fudhu plays
Lol all indian parents make the at 5:37 exuse wen they want your freand to leave
one of the BEST videos I have!!!!
Becky Nozdrin
My friend says that’s what her parents say about me. “Why can’t you be like Becky? She’s a good child and gets good grades why can’t you be like that?” BOI WAS YO PROBLEM I GOTTA C+ IN MATH AND I DONT SEE ME PASSEN THAT TEST EITHER
Put captions on at 4:28 sooo funnny and also at 6:24
all I'm saying is.... relateable well... that and LOL
Zoe Mackenzie
OMG your vids are the best especially (the beginning dancing haha):)
Ellis De Sa
My mom thinks I'm lazy when I always get yelled to clean the house
Malik Campbell
why does the mom always wear the same thing
Lilly: Good night
Me looks ate The window
GIRL it’s just the morning

Like if you saw
Melissa Ramlogan
joel moutondo
my parents don't compare me to other people
Hannah Dugan
Song name?
Jesus Rosales
Nilofar Almasi
Gamer Girl
Is she Miranda did you really saw her:o
Abel Olivos
Alex Corzo
This was the first video I saw of lily and 1 min in I new she would be my fav you tuber,she is a comedian and a person that makes me happy. I told all my friends about you and my friends are now subscribed. I love you lily.
Panda Girl
I literally hate this.
Carlee Lynn
This makes no sense
DaFandomTrash XD
The beginning killed me😂
Sahaana Sriram
this is so true!
also, does anyone know what song was playing at the beginning?
Neil Barot
I know that song P.S I am indian
Briza Villalba
i like the songgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Zafreen Shaik
Zafreen Shaik
0:55 her expression
bezawada bezawada
Subtitles gave me hair cancer
Mean Yoongay
You had a matching nails!
Chloe’s DIY
😂😂😂 when the song ends
isabel01 Lopez 96
You askt as if you were a good capture why can't you be more like the real Miranda sings tho u would be a hit boy if you were one
Luna Sparkles
I really hate and I mean hate your dad
neli behrami
My perents will tell me find norm friend😂
Crystal Diamond
0:55 when you try to act like a monkey but look like a man that grew up in prison. No offence lily.
Crystal Diamond
0:35 LILY ISNT WEARING MAKEUP! No offence lily.
im nikki bruh
This was my first vid watching her with... Now i watch her and i understand lmao
Pineapple Lord
Bahahahahhahhaha 4:20 with captions
Ace Dote
I'm dying at 4:48
E Hoen
See, I have an Indian friend, and I’m her friend, and her mom always compares her to me and I think of this always 😂😂😂
Ariana love
This is the first vid I watched of her 3 yrs ago I have been a huge fan since
Dee N Bri
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Nyiah Harris
DIY by Batoul & Lara
Hahahahaha so funny
YaBoy Jeff
Why did the dad have finger polish on........
설 화tv
They are having dinner but outside is BLOODY BRIGHT!
Amelija Samarzdija
How did you edit this awesome video? 😮😮😮😮😍😂
Yandere_ Bitch_101
This is my no.1 problem with parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ASMR Slimes
That’s my parents
Cermet and Paesh
First vid I saw by Lilly and I instantly subscribed😍
Pegasus XD
Loved it my parents are just like that .
Wow I bet only INDIAN people understand this
Ojaswi Das
Same here Indian Parents are all like this ugh
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