Minecraft | THE BEACH CONTESTS!! | Custom Mod Adventure

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Today, we need to make use of the extremely nice weather so we decide to go to the beach! Luckily for us, they have Sandcastle and Surfing Contests running too!

► Mods used in the 5 SECRETS ABOUT DANTDM Adventure ::
Custom NPCs : http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1278956-custom-npcs
Salty Sunshine Mod : http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/17x-the-salty-sunshine-mod---build-sand-castles-or-surf-in-the-ocean/
Island Map : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/olann-island-contest-entry-wip/

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Rilea Barnier
I love your Minecraft videos please do more
paige rapp
i love your videos Dan TDM great job.
Layla Irby
it's hot where I live
He pretty much pauses the video and builds sets up etc
I'm a kid but I know how he does this
Leo Ruiz
I am a very big fan of dantdm
hey Dan I'm your biggest fan I hope I see you one day. I love all of your videos and I love your 🐕. you are my best YouTuber also when is your next video.
Yahya Rizwan
Make a marige video with jemma
Camilly Cordero
Dan: I think incredible is the word, right?
Me: Errm...not quite.
abhay mathew
he cheated he had help
Tammy Borowitz
the little guy didn't win. I know he cheated
Gert Gelderblom
weird sixpack
Jack's Epic Channel
Hi dan I love your videos and I also subscribed
Sophia Fierro
I subscribed!!dan u are the best YouTuber to me cause ur just soooo awesome and funny!!!
Ry D
I never new dan hade a six pack
Nicole Bredeson
Does Dr.t have a 6 pack????????? : /
The Skit Kid Gomes
I'm so hot in reality!!!!!!!!!!! I need to do the ice bucket challenge
Charles Paizs
The small dude cheated do it again and hit the big dude 10 time's
Francesca Nicole Basilio
Dan can do some more videos about roblox epicminigames plzzzzzzz
ALI kx
why there's ice and the weather is hot?
maya Barron
I love you
hayley Foster
Well done for the 15M subscribers
Toadgamer Jay
my nikename is Jay OMG
i love the funny parts in this
Samantha Cheno
Wade is my Dad
Benjamin Wallace
best youtuber
Benjamin Wallace
I am in the dimend mincart team
Benjamin Wallace
I subed
Benjamin Wallace
Benjamin Wallace
Isaias Valencia
I just noticed this beach map is a map popularmmos used in his lucky block hunger games and there is a casino
lim songpoo
das xas
Ng Xijie
the beach contests it is amazing.
Happy Afro Panda
who else noticed that there is a casino in the background?!?!
danroblox robloxian
Isn't pink pants is for pink robe villagers
Raychel Johnson
Dan your My favret
Angelina Silva
he should have slapped them in the face
Beryl Wilson
where do you live and I am your biggggggggggggggest fan
Jenni Martin
Owww that Must Hurt
Super Mario
Andres Carreon
I think your minecraft people are cool
fnaf lover
its hot where i am
Airianna Bella
in Texas we can go to the beach
Airianna Bella
it is hot😛😛😛
I love this video so much!!!!!!
Mya's american girl doll channle
did anyone see there is snow on the other side?
lynn bernhard
nice abs dan
Green gaming
How do you get mods on xbox 1
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