The Indestructable Piñata

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The whole point of a piñata is that it breaks easily. if you made an indestructible one, you did something wrong. They should make more things out of paper mache. Also, wear your seat belt. 

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Fluffy Princesse
0mg jeez i thought that james is the guy at start XD
My b-day is may 18
AlEx SaUsE
josefina ehrrera
I do that at my school
Emma LOL :D
This video came out when I turned 10 years old on my b day
Joja luma
enitiy brine
I'M live in Egypt we don't make piniatas
Smile face Guy
I hate my birthday at school
Not many of the viewers now But Alex poisoned Theodd1sout
Pusheen Cat
In 5th grade in Chadwick our teacher gives up a cap with all our class' names on it and we have to bring snacks for the whole class
theotherguy XT
The first time I saw this I had to check what channel I was watching
I went to one of my friends b day party and there was a piñata and me my friend and the 2 other friends that were invited went out and beat it to death. After getting all the candy I suggested that we go outside and beat the remains with sticks. We were like wolves being thrown a single slab of meat.
Carla Coulston
And now alex has over a million subs
Nicholas Reamer
the first time I love you and your sister
Nataly Richardson
who else is 9
Kaeleb Lowry
No but I killed a rabbit piñata and I smashed its head in
amulet 125
Who else thought this was a first video
RootBeer Wolfie
James, why does your mom have a triple chin XD
Rebecca Wicker
come on :19
Rebecca Wicker
rly .19
Sebastian Animations:D
its flexes turn now
We did that at lunch
SkittleDogeGirl Gaming
They still bring treats to my school
Kristen Kilburn
I love TheWalking Dead!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💀💀💀💀💀💀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💀💀💀💀
Leonel Martinez
The teacher was captain sparckes
Dayna Corman
Omg I'm a twin and our birthday is near the end of school as well :0 #mindblown
I thought this video was The Indestructable Pizza
Brad Batiste
James he didn't watch the video sorry
Brad Batiste
James. he. didt. watch
Brad Batiste
Oisin Emerald
At the end of school lie at easter and Christmas people bring in loads of candy :D
Frisk Heart
Me after the very first part of the video: I should go subscribe to it'sAlexClark...Oh wait..I'm already subscribed!!!!!!
theblaziken boss
Nope I live in Britain so there is no grads we have primarys
Team Pixelz
But little did James know..... Alex would come back next year with a million subs
Darigoha Darigoha
Никто ни чего не поймёт так что приветики😂😂
Saira Ochoa
in my class we made a pinata it was a emoji but is broke easy
Mr. DJ TheMusicMan
For some reason when it was someone else’s birthday I would always be at the end of the line for the piñata and would only get one or two pieces of candy while everyone else got fistfuls
XxZephFanXx XxHQxX
Lol i thought this was Alex channles i k i pressed on james videos xD
Salma Najwa Gaming
First guy kinda sounded like sienfeld
Coffee Weasley
Oh no Alex killed James!!
Greg Irwin
10000 and 1
Maestrocat21 T
Your mega tutorial was taken down and some other person put it up on their channel soooo... where do I look to get paint tools sai? Someone said it cost them 40 dollars!! Halp! Tell us everything about the computer and tablet and how to set all the stuff up too! I’m getting all the stuff (once I know what I need exactly. Computer (I think) , monitor, glove, etc.) for Christmas and I would really like to know soon! VERY soon. I need all the stuff from Santa and know where to look to get paint tools sai for freeeeeeeeeeee. Please give all the answers to these questions either a) comments or b) a vid (for others who need the information too). This would really help me since I am starting to draw more and become an artist! I really hope someone who knows James sees this and shows him, or he sees this! B/c I need these things more than anything! I don’t care if all the stuff I need for this is all I get for Christmas! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this.
Tabitha Bloom
Best. End card. Ever.
Sophie Horse Rider
In my 9th birthday we got a piñata and we hit it and hit it and it never broke so we got to rip it apart and inside was candy AND little whistles and stuff :D
Brayden Schumann
Wait your b day is in May mine is may 6th
MY Kids8
Yeah it sucks
kristen hancher
karagin gowens
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