jussay nyet
more fucking click bait purporting to be something its not. fuck the douche who posted this
Canis Lupus
You DO realize that the picture of the father and the nice lady known as "American Gothic" actually portrays a father and his daughter not his "Wife" so there is no dating going on in the paintings true narrative. Well unless the farm is in West Virginia at which point all bets are off! Father and daughter likely knock heels together 20 times a day!
Clickbait, fuck you!
Clubland Exrcixe
Ok then - today's news in the headlines -- Wake up Alabama - your future and survival is voting for Jones - we've got to save the few freedoms and rights we Middle America have left as the GOP continues to destroy them one dummy Donnie EO at a time. Republicans ELECT pedophiles today in Moore and Trump - prove us wrong Alabama. ~!~ Do adore you Bill no matter what content you will entertain us with.
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