Find Your Love in Japan
【Disclaimer】The results and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the general Japanese people. They could be totally different depending on the place, people I interviewed and the photos I showed. Therefore, this does not prove anything about Japanese people's preference.
Hey man, just wanted to say that you are not ugly. You are an amazin person. Keep up the good work and don't bother people calling you a racist. I'm living in Europe and believe me when I say that nowadays you are called a racist for basically everything.
Eric Broome
I dated Japanese chicks when I was 14. I had several girlfriends at the same time and they all knew. Funny thing was, they were all over 18. Wow. This Black dude tried to steal my best girl from me. He had lots of money, lived in a penthouse suite (this was in Hawaii). My girl (Nobuko) was so very disgusted by him though. She actually was very bothered even being looked at by Black men. I happen to have a very strong preference for Black women though, and although I did mess around with a bunch of Japanese chicks it was partly because they had their own place (so I could sleep with them and get laid and eat and drink beer and and and). Ok, I was attracted to them too, but I noticed that the ones I liked were the dark complexion Japanese and their men didn't like them at all. No wonder they hooked up with white guys. Still can't figure out why they disliked Black men so much though. As for Black women vs Japanese women, I choose Black woman. Black AMERICAN woman.
Liam Culpepper
Its not racist its an opinion and alot of black guys even go for white girls depending on where you are or where your from depends on reactions from people IF a white guy says he doesn't like black guys with our women we get called racist but its our women why not stay with your own? I know im going to get called racist but i really dont care what anyone thinks white culture always gets called racist in the united states they have black history month where's white heritage month? Exactly we dont get one because black people contantly call us racist welp IF thats the case dont hang around white people IF you only want our women
BloodThirsty Stalin
It's like asking someone if they prefer to date a tall guy, or a man who has money.. Of course they might prefer some things, i don't think it's a deal breaker just preference.. I like asian girls better than white girls, is it a deal breaker of course not just a preference i have. To me they are just cuter, how any of this could be racist or call for violence is beyond my mental capacity.
MD Fakhruzzaman Sarkar
How about Brown guy??? I am a Brown fish.
Luiz Nevarez
I love the video. Thanks man!
Michael Myers
You could have chosen the best looking black girl ever and the white one would STILL look better.
Ricky Dua
Q'uo Daax
You didn't ask real questions like "Would you rather wrap your lips around a white guy's dick or a black guy?" or "Would you actually MARRY a white guy or a black guy?"
Q'uo Daax
The "personality" thing... yeah, it's because every, let me repeat, EVERY handsome Japanese guy cheats on their woman.
Ben Masab
I'm black muslim and living in america. And all racism aside. I love this noodle slurping mutherfucker
"Brack guy"
Who Cares😑
Snm Fame
Looks like you trying to just give up your women. While they stop licking Japanese guys . Next stop multi culti . No more Japan 🇯🇵. What about crispy crunch black .
ryan e
size doesn't matter and they hate beards......japan here i come lol
ryan e
lol,i love the hate
F.A. Kefacebook
A lot of your findings surprised me.
Here in the U.S. the most unforgivable sin, for men AND women, is being fat. That the women you questioned would prefer "friendly, fat white guy" over "fit, friendly, black guy" seems unusual to me.
Oh, and about your hate mail...never tell people the truth. They absolutely fear the truth, they will always hate you for exposing them to it.
Dam Ham
What about tall thin white guys. Like say, 6 foot 4 inches tall ( 194 cm) and above?
bob sanders
ur pretty secure and u take comments seriously... very nice to see people like u
Lamar Taylor
I like this guy! No f's given!
Dancenasticgirl 812
The Wright guh or the Brack guh?😂😂😂
ric hu
Steven Lee
Funny that before World War 2 Asians detested white Americans, now they blow any white cock that sets foot in Asia.
Joao Mahmud
A lot of y'all missed the overall message of this video. That no matter how you look or your race, there is someone out there for everybody.
Immortal Kdude
It's okay Black people in every none african Countries want a special treatment
Immortal Kdude
I am Caucasic i like Caucasian guys.
LAVI yung
Don't want them anyway got me a thick Latina
Trap King
Why do Asian women love dating men other than their own men? Or is that just media hype?
kevin burns
Haha I never pictured a Japanese person tàlking about everything all e time. .well maybe he's not tàlking about everything.
kevin burns
Wow another clever way to infiltrate YouTube. Hahaha
Thats it I'm moving to Japan, I as a chubby bearded white guy have a more of a chance over there than I do in the states😂😂😂
your haters can die alone and go to hell and suffer for all eternity this is your channel your material whoever doesn't like it must leave it's not a choice it's an order!
shahril power
mr nobita .... I have high respect for you man . you have bring all the gap reality together . bringing up issues like this makes many people understand reality and focus more on improving themselves and be confident to face the fact. I have learn the hard way in Tokyo before but you have shown me the truth . thanks man
Gregorian heitzillion
haters aside, I love your videos man! btw black girls are the least picked anyway just because of who they are, racist or not it is what it is bud, ;-)
Mohamed Jama
what's the point .. white is more attractive then black.. if it makes u sleep better ok..
security life revealed
what do you call a woman who f** a black man? single mother.
lynn Lew
Brain washed mfs
Papau New Franku
It's like the more advanced a society is, the more cucked it is
Brian Jackson
So rick ross wont have a chance in hell with a japanes woman unless shes blind?
Baller King
What did u say
Kgabo Phalatsi
Look sustainable ;)
Kgabo Phalatsi
Much Respect Bud,digging the vibe,looking forward to getting lost out there !
matt krause
As a chubby guy I'm now considering, to moving to Japan!!
TehCrayz Animation
im 24 seconds in and i just found my new favorite japanese youtuber
Anadroll 50
just be tall and ginger and go to any eastern asian country. They litteraly havent ever seen ginger hair or someone 6'3
Random Guy
Brrrack guy
Infinite One
Who cares!!
Even in japan the mindset is pale skin is beautiful than dark skin so what would you expect ? It's obvious there was once a time in japan when only white Americans and Brits could get a date coz of the glorification of both nations by the Japanese. Media and government there's silent racism in japan mainly through the media and education system but since obama became president suddenly most Japanese women would like to have half African kids because it's what's in trend.
Bobby Hill
Very informative
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