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Andre Aparecido
A na onde que compra essas bolinhas por aqui em Curitiba
MLG Weedle
That was pink not red 😐
PomPom... are you collorblind?
쿄오키 YouTube
아니 이런ㅋㅋㅋ 외국 유튜버겠거니 보고있었는데ㅋㅋ가스통에 한국어가...!! 심지어 구독자 400만 넘음....난 왜 이분을 지금 알았징?~?
monsta Robinson
this like gru in despicable me create a balloon art then pop.!
Ķaylon Brown
The pink not red
Evan the Wolfy
You are teaching kids blue is green and pink is red
Molly Bro Bro is lit
I feel bad four those balls now😭
Maris 2 Quar
1:03 it's pink not red ._.
Alex H.
Ok where do i get these?
Onde agaro esto bola
(Not good spanish) speller
GAMER Picimc -
Why? For subs? You are a killer. 😡
Elijah Nealey
Once it hit 2:24 I started sing sml doofy the dragon bathroom song 👌😂
Yuriko Virginie
wow i loved
Sofia Macrì
He is boy??
tarso Tarso
Bilqis?itu beli di mana
Tommyuanna Johnson
She said that pink stress ball was red
channel cấp 2
such is too costly
coco banana
is the dude color blind?
EvilPanda ;-;
Nice work with the knife /I couldn't think of a good name so I chose asriel dreemurr
James Jones
Why did he said red when he picked up a pink ball
ياسر نور
As Aventuras de Maria Fernanda
no the red the pink
Maria da conceiçao Moniz
very coll
Naza Khalid
espilover 247
that was pink not red u dome fuck you are so fucking stupid
Thọ Lê
hello i live in vietnam
bagus banget kak Angger
sayang banget
Maria Alice Faustino
Can you play with the slime or is it toxic
Murwan Elfiel
Mohammed Rayane
is punk ont red
Fabeilly Aparecida
pom pom vc mora no Japao
Tasya Sitepu
halo. tasya. bela. sitepu. wah. kok. kamu cantik sih 😊😃🙈💩😋👩👭💅💅💅
Gamer _Guy
are this stress balls super? like if u agree
Andreia Argint
bai ati zis rosu la roz nici nu stiti culorile😈👺💩
Madeline D'Agostino
And purple
Madeline D'Agostino
Dumb ass where's the green
Nawel Benhamidouche
yesaya rotinsulu
cakep banget itu pasti dalem nya slime
Maria Eduarda
hello my name is Maria Eduarda
Leo Tobing
Leo Tobing
Leo Tobing
That's not red it's pink
Julio Cesar Saavedra
YOU KNOW THIS SO DANGEROUS!!! SHOWING KIDS THIS SORT OF CRAP!!! Making kids want to attempt this using heated knives !!! What in the world were you lot thinking. Most of your clips are Not at all for childrens safety !
Alessandra Caldarera
Ruxandra Chst
You are man or woman?
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