Amanda Nunes Rips Ronda Rousey's Coach After UFC 207 Destruction

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Amanda Nunes was extremely critical about Ronda Rousey's coach, Edmund Tarverdyan after destroying Rousey at UFC 207.


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Ryan Dawson
I jabby her face and she like wow - Johnny depp
rebel oneal
To Hell With You Clam licking Fish breath bull Dyke!
Ronda still the best! Love ya doll
Aura Sandoval
Amanda is Awesome!!!! I think things would have turned out different for Ronda if she wasn't such a bitch...Karma really got her!!! she better changer her attitude... she is always hating on other women, if she doesn't change she will be miserable for the rest of her life...
Fat and Hungover
I really like this woman.
Arthur Watts
The Ronda Rousey that got into the ring with Nunes was NOT the Ronda Rousey we saw in mid-2015, but I guess that's how it goes - I just felt that fans who paid to watch a Rousey fight were severely shortchanged. The talk around Rousey vs Cyborg just seems ridiculous now, but at the time many thought it would be a dream fight if Cyborg could somehow make the weight - I'd still like to see Cyborg vs Nunes, regardless of where they tip the scales. Ronda needs to spend the rest of her life reflecting on the fact that she made a lot of money without the kind of permanent brain injury (AFAIK, her problems apppear to be more mental than physiological) that leaves so many fighters struggling to form a coherent sentence at the end of their careers.
Max Believe
Normaly at a fight you shouldnt eat punches! Not that many ronda did, sure she cant take the punches, but why taking them?
Ambi7ion 489
Im the real shhtrajki here i klinshi and punshi
Luksy Puksy
that lion face lul xD
Man, Ronda found out in brutal fashion that she has no boxing skills at all. I felt sorry for Ronda as I watched Amanda tee off on her face. Time to retire Ronda.
Interesting to watch - Nunes is appropriately confident - "If she wants a rematch I'm gonna do the same thing...because she can't take my punches." After seeing that fight, there's no argument with this statement. Absolutely none. Kudos to Nunes for handling the lack of press before the fight, and for handling her business in the ring.
vumazwe siziba
hahahaha this girl is actually a lion
Alma Ruiz
Amanda yo did amazing!!!! oh by the way you are wearing my jacket that i bought it at Forever 21 ;)))
Yeah... I don't like Amanda or Ronda. Rousey was straight up arrogant. Nunes is, well... she has zero constraint and comes off rude. Too be fair though, I haven't been following Amanda. So maybe it was just this instance? I know there were several reasons for her to be mad regarding the focus on the challenger rather than the champion etc.
Amanda Nunes is underpaid as fuck
no hassle
I like Nunes but she needs to take some time out and learn to speak proper English and what is with that terrible Lion mask? I had one of them when I was 5. It looked shit then as well.
Jdogg Mercenary
Dana has to trust nunes now.
313th Saint
Nunes: I punchy good I like to punch I fight I win she don't boxy with me well... I fight for my country for my pride
lsmail Abi
what a man
Kan Tutan
Boxing is better than wrestling?
Pete F
why are all women fighters ugly af
Moey El-niz
I think if Rhonda stuck to the judo side of things the outcome would prob be different today. Her problem was and is her coach all along his focussed on her boxing when he should have been focussing on her judo that's why she now has lost her last two fights the problem was her coach I think that's it for Rhonda retirement looks like her future
Look at that dude.When did they start letting Trannys fight women..Fuck the UFC
David James
Nunes/Cyborg. I want to see it. Make it so =)
tony #1
I told the casuals 2 years ago Nunes will finish Tate and rousey.. but the casuals said nunes won't win.. I said yes she will.
Ronda gets the fame because she looks beautiful and fights. too bad she cant box and is disrespectful, sore looser, bad sportsmanship, etc
she´s speaking portunglish. Great fighter! Viva Brasil!
Terrie T
Ronda need to train with Floyd Mayweather on being a defensive fighter.
Kenan burger
Head movement!!
Kassy Claire
well well well, there it is. Nunes just couldn't e happy with making a complete fool out of herself. She had to go after Ronda's home. Just as I predicted. Nunes is a loser and a thug. I REALLY HOPE LIKE HELL CYBORG DESTROYS HER.
bruhhh mane
this girl is going to get cocky like ronda and get kocked the fuck out next fight
Man I'm a Ronda fan but you can't hate on Amanda, she came correct. Rondas coaches need to help her stick to her guns, she's not a boxer ffs she's so fucking right.
maria gudalupe villa diaz
Nesh Waran
such a cute fighter and with great personality unlike ronda 🙄
Amanda Nunes is a man.
Beryl Jones
The bitch loss
mark rogers
Demand a rematch and milk it girl
Rio de Janiro is full of faggots that think they can fight
I was supposed to be woman vs woman not Rhonda vs a Brazilian man
Mr Phuccin Brizzle
instead of this man joining the military or something he joints the UFC and beats women up...
Moses Ruperto
My reaction to this fight was the same to Ronda's previous. "Why the hell is she trying to throw hands with these strikers?"
I was shocked honestly thought Ronda was going to kick her assssss maaan but props go out to her congrats
Nunez is tougher though
Purple Panda769
nunes sounds calm and happy not rude acting hard I like her wish her the best may god bless her
Ke n
I read a lot of comments saying that Rousey should stick to grappling...that is her strong suit true enough....but if you watch her fight against Holly Holm...she attempted to take her down....Holm threw her off...She grabbed Nunes...Nunes threw her off....I THINK that the problem is that the division has caught up and these women are stronger especially Holly and Amanda...she just simply couldn't get them to the ground...she's one dimensional...that only works for so the person who's in charge...she runs her camp...get weaknesses were exposed before this fight...part of it is the coaches...but she shoulders that Blame even more so
monye igwe
that's the lioness roaring she is hot to handle
It seriously looked like Ronda was a beginner, hands in the air like on a rave and not covering for shit. LOL
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