Emma Watson & Dan Stevens: "How hairy are you?"

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Interview with the cast, director and composer of 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Fan ni Acacia Brinley
so sad to think he had kids already 😳😭
Not Existed
this movie got me so hard. i'm starting to ship them since saw the film until i found that dan was married and has 2 kids :"
i hope dan isn't married lol sorry dan's wife i had to
andiena feodora
why does dan reminds me of boyd holbrook/donald (from the movie logan)
Ok I know he's married but the way he looked at her the whole time from 2:30 to 2:47 I'm DED
"Quite furry."

Sheena Mae Sison
Matthew or beast, Dan Stevens always plays the role perfectly 😍
Omeka Davis
Even though he's married, I got a feeling that Dan got a thing for Emma. The way he looks at her. These two may have fallen for each other during filming. It can happen. Emma is sweet, polite and beautiful woman and Dan is beyond gorgeous and charismatic man. Their opposites can attract. But....Dan is happily married with 2 kids.

In fantasy: After BATB, Emma and Dan dated for 3 years, got married and expecting twins.
Next video "Dan Steven's daughter helped..." 😱 OMG is he married?
Lily Emma Lindsay
Emma was a baby when the 1991 movie came out & I was a baby also b/c I was born in 1991.
its crack up how his name is dan
Angela Davidson
Yes. Emma CLEARLY invented the washing machine (or should I say, the Watson machine) ;)
Beauty and the Beast
wacth movies
Nicola Ginny
I just LOVE Emma Watson!!
Gizem S.
"He uses Mirrors, you use Snapchat" oh god hahahah
Mela Horan
Dan Steven and his Watson machine dad song where do I sign up to stan him
Roimer Salazar
She need help. I think of you can use a good msm up her autstamina .emm
Al Pacino FanForever
I love how everyone wishes dan wasn't married with kids
Add me to the list lol
I watched the movie today and omg they looked insane when he transformed into the prince
So much chemistry
are we gonna ignore the way he looks at her..?
Simone Dickeson
love you both
Jen Bolico
I wish Dan is not married. lol
Abbey Kat
I never call celebrities mom or dad but 3:49 to 4:27.... MOM AND DAD ARE SO CUTE AAHHH
Imanina Zayd
Megan Garcia
At 3:35 why did Luke seem so irritated that he said he would like to think he's a loyal friend? Like he was very upset. Just watch how he reacts. And his face when he stares at the ground. Wow. 😮
star dash
4:13 so cute
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens...😍😍😍
Katlyn C-M
I think its dumb people are freaking out over the two second "gay" scene with the dude who voiced Olaf and another guy dancing.
Jocelyn Carbonell
"non-judgemental" she said. but there's this part where she sang which she was referring to Gaston saying "borish, brainless"
minimal frizzle
Naomi Alta

No ones vain like Gaston
No ones a pain like Gaston
No one falls to his death in the rain like Gaston
Maia Sese
Dan,Emma here and there well someone forgot Tom and Emma😑😭😭
Kevin Schwaller
Ava Rosselle
Kaelyn Papa
LOVE LOVE THE MOVIE!!! I definitely got more than what I asked for!
Aria Eddington
Emma Watson already ruined Hermione for me, I won't let her stain Belle too.
Desty morina
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_____________________◄ https://twitter.com/emmawaltson3/status/842206586424647680 ◄_____________________
pause at 5:01 ...Emma's face is heartbreaking <3
Karina Pradipta
I don't like the interviewer
The way Emma says "quite furry." especially with her accent is so adorable!
T Hunter
Gaston snapchat... dick pics?
Breanna Northrup
The Watson Machine! hahaha I'm dying!
Kaelynne Enriquez
Luke's laugh when josh said 2,560 times got me dying if laughter
it is really a beautiful movie. it is a bit heartbreaking but wonderful.
"Watson Machine" 😂😂😂
Vanessa Maria
CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THE SOUNDTRACKS gosh rekindling my childhood memory
Naomi Alta
Nameless L
I want to have Dan Steven's baby.
Aria Fitz
aaaagh stop i hate seeing Emma crying or even just sad
Cheyenne Atachie
No I haven't and I probably prefer not to I was going to go watch it but then heard some stuff about is it about doctors so my answer is probably no
"dad's jokes, we are there"
[SaraGem] /Saphire/
Great movie,you should watch it if you haven't
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