Emma Watson & Dan Stevens: "How hairy are you?"

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Interview with the cast, director and composer of 'Beauty and the Beast'.

The JayLeno Fly
Well, to answer her questions, I have glasses and can do magic. Thats how Harry I'm.
Begona Escobar
I love Emma Watson and all the actors even gaston actor but in the movie he's a little bold
jeziel kate gabayno
Im sorry but I ship Dan and Emma I dont care he has wife but I think they met in a wrong time.
Jenny White
Is it just me or does dan have a crush o Emma or do I just think that
Unknown Unknown
I love Emma's snigger at 3:57. Lol. Naughty Emma.
Dan and Emma look like brother and sister.
what if Dan and Emma had baby together?
Jenny M
loving the automatic subtitles on this: "the story 15 apiece" "bail" "guess on" "what foo"
Sandra Campos
luke and gaston similarities: both way to atractive, probably eat a lot of protein
stefanie jasper hamindo
No offense to dan's family but Emma and dan is better than dan with susie
Ashleigh H
is it bad that I will always think of josh gad as olaf??
Caroline Leaupepe
Yes they look absolutely gorgeous together. And their not Hollywood material. What I mean is....that their not tainted like the Hollywood world. Dan is a very humble and content with where his career is heading at the moment. So is Emma. They may be popular, but it's not going into their heads.
Arshi Sheriff
Oh my! am I the only one who was floored by the way Dan keeps looking at Emma so adoringly?? <3
Messi 10
I love it when Emma Watson gets passionate about something that she thinks is commendable. She's my first love.
Stella Wolf
he looks so much better with a beard why didn't he have a beard in the movie??
cable wire
"The watson machine"
Peggy7899 Alison
Can someone explain the Watson machine joke,please??I didn't get that??!
Saint Mikhaiella William
the way dan and emma look at each other ..
Jess Ge
Dan is incredibly hot here , and all the time ofc👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
Victoria Le Roux
wait,beast's real name is udryet? wut kind of name is that?
Cookies 4 Life!
Dan: "It used to be called the Watson Machine."
Haha! Died of laughter LOLLLLL!😂👏
Mike oone
dad jokes! hahaha
Watching the movie, i realized how so many people are like gaston irl
Katherine Do
They would look perfect as a married couple but Dan is already married. WHYYYYYY DAN WHY !!!!!!!!????? I'm just gonna be in my world where Emma and Dan are married and has 2 daughters and 1 son. At least Dan's daughter adores Emma
The Watson machine...... Ha........ Ha.............Haaaaa.
Reema Begum
I've already watched the movie
bink bee
This is satanic.Disney is SATANIC. Loving a BEAST..??!!
anna c
He thinks that the Beast could be a modern role model??????? he literally kidnapped her....
Lovely Chavez
4:16-4:27 im ded
Dr. Roberie
I've got another idea at mind when they talked about how hairy each other was HAHAHAH
Syidah Rashid
They looked like a married couple! I love it
Jaay M
ChristianGirl 14
Ahh 4:25 when Emma said "dad jokes" lol Dan is a dad so there you go!
Pola B
2:47 the way he is looking at her 😂
Nicholas Bragg
where does Emma live
Naura Banana
emma and dan was really good together
Fan ni Acacia Brinley
so sad to think he had kids already 😳😭
Not Existed
this movie got me so hard. i'm starting to ship them since saw the film until i find out Dan was married and has 2 kids :"
i hope dan wasn't married lol sorry dan's wife i had to
andiena feodora
why does dan reminds me of boyd holbrook/donald (from the movie logan)
Ok I know he's married but the way he looked at her the whole time from 2:30 to 2:47 I'm DED
"Quite furry."

Sheena Mae Sison
Matthew or beast, Dan Stevens always plays the role perfectly 😍
Omeka Davis
Even though he's married, I got a feeling that Dan got a thing for Emma. The way he looks at her. These two may have fallen for each other during filming. It can happen. Emma is sweet, polite and beautiful woman and Dan is beyond gorgeous and charismatic man. Their opposites can attract. But....Dan is happily married with 2 kids.

In fantasy: After BATB, Emma and Dan dated for 3 years, got married and expecting twins.
Next video "Dan Steven's daughter helped..." 😱 OMG is he married?
Lily Emma Lindsay
Emma was a baby when the 1991 movie came out & I was a baby also b/c I was born in 1991.
its crack up how his name is dan
Angela Davidson
Yes. Emma CLEARLY invented the washing machine (or should I say, the Watson machine) ;)
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