10 Strangest Things Found In People's Backyards

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I found a bird egg in my backyard...(Not lying)
This is making me want to dig holes in my backyard
Quinton watson
I've found couple different gun shells from somewhere in the 1800s in my backyard still have them somewhere
M3*89 Legend
Atmadilo egg
Pablo Escobar
I once found my cousin drunk outside and he wasn’t drinking at my house and my dad told him to go home he tries to walk in to my house then he said get the fuck home and just went walking down the road and just fell
your channel is shit
Nafin C
i dug up a safe door when i was a kid
Rasta Ronnie
I fond a samsung in my back yard 3 days goo
Paul Bamber
foxlias griffin
wow my sisters daughters found a real Shellfossil!!!!! :O
but its my sisters daughter's so...
she will never give to others and wil 99% of chanse lost it in few days... )':
acualy i have never seen that kind of shell and even in google couldnt find that type... D':
Angel Salgado
I found my back yard in my back yard
When I moved into my current house with my family 3 years ago, my family found an old, rusted gun in the backyard. Luckily, it was unusable because it was in the ground for who knows how long and we probably didn't need it because we have an air rifle but we've barely used it.
Elen Sison
i found a cute box and theres a name of a girl i found in our backyard
Michael Jenner
Interesting I'd but I don't believe the first one.
Well if it was a bomb,I sure as hell wouldn't keep it haha
eloy GARZA
dirt a paper plane and wood
Glenn Ragan
Aileen McIntyre
I found a light bulb and a trapped door I am now scared to just go out 😧
Rice's Minis
It's so cool when ur hometown is in this vid
Bretalian Otakubruh
I found some grass and dirt
Antonio Armenta
best thing i ever found in the front yards was a 1$ coin the gold looking one! i was excited since i was just 12 at the time haha
Isaiah Vlogs
I found a quarter in my yard. so crazy 😱😱
savage team
i found car parts in my woods
Taleb Alahmad
In the play are in my building I found a spoon Darn it
Lord Dovahkiin
Once I found a very cool fidget spinner on the street...I thought:This cant be happening... And I was very lucky to find one because someone would have it found before me...but that time I was VERY lucky.....
Jordan Anderson
they found a fuckin Ferrari
Illuminerti Confirmed
I went outside to my backyard once I am forever scarred... I got raped by a rock it brutally assaulted my toe
America Tom
What is something that you don't use, older than you, but provides you with life?

sexandchocolate Motown
I found a tree
Mark Snort
I found a box of ammunition from ww2 when I was a kid.
I also found three human skulls, a cow skull and plenty of other bones..
Big Slay
The dude that turned the drugs in to the cops is an idiot.
Gregory Horseman
I found a broken in half shovel that was 106 years old.
Carlos Verdin
does it count if i found dog shit from millions of years ago
Izuna Chan
lol my dad found a bomb one time far back in the woods that was about 7 feet down he played with it 😑 and it never exploded thx god
Eric Billington
I would keep the car give it a new pant job fix it up and give it new plates
Eyebrows Macias
I would of kept the stash of weed tf 😂
Jackie Reed
W33:D M4N20
I found a rusty Mortar ball from who knows when
I would of smoked all that weed
i like european boys
i found a ball in my backyard before
Mueed Jamal
Draggo Louise
I found grass hype
XXXDepression i took you to church
i found a condom in my backyard once
seven deadly sins
I found a bullet in my backyard
League of Zed
but i founded it myself
League of Zed
me to a huge lightning ball
Catherine Chen
Derek Vazquez
There's land mines too
Yo Bro
Sell the drugs fool
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