White Guy vs Black Guy in Japan

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After uploading the video that shows which color (white or black) Japanese guys prefer when it comes to dating, I got a lot of emails to tell me to do the experiment again to Japanese girls. So, this is Japanese girls' version.

The results and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the general Japanese people. They could be totally different depending on the place, people I interviewed and the photos I showed. Therefore, this does not prove anything about Japanese people's preference.

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Find Your Love in Japan
【Disclaimer】The results and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the general Japanese people. They could be totally different depending on the place, people I interviewed and the photos I showed. Therefore, this does not prove anything about Japanese people's preference.
Guy Incognito
Cool Video Man Thumbs up!
Simon Berntsson
We need more people like Nobita.
Asian people are racist and let's be honest that black guy looks weird
Fernando Cabanillas
where do jap girls stand regarding latino guys? =P
European culture once dominated this planet and the effects of this are seen to this day. This is nothing new. The standard for what is attractive is set by those who wield power. European/Western Culture was seen as the pinnacle in all things. If this were a parallel universe where African people/society had conquered huge portions of the planet then this experiment would have went the other way. These results of this experiment are completely normal and expected. Japanese people do not hate blacks at large. Their opinions are the result of years of conditioning. Simple shit.
Mino DX
I met a girl once and I didn't think she was too beautiful but after I got to know her she was the most beautiful and best woman I EVER met , I love her sooo much , looks don't matter!
Omar IsTheFather
I think black people are unattractive simply because they are hard to see. Not joking, it can be hard to make out their features because of the dark skin
Sensei Blue
Japan girl want bbc xD
Dennis L.
why you still single
John Mcdonnell
The only time Japanese girls date black men is when they want to piss daddy off.
GREEN is the preferred color of all women. Every woman on earth, especially Black and Asian women (well, maybe not Korean women, they're honorable) is for sale. That's why white men are preferred. Black and Asian women (with the exemption of Korean women) are just property and concubines. Money is the god of every religion and culture in this world.
Ha Ha - love the ending!!!
Spontaneous Ejaculation
Having a sexual preference of one race over another does not make you racist. Although some special snowflakes in the comment section might think otherwise.
Stay smiling -Tupac
Why am I here?
why was this in my Recommended?
Someone Please End My Life.
Lotto Martin
what about those of us that ain't black or white? Would have been nice if this were more diverse?
Gerald Coreus
Omg.. You are funny bro... I enjoyed your video. . it was cool... Keep your 🎥 coming..
Zayvon Paul
Your not ugly you'd do good in America
Nick Ger
Maliyah McGowan
You know what I prefer a beard on a man but not a big one... because they look like a man than a boy
Maliyah McGowan
I would choose myself
This Isn't my real name Google.
I just dont see whats the point of people getting mad? Yeah I get some black guys could be a little ticked cause some of the white people here are going all "haha everyone knows niggers are ugly, WHITE POWER!" but at the end of the day you getting mad doesn't change anything. This is a simple generalization with exceptions. If you like asian women then go make friends with asian women... I've seen asians date black guys before so if you're the type to constantly bitch and get offended over little shit I don't think you are getting any women lmao
The Bartender
Yo black guys don't feel bad at least white women will always love you
Hipuru Savior
What kind of...
Z redstonerking
his accent got me triggered
Gillagamming Bennett
Just brush off the hate it doesnt matter
Cholid Haydar
I don't know why, but i want to punch your face😅
Do one where you don't compare race, but rather different sub-cultures. For example, compare a guy with a hip hop style look, to a hipster guy, to a metal head guy, to a emo guy, etc.
Tahj Glasper
you're awesome bro coming from a black guy 👍
Tahj Glasper
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm crying
Shakim Yasin
Go fuck your self
Pontus von Geijer
Lol, people have preferences. Only retards have a problem with that. ^^
jesse andres
Nobita your English is super fluent but you need to work on the pronunciation man. It's super hard to listen for me cuz I speak Japanese too and it's like fused together
How did this appear in my recommended list?
Almighty Wooo
I see nothing wrong in the experiments you are conducting. It's no difference if I conducted it as a black male, ppl are going hate. Keep doing ya thing.
allie burne
yes, you're unattractive, but you are soo hilarious :)))))
فهد ماجد الشريف
iii looove japanese
hoit hoit
Our girls are runnin to the black man!!
Laurenzo Tita
Asians only know about the western culture from what they see on tv. If it's up to that alone they would definitely only pick white guys.
Brandon Black
I have loved watching your videos. Stop using yourself as the ugly Japanese guy. You are the type person I would hang with. Also to improve my Japanese. That being said, people that see, read, hear or think something is not in their favor haters come running. Silly to say but bad marketing is at least10 faster than good. Keep doing what your doing.
Meta Reimie
ahahaha. i love this guy. subscribed.
Christian Tulloss
Rook rike a racist
Jai Royalty
I don't know why this is even a topic . I don't just seek out other races because I like them that would be a FETISH . I don't really care if Asians like me as much as I don't care if Latinos like me or whites like me . I date who I date because I find them attractive and like their qualities . Seems like Asians have some internalized racism anyways . And all the white guys are in the comments bashing black people for what? Lmaoit's known white men have a fetish for Asians woman and if that's what they like fine but don't go bashing black people . I'm looking at the comments I see no one being racist towards anyone (that's black ) but I had to stop because the section is completely cancer
This white guy is FWUAT he looks FRIENDORY
Kamar G
Japanese girls usually like Black guys. Trust me. I knew a white guy when I was stationed in Korea and he loved it there because he was more preferred in Korea. He said when he was stationed in Tokyo he could hardly get a date because the Japanese girls loved Black men had all the girls there....I agreed. I was in Japan for almost a decade and the women wanted Black men more than white guys. That's a fact. However just because that's true doesn't mean that women wouldn't try one or the other. However they love chocolate more. It's exotic and different. However they love blonde hair and blue eyes as well.... Just depends on their mood
Stewart Bapor
Hey man, just ignore those hating emails. That guy doesn't speak for the black community. Im black and I appreciate your work.
Johan Johansson
Results speaking in favor of black people:
Results speaking against black people's favor:

So when is it right or wrong to culturally dominate? And don't bring up colonialism, cause I'm talking about the world we live in today.

How will we even know if its genuine feelings or out of kindness, anti-racism, political activism, etc. if you will shout "racism" every-time something speaks against you or in favor of white people?

You claim Japanese media is controlled by white people, yet you forget Japanese media and society in general doesn't have the same marxist propaganda brainwashing as USA and Europe, therefore the Japanese people ain't afraid of being politically incorrect or rather have a different standard than USA on what's politically correct.
Cory Gustovich
I love being WHITE.
Bry Townsley
You're quite the inspiration. Keep up the content!
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