White Guy vs Black Guy in Japan

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After uploading the video that shows which color (white or black) Japanese guys prefer when it comes to dating, I got a lot of emails to tell me to do the experiment again to Japanese girls. So, this is Japanese girls' version.

The results and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the general Japanese people. They could be totally different depending on the place, people I interviewed and the photos I showed. Therefore, this does not prove anything about Japanese people's preference.

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Find Your Love in Japan
【Disclaimer】The results and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the general Japanese people. They could be totally different depending on the place, people I interviewed and the photos I showed. Therefore, this does not prove anything about Japanese people's preference.
Shaun Murphy
This guy is great
Who cares what a few people say. You videos are great man. I'm saying this before I watch whole video if it matters.
Helius Infinitus
Was that a picture of you at the end? If not sorry for being racist, but I can't tell. If it was you, you may want to have had a friend do it, as the women might have just seen it as a line to try and pick them up. Which apparently worked with one lucky girl. Am I right? ;)
Nick Williams
Just ignore the haters, mate. They are of no value to you or your channel. Good vid as always Nobita. Cheers
Tom Ector
Thanks for the information. Your cool
Your videos are great 😄😄😄
Kona Latu
Funny these people making fun of his accent but can’t even spell correctly. Let’s leave you in Japan and you’d look like an idiot trying to communicate with anyone lol
suho james
What Japanese girls think about brown boys ?I mean indian kind of guy
RJ Lugo
It's all about the money 💰💰💵💵💴💴, there favorite color is green or the currency
Chao Flaka
I'm sorry that happened to you. I don't know why people overreact to opinions like that. Ignore them.
Chris Wellz
As a black man, I just want to say that you're not racist and neither are the women you asked this question to. I know WHY you posted these particular videos no different than your other ones. FOR EDUCATION! To see the interesting results in cultures and views when approaching with things that aren't the norm. There's nothing to be offended by that. Japanese women aren't OBLIGATED to be head over heels attracted to black men! LOL! That's crazy. I'm a lightskin black man. I prefer darskin black women. I don't prefer lightskin black women because that's just my preference. But in all honesty, I do not really have a set in stone preference. I find beauty in all women. I'm VERY attracted to Asian women, I'm VERY attracted to White women, Latino women and so on and so forth. But if I had to choose on any given day between the most attractive in all categories, I'm going to be the darkskin black women. And my reasons are not negative towards the alternative. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Thanks for the video.
awww dude dont say your ugly and your english is better then my japanese XD
I love ya nobita... you're awesome for being honest in spite of the victim-playing haters.
Pat Pandoe
You are my hero
Charles Walters
Japanese are some pretty ass Asians..... Vietnamese are too very body has there opinions
Either way if you got any game, you're gunna have a good time.
Kyle Mouttet
Isn't it kind of clear that social stigma plays a huge role in these questions and answers? Being afraid of what people would say if you dated a person, even if you personally like that type of person, will have a huge impact.

Also, Nobita, you're awesome! I really enjoy your videos. Your sense of humor is incredible. I'd definitely be your friend if I lived in Japan.. and, you know, if you wanted to be friends.. LOL.
Steve Savage
WHAT? they want their man to have a job, no STD and not have six other baby mamas calling all the time? So they hit you that doesn't mean that you aren't one of their favorite. LOL!
Ciara Coyle
5:56 Well done, lads, you finally figured it out :P
Chris Douglass
keep doing what makes you happy, no matter what the haters say
You are experiencing the tolerance and compassion of the "anti racist" side
I know many Japanese who come to my town In NYC and date Black men. The Black men never have jobs and they use the Japanese girl for place to stay. In restaurant ALWAYS JAPANESE WOMAN PAYS BILL. Black men have no money and cheat on these poor girls.. Please avoid blacks they are lazy and disgusting
Lalindra Siriwardane
That's a bad looking black guy!
Sahaba Styles
financial security
Jessica Hall
I could listen to you speak in English all day!
I am a white guy who served in the US military in Japan/Okinawa. Speaking from experience, I can testify that black Americans tend to be more rude, imposing, spoiled, loud, demanding. Trying to remind my black friends that they're NOT in America, and respect the culture they're in.
Tec Geek
OMFG U MADE ME LAUGH SOOO MUCH. i have never laughed in a youtube video in my life!
Stallion Disliker
OMG I like this guy hahahahhaa you are SO REAL!!!
Curtis Christy
I found your videos by accident ... looking for info on Burakamin (???). I really enjoyed and appreciated the videos I have seen so far in large part because (of course) the great subtitles. Don't be too hard on yourself. Although you don't mention it, I suspect that many women are drawn to self-deprecating humor ... and maybe because that kind of guy is less likely to "traditionally bossy" or autocratic in a relationship. I subscribed and hope to see many more of your interesting videos. Curtis from Florida via California
Go fuq uself 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Legault
Sick isn't it? So many people believe its okay to remove your most personal preference, who to love, because they prefer political correctness. God forbid you ask people if they prefer black coffee or coffee with cream! OMG you racist, I'm sure idiots will draw a parallel. People have preferences and there is nothing wrong with asking the question or answering it. Too bad so many Japanese girls have been infected with Western politically correct bull shit that they are afraid to answer the question:( The person, or groups of people, someone prefers to kiss, make love to or marry is for them to enjoy and not for anyone to impose. Personally, I would be more excited to date a cute Japanese girl than an average white girl and now that I know Japanese girls like white guys...well. Forcing people to have sex with someone they choose not to is called rape. Phycological coercion rape is still rape. So, who is the rapist?
nyeusi utawala

Now with Asian women preferring to date white males to all other males and their mothers pressuring them to get eyelid surgery so they can assimilate into western culture, putting 2 and 2 together, it's very hard to believe that none of these Asian women get eyelid surgery to look more attractive to causcasian men. Either for having a romantic relationship or advancement in their careers.

The Alexandria, Va.-based American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported that 125,000 blepharoplasty procedures were performed in 2000 in the United States.

The numbers are highest in California, where both the Asian and plastic surgeon populations are growing rapidly. A study by the American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery also indicates that facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery increased exponentially among minorities from 1999 to 2001. It has more than quadrupled among Asian Americans, compared to a just 34 percent increase among Caucasians.

Carrie Ching, the Chinese-American editor of New York based Monolid Magazine, has led a mini-crusade against the surgery, evidenced by the magazine’s provocative name.

"It’s unfortunate that for many Asian-American women there’s peer pressure and pressure from parents to assimilate to white culture," Ching said. "We’re just living in an environment that pollutes the culture."

Martin Wong is editor of Giant Robot, a Los Angeles-based magazine for young Asian-Americans that focuses on art and culture. He believes that the impulse behind the surgery is coming from the older generation of Asian women, particularly the new immigrants who are pushing their children to assimilate.

"Double eyelid surgery is unnatural and people who do it are buying into a beauty myth that is not Asian-based. It’s really just self-mutilation and a lot of it sadly is interjected by parents and their ideas," Wong said. "It’s heartbreaking that these young girls don’t have cultural pride; that they’re ashamed of who they are and how they look."

Many Asian-Americans say that the idea that double-lids are beautiful and single-lids are ugly is reinforced by the beauty standards projected by Hollywood, television and beauty magazines. Few Asian celebrities are still single lidded, they say, noting that even Jackie Chan, action adventure superstar, has had the surgery. They also note that Asian-American women represent less than 3 percent of all actors in Hollywood’s movie history.

"Everything you see in the media is big blue-eyed blondes and for Asians the ideal look seems to be to look more Eurasian, more westernized with big eyes," said Ellen Hwang, editor-in-chief of Jade Magazine, a New York-based magazine that caters to Asian-American women. "Here in the U.S., even more than in Asia, the models and movie stars you see and who girls want to emulate are Caucasian. Yes there is a Lucy Liu," she said, referring to the Asian-American actress and model, "but most models are Western. And young girls often want to look like those models."

Perhaps reflecting the intensity of emotions surrounding the surgery, no woman reached by Women’s eNews who had the surgery was willing to be interviewed.

San Diego native Shin-Yu Wang, 19, who is Chinese by descent, was born with double-lidded eyes. "When I found out that other people wanted them and I already had them I felt privileged," she said. "I have been affected by growing up in San Diego in a white world. When you look at magazines and TV and the media in the U.S. you see gorgeous women, but you don’t see gorgeous Asian women. You see white women because that is how beauty is portrayed in American culture."

Wang, who goes to the University of California, Irvine, which has a 50 percent Asian-American population, speaks for a large group of Asian women on her campus.

"Being white is also often portrayed as being ‘cooler’ than being Asian," Wang said and went on to explain a concept that only Asian-American women would have to consider: being a "Twinkie," or–like the mass-marketed sugary dessert product–a person who is regarded as yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Some Asian-American girls, said Wang, consider it a compliment. But she finds it offensive.

"Asian girls that are Twinkies are just trying to assimilate," said Wang. "They are just trying to fit in and belong, but I don’t think it’s cool. Young Asian girls now have a very tough time dealing with the ideals of beauty they see in the media and in magazines. I think it is important for Asian women to keep their culture and learn to appreciate themselves."
King Caesar
Haters will hate... You just got to love them for it, because hating is a full time job 😂😭
Rhys ultimagod
Welcome to white man's world, forever called racist no matter what, regardless of what we do. Despite the fact we have made other groups our equals, ended slavery and are soon to give up our culture and commit suicide as a race.

Stop calling yourself ugly mate and get yourself a beautiful Japanese girlfriend.
Christopher Shane
Despite your accent I understand every thing you say.
kevin stutler
There is a hidden message here- If you talk to a lot of women, your chance of hooking up (finding a partner) increases greatly. So, if you talk to 30 women (and take an entire day to do so) you will likely find a partner. There are people who decide that it's just too discouraging. HOW RIDICULOUS ! ask, inquire, and move on to better prospects ! BTW - YOU ROCK DUDE !
kult fuhrer
Dude you always pick some busted ass black people.
Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either
Niggers can't handle constructive criticism. They will pull the racist golliwog card on you. Soooo rude ;-)
SeeknDestroy9977t655 gtvtv
Dude in Japan asks women if they prefer white or black guys and their answer starts a race war in this comment thread....I guess it just shows how stupid people are :/
Nah Japanese are racists. They have places exclusive to what your race is.
jendrique gumbs
bRack guy
Jose Victoriano
Don't put urself down like that bro, many things u have other people want view versa. For example I wish I spoke Japanese. I'm very close to selling everything I own to go to tokyo lol
Your English is on point, it's just your accent, practice tongue twisters and remember a few movie lines and you'll be good to go
If you black and want a Japanese girl in Japan go to a hip hop club or go to a reggae club.
That black girl wasn't pretty tho lol
TheBoganHunters x
lmao cant pronounce the l in "Black"
Saskatoon Sky
Best Comedian I've seen in ages . . . very similar to Louis C. K. and Kevin Spacey in humor.
jack mayhoffer
Japan women love us black dudes because they know! 0=======o💦
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