Lamar Alexander
3:13 - 3:19 love the music
everyone be saying the Amazons vs Stephenwolf is gonna be an epic duel but shall we remember they almost lost to WW1 rifles? They gonna get mopped
Mihai Iordache
this movie sucks and looks horrible.fuck snyder for ruining Superman and flash.
Welsh Raccoon
I wonder what Wonder Woman is smirking at lol 0:10
ee kenny
Sorry THOR RAGNAROK! I'm so sorry! Hahahahahaha! 😂 #marvelfans
Steppenwolf's voice is good. Darkseid's will have to be even better.
Troy Phillips
All in!!
Rohit Ladhani
Hey guys, I think the reflection in Alfred glassess might be lex luthor in armored suit., No lantern :P
wow dude ... Thor 3 will smash this crappie movie.
Stephanie Kao
wonder woman’ Is So Huge Weird Looking And Manly.
Keylanos Lokj
what happened to superman?
The Gaming Kitchen
No lanterns????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Movie Trailer Recess
check out my fan made justice league trailer
Joseph Peters
this movie looks awesome
Not what I expected, given the title.
Danny Bramlet
Can't believe Bruce makes Alfred wear a tie while working on the Batmobile
Isn't it odd to have that face of wondering woman in a video titled "coming"?
Robin Lego
I'm pretty sure that's Kilowag and Hal Alfred's talking to.
Ellen Is bae
Anyone think Batman and Wonderwoman gonna get together?
Lise Clement
joy art can issue invent prove growing.
Arianas Grandes Moonlights
Sorry but please. Wonder Woman is so much more than just banging her bracelets
Peanuts Boss
0:41 when you're back home from school
Md.shakil hawlader
biggest fan of batman
Joshua Burke so I own it
Green lantern is the last clip
Puncho DaGreat
Hate the "Come Together" song love the trailer..
Polak Roïde
Fucking ridiculous. Just CGI, useless epic scenes and zero story. Hollywood is dying.
Stay Classy
The thumbnail for this video and the title of the video wasn't very well thought out... or was it? ;)
wicked lies
batman going on about what a great guy superman is...really you just tried kill him.BTW flash looks silly.
Wasim Æhemed ZAR
Amazingg Hindi m bole to 1Trfaa.. 👌
Dion3466 nex
4:11 he is talking to super man
Kayden Mcthomas
"Now let's, "HOPE", you're not too late!"
YO Ownroom000
Set the speed to 0.25 then jump to 00:51 02:29. Call me Lei Feng.
Zod's Snapped Neck
More like cumming!
Wonder women vs black widow
Uh oh I feel something “coming”
Eddie Vega
Is the flash faze blaziken
The Marvel maniac
please sub to my channel
marvel makes way better trailer then that also batman died for my in the dark night movies
Pics For life
My ranking of heroes best to worst:
Wonder Woman
Jacqueline Amaral
0:26 the sound is off cause you can see her mouth not moving but the voice sounds like she's screaming, weird.
Jacqueline Amaral
0:26 the sound is off cause you can see her mouth not moving but the voice sounds like she's screaming, weird.
Jacqueline Amaral
1:26 or 0:26 or 2:26
Jacqueline Amaral
1:26 or 0:26 or 2:26
A Believer!!!
Hope beats beauty and the beast
Shoaib A
0.04, they are looking at superman making his appearance. can tell by flashes reaction.
This looks really rushed, crossing fingers!
thegodhimself 101
I came for the thumbnail 😉👌
Mohamed Cornelius
Get ready at 3:21 super man awakens
Pileus Storm
Okay, to me there is something ominous about the sound effects in the ending scene with Alfred. It sounds like a portals closing or it maybe a powering down effect. Green Lantern maybe. I think when Henry Cavill posted him buffing up to be bigger then GL it was a plug for the GL movie and not this JL movie but could GL show up?
King Josh
Alfirid at the end is talking to Superman look at the red on the right
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