Amanda Nunes Rips Ronda Rousey's Coach After UFC 207 Destruction

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Amanda Nunes was extremely critical about Ronda Rousey's coach, Edmund Tarverdyan after destroying Rousey at UFC 207.


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Adorable, fierce, and an incredible fighter. Love Nunes, hope she learns a little more english so she can talk more shit lol
jim efwards
I have said for the past couple of years that Ronda needed to get RID of that Asshole Edmond. He has done nothing to help her, and more to harm her. How that man is employed in that business is amazing. Ronda learned it too late.
Ryan Yoshi
What language she use...can't speak English at
Ryan Yoshi
U are not a lion but u looks like crocodile 😂😂
Tyler Munden
"If she wanted a rematch I'm gonna do the same thing."

Dion St. Michael
Maybe Rousey can tell us more about how she can fight male boxers and kick their asses!n!!! Bahahaha!!! What a mouthy LOSER! The worst kind of loser!
Ryan Elliott
Can somebody tell Amanda Nunes that's the mask of a lion and not a lioness..
Here we go again another TRANSGENDER in the UFC community, Dana White should be proud to fix fights with men dressed up as women!!!!!!!No wonder Ronda keeps losing,...well done you!!!!!!!...
Here we go again another TRANSGENDER in the UFC community, Dana White should be proud to fix fights with women dressed up as men!!!!!!!No wonder Ronda keeps losing,...well done you!!!!!!!......
Cristian Montano

thanks Nunes, this job IS done!
Beccy Unknown
I like Nunes 😄👍🏼
I don't understand why he made Rousey strike, her grappling is her strong area, why she lost so quickly to Amanda, you can see when she got hit the 3rd time, she retreated, if she'd gone for the clutch early, she would have had a better chance of with Amanda
Anita Break
I agree that ronda's arrogance was a turn off. but Connor mcgregor is celebrated for his arrogance. he's worse in my opinion than ronda ever was. although he's got more legit reasons to be that way than Rousey did. Connor is not a one trick pony.
David White
Damn she kept it a buck.

Mad respect Nunes.
Cyle Schafer
edgy braho
Random Pool Guy
Why does she pronounce her "th" phoneme with a "d"? Is the word "the" so hard to pronounce? Dee, dat, ding, ect. "I'm dee reel sdriker here."
John Wayland
I guess Ronda will try suicide again.. She might have better luck with that.
Cali Made
that's confidence.. to know you're that experienced to make your opponent retire and to know they would never beat you even at their best!
Edmond is the worst coach on the planet. he took the most dominant grappler in the sport and transformed her into a mediocre boxer. good job Edmond !!!!
Roger Autry
I will beat wonda wousey again. I'm weddy
I remember paying attention to Edmund Tarverdyan for the first time when Rousey was coaching on the Ultimate Fighter. Quickly it became apparant, what an insufferable little shit he is. Obnoxiously unprofessional! He seems more like a troublemaker than anything else. Like a saturday night slugger in a bar, out for some bad blood. He is not like a coach at all. I mean have you seen him after Travis Browne's poor performance, trying to get something going with Werdum. What a complete and utter fool! Like a drunk douchebag, who made his way from the audience to a fighter's corner, without anybody realizing it.

And Rousey's striking, for all intents and puposes, seemingly hasn't improved a lick in a year. This guy is a fool, and if it wouldn't be for Rousey's success, nobody would even know, who this fucking parasite is.
Nunes is a beast god damn
Gentle Man
Ronda is a bloated looser. Wannabe actress too.
Richard Blanco
Breaking News!: Ronda Roussey will now face Charlie Zelenoff For the UBF Belt
Tom Jones
This spic needs to learn english. Is that a man? no wonder she beat Ronda Rousey....
It's crazy how amanda's talking point are 100% spot on, objective, brief but perfect. she sounds like super intelligent although her accent makes it clear she's just learning the language.
Reno Moore
bitch learn to talk--
Dubon Gros
If she's so good wonder why she lost 4 times
Wish she would get an English coach to help her speak better. I like her.. but listening to her is like nails on a chalkboard.
Tori Porter
I think the whole lion mask thing is stupid and childish. I respect her win but cmon keep the mask at home.
Ronda rousey still my favorite
Shane Shiyoji
Quote""She's done she can't take my punches,Amanda Nunes!!!
"48 seconds" - da title of ronda rousey's next movie.
Alexis Davis beat her up pretty good and Alexis is good but not at the caliber of Rousey. Cat Zingano really beat the shit out Nunes. Nunes style of fighting resembles Cyborg's level of fight--If you know what I mean. It's highly suspicious.
The Real TOYZ
Amanda is cool. Nice girl, seems very friendly... no fake Vendetta or any of that shit
"Like a lionz." Lol,I love that.
Jarusdurt meier
she looks like a fucking man lol shes transgender thats unfair she loooooooooookkkkkkkks like a fuckign mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
arron haggerty
they cheated, they made Ronda fight a man.
Ryan Dawson
I jabby her face and she like wow - Johnny depp
rebel oneal
To Hell With You Clam licking Fish breath bull Dyke!
Ronda still the best! Love ya doll
Aura Sandoval
Amanda is Awesome!!!! I think things would have turned out different for Ronda if she wasn't such a bitch...Karma really got her!!! she better changer her attitude... she is always hating on other women, if she doesn't change she will be miserable for the rest of her life...
Fat and Hungover
I really like this woman.
Arthur Watts
The Ronda Rousey that got into the ring with Nunes was NOT the Ronda Rousey we saw in mid-2015, but I guess that's how it goes - I just felt that fans who paid to watch a Rousey fight were severely shortchanged. The talk around Rousey vs Cyborg just seems ridiculous now, but at the time many thought it would be a dream fight if Cyborg could somehow make the weight - I'd still like to see Cyborg vs Nunes, regardless of where they tip the scales. Ronda needs to spend the rest of her life reflecting on the fact that she made a lot of money without the kind of permanent brain injury (AFAIK, her problems apppear to be more mental than physiological) that leaves so many fighters struggling to form a coherent sentence at the end of their careers.
Max Believe
Normaly at a fight you shouldnt eat punches! Not that many ronda did, sure she cant take the punches, but why taking them?
Ambi7ion 489
Im the real shhtrajki here i klinshi and punshi
Luksy Puksy
that lion face lul xD
Man, Ronda found out in brutal fashion that she has no boxing skills at all. I felt sorry for Ronda as I watched Amanda tee off on her face. Time to retire Ronda.
Interesting to watch - Nunes is appropriately confident - "If she wants a rematch I'm gonna do the same thing...because she can't take my punches." After seeing that fight, there's no argument with this statement. Absolutely none. Kudos to Nunes for handling the lack of press before the fight, and for handling her business in the ring.
vumazwe siziba
hahahaha this girl is actually a lion
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