me do? I was typing out kukluxkineval and an African showed up, you embarrassed me!
Troy Leak
Why can't we have songs still like this
Norma M. Stark
La música suena a Martha My Dear de The Beatles o.O
Daniel Hanlon
Might Makes right vs constitunal law?
Daniel Hanlon
I've lived in a wold where might makes right, but I love constitunital law.
Daniel Hanlon
Perhaps I will be one of you Ku Klux Kineval...
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