Earl Gillispie
Wow Amanda the Lioness Nunes! & still!!! & I quote what she just stated I knew this Gal cannot take my punches I knew that! I think a lot of people cannot take her punches! she hits as hard as cut steel folks she's going to be around for a while get used to seeing her! Because she is as tough as Nails she backs down from no one even though I would love to see her go after cat zingano because she did beat her kind of good if you know what I mean? Cat zingano! But other than that she is a true champion in every aspect! So just kick back & enjoy really really good Fighters! & vintage Fighters & always give God the honor the praise & the glory & put him first & keep him first pray for everyone! out there including yourself take care I love you all & be safe!! God bless!!!🙏🖐️👍✌️😎💥❤️👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💥
Paul West
That stupid fuckin rubber lion mask should be thrown out. What a joke
il tuo commento e stato bello e giusto poi si vedra.....,
Norlee Garcia
Yea yea she retired without a doubt Amanda you crazy Lioness. Luv U though these girls they can't take my punches. Lol we'll see with Cyborg u know this is a for big bucks business so I'm sure that is still to come.
Tom Dunne
It's very annoying Ronda got 3 mill when Nunes only got 100k and a small portion of the gate. Ronda was very undeserving of the hype.
John Dough
Floyd would've did worse to Ronda. She she keep Mayweather's name out her fuckin mouth.
Nunes has no class. That whole "who's your mommy" crap proves my point. I will never pay a penny to watch that arrogant cow fight.
Jared Cooper
That coach ruined her career.
sebastian sanchez
Call it what it is...Ronda Rousey is a fraud!

UFC set her up against fighters all smaller than her with skill sets that couldn't compete with Ronda's judo. Then she thought she was hot shit taking Holly Holm on short notice...and got WORKED!!!

Good riddance.
I love her in and out of the octagon. I really don't get why it seems as if people don't really like her. I think she's a badass and just loveable outside of it tbh. Joanna is my favorite but Nunes won me over.
realist bob
this woman is anything but humble...She beat a beaten ronda
javi mateo
It´s pretty sad what has happened with Ronda. Nunez is completely right. Ronda has been defeated 2 times very badly. U can´t take those brutal defeats out of your mind no matter how mentally strong u are. Ronda´s problems are exactly what Nunez pointed out. WTF is she and her coach team thinking when she goes to the octagon trying to box with Nunes? It was the same stupid shit they did with Holly...she and her team tried to outbox Holly, fucking insane, she was 8 times a box champion...and then comes Nunez who strikes harder and they did the same thing, try to outbox her. Ronda´s Judo is the best of the division, can someone tell this woman and her stupid coaches that she is a fucking Judo champion¡¡¡ can someone tell her that if she fights with her weapons she will come back again? Very sad as i said, they have fucking destroyed mentally and physically to an amazing figher just by filling her head with imaginary tales. She is not in shape anymore, all that fame was trully bad for her, and now, with those hardcore defeats, it´s impossible for her to mentally come back. She can recover her shape, but i don´t trust she can recover from mentally damage ever. No even when she gets retired. She has to come back, she doesn´t deserve to finish her career like this. She is a great fighter, but she and her team made things bad. It´s not a talent problem.
Random Stupid
she looks like a man wtf
she really 'rips' English worse than the coach
I was so happy for Amanda. Vai, Brasil! 🇧🇷
She wasn't even talking shit, just telling the truth
Nobru Oakley
great english
Fernando Palomo
I cannot wait to see this Liones against against Valentina! We're in for a much better fight out of these two.
Mani Batala
Beast in the octagon, but she's like a kid at the podium, great personality. Thas a breath of fresh air from the "bad a$$" front from Rousy
Dominus Providebit
her English cringes me.
The Batman
Silva ambiance jaw
Jamie Tinio
I both hate Ronda and nunez! we need a new classy champion
amanda adds E almost to all her words
Abhijit Das
I like this girl. She's straight to the point. No bullshit
Nate Pepin
It is interesting how she puts the blame on Ronda's coach. At least so far as I can interpret, she knew she'd win because the coach would fail. It is almost like she doesn't hold Ronda responsible because she knew Ronda was going to do what any successful athlete does and follow their coaching, and that the coaching was going to suck.
Chicken and Crack In Funeralopolis
Edmund made a set of circumstances that caused ronda's glassjaw to be exposed. He made her boxing so shitty just so he could see that shitty chin of her's get shattered into a million pieces. Lol so sad that she had such a shitty coach and the UFC raised her confidence to the level where she became a shitty person. She used to say that she'd be willing to die to win when she wasn't even mentally or physically tough enough to take a few punches.
Did Royce Gracie stand and strike all the guys he defeated? No. He submitted them. He knew his strengths and he sought to capitalize on them.
I agree with Nunes assessment. Ronda's coach clearly is not promoting the utilization of her true strengths and skills. She is a submission expert. Not a striking expert. If it's isn't broke, why change?
Everyone talks about her coach, ronds just sucks and is weak minded
Kimmy Konnor
0 0
Big big mistake for Rhonda to snub this post fight press conference. You have to loose with dignity and move forward.
Cleveland is the city
lioness don't have mane
Michel Tanguay
Dommage qu'une personne sortant d'une telle victoire ne pense pas à faire l'éloge des gens qui l'ont aidée à gagner mais à casser du sucre sur le dos de l'entraîneur adverse . Pas fort le plan de carrière ...
IF Ronda gets rid of Edmund Turdonator (her trainer) and goes to an all new elite camp like Greg Jackson's etc then yes she could make a comeback and do well but doing the same as she has with same trainer FORGET! The trainer & same tactics failed twice with Holm & Nunes. The fights before that truth is Ronda's raw talent with any trainer would have got her those wins. So MASSIVE FART NOISE (a big ole wet one) to anyone saying Ronda is finished.
carlo rustico
Great person, seemed sorry about the fact Ronda's coach misled Ronda on her boxing abilities. I think Amanda would love to confront Ronda on the judo ground also. Amanda is BB jujitsu, judo is a jujitsu spinoff. I would love to see this kind of judo confrontation between Ronda and Amanda
Amanda is nice , funny and one hell of a fighter. Honest and really likeable. Thumbs up for the champ.
Amanda, you did not really fight THE Ronda Rousey unlike Holly. But good job, but will never give you as much credit as Holly.
A boot
Adorable, fierce, and an incredible fighter. Love Nunes, hope she learns a little more english so she can talk more shit lol
jim efwards
I have said for the past couple of years that Ronda needed to get RID of that Asshole Edmond. He has done nothing to help her, and more to harm her. How that man is employed in that business is amazing. Ronda learned it too late.
Ryan Yoshi
What language she use...can't speak English at all..sucks
Ryan Yoshi
U are not a lion but u looks like crocodile 😂😂
Tyler Munden
"If she wanted a rematch I'm gonna do the same thing."

Dion St. Michael
Maybe Rousey can tell us more about how she can fight male boxers and kick their asses!n!!! Bahahaha!!! What a mouthy LOSER! The worst kind of loser!
Ryan Elliott
Can somebody tell Amanda Nunes that's the mask of a lion and not a lioness..
Here we go again another TRANSGENDER in the UFC community, Dana White should be proud to fix fights with men dressed up as women!!!!!!!No wonder Ronda keeps losing,...well done you!!!!!!!...
Here we go again another TRANSGENDER in the UFC community, Dana White should be proud to fix fights with women dressed up as men!!!!!!!No wonder Ronda keeps losing,...well done you!!!!!!!......
Cristian Montano

thanks Nunes, this job IS done!
Beccy Unknown
I like Nunes 😄👍🏼
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