Tina Mac
Your lead picture was touched up was messed with cuz I'll president is not that big and never has been shame on you
I Be Trollin' They Be Hatin'
Trump gets chicks, Obama gets chicks with dicks.
Death Panda
damn at first i thought it was just a joke till i saw the thumbnail shit he thicc af!
Carlos Reyes
Trump suck my dick
Muereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee muereeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeerrrrr
Esse aí é o melhor presidente que os Estados Unidos vai ter na sua história Donald trump conservador de direita Parabéns Trump
The best of President United State.
dat ass
Robert Sharif
Fuck this bag of shit
Keith Yo
For all the mouth he has about NFL players wht no pix of him playing football.... waa he such a bitch even daddy couldn't buy him a team to play on
Carol Wells
Carol Wells
At First I always thought That Donald Trump was in His 80s or earlier 90s at first a Donald Trump younger than my grammy
Linny w
This is the most un-attractive caucasian man ever.No....really.Maybe he was attractive in his youth but He is truely......well, just as un-attractive outside as he is inside.😣
T Nina
Like if you watching in 2017
Montia Denn
Stephanie Jones
Needs Jesus.
Stephanie Jones
Wont win again. wont even last this term. He will be impeached and amongst other stuff. Korea calls him Dotard, hes toast.
Michael Kos
Build that Wall Build that Wall *)
shahreen azmi
Age 30 looks like Logan Paul
Private One
Faker than FAKE
Connie Ericksen
Love him at Every age!!
Fernando Estrada
All the people who hate Trump, took the time to watch a video about him?

Hmmmm... as the saying goes:

Losers focus on Winners. Winners focus on Winning.

Keep focusing on Trump instead of focusing on yourselves, while Trump continues to focus on Winning while not giving zero fucks about what any of us think of him.

That's how the game of life is played and won; focus on YOU and what YOU can control. You can't control what everyone else is thinking, so it clearly it isn't a priority or a necessity to win as the last election clearly demonstrates.

So to all the losers losing sleep over Trump... as long as you and the media keep focusing on him and bash him, realise that all you're doing is giving him more attention and publicity. And as another saying goes:

Any publicity is good publicity.

Hopefully Trump will show gratitude by thanking all of his haters for helping him win the last election. If you keep this up, he's going to have to thank you again for his re-election in 2020.
MuStAnG Mach12004
He may b RICH, n yes he's the President of the U.S.A BUT HES ONE UGLY FUCK..! !
Evelyn Dunham
Why would you put in a fake picture of a fat Trump playing golf in the set up photo? Thats fake
I have a good joke, listen:
Donald Trump
Farid Sky-2001
trump is the real face of america
Coinmarket SWOT
He hates terrorism, plot: who doesn't hate terrorism? No, real plot is: how to get zombies vote for me. No the real question is: what kills more people in the US than the so feared terrorism? You can name from the things you put into your mouth, or hands, or even on your skin. All outnumbers the deaths caused by terror.
Tan Jeer Wai
speaking of walls... trumps look like over weight old men...
Guy Baldridge
So he Did have a hair line at one time ha ha ha🤑
0.58.Son , how much ya need? (Donnie) Oh about 20 million Dad...
ash anaz
Mother fucker rascist cunt
nature flyer
An embarrassment as a human being for his entire adult life. To trump, all humans are just chaff beneath his feet! What person could tolerate being near this continual arrogance, ignorance and malevolence for more than a few minutes?
Shoiter Riggs
How to start a shitstorm 101:
"I like Trump."
I think its not a good president at all but i respect him as a genius buisnessman
Gerald n
Trump's supporters suffered from mental retardation, trust me, believe me.
jack mayhoffer
9:14 damn right!
Sta. Ma. de Cuevas Chihuahua
Name of the music please
James Brown
James Brown
Obito fucke-x
Victor Ortiz
this muthafucker dont need to play golf he needs to join a gym that fat fuck!!!
Victor Salcedo
No evoluciono se transformo en un puerco y no me refiero al peso sino a su actitud
apiece ofdirt
Trumps wife is smokin hot!!
Adam Smith
go trump..
Mike Cano
shoot that asshole, - twice!!
Abdinaasir Mohamud Ali
michael preston
Donut J Rump needs a salad and a lawyer.
Romeo Vaxkez
Fucking fat ass
Mikayos Stuffz
1:23 My dream is to build a wall
9:52 I finally build a wall
Michael Teigen
Spoiled assholes are never happy, they just pretend.
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