Vidia Johnson
Does fury know about this Phil?
Lauana Fraga
Esse cara é show, muito amor por ele.😂😂😂😍😍
I'm new to LSB.
I was hoping that someone cool had done "Toxic".
Clark Gregg is my hero.
Steve Rogers
Never did autograph those cards.
i wonder what toni thinks about this
Cici Bird
So this is what the Framework looks like
Haim Productions
Robotic Coulson before Daisy fucked him up.
Daisy: coulson, what are you doing?
Phil: I lost a bet with melinda and now I either have to do this or compete in a staring contest against robbie reyes.
I just wanted to watch Phil sing this why did you bring mE HERE
Bruno Batista
Porra Coulson
Shady B!tch
Jiggly Caliente did it better...
Ian A.
he was forced to comply
Imite Beerong
oh nooo, agent coulson...
Far Away
se me cayo un idolo ...coulson porque coulson :,(
Kenny Lopes
Nick Fury: Coulson, we need to talk...
Lol the funny thing is he chose to lipsync and lipsyncer oh the irony
Duipang Ani-short Clip
너무 섹시하다♥
Maximus Prime
I wonder how Nick Fury and the other agents would react to this 😄😄😄😄😄
mmm that beautiful T.REX vinyl in the background

this was beautiful <3
Elita H.R
Agent Coulson 😂😂
ita, ita
meanwile in shield retierement
Michael 64
COULSON!!! Get back to work! You have a job to do!
The New Michelangelo
so he die in the avengers for THIS ??!!
Sofiale Cordova
Fury is going to rip off his other eye.
Dani Haschke
phil's version was better
but he's not...
Silver Spirit
Will see this in my mind every time I watch agents of shield now.
Karina Souza
dancing more that Britney LOL
Vivian Yu
It's a magical place
Charlie King
G.A.Y - Generations Ahead of Yesterday

Jiggly bs Alisa
Proyect Avengers?
Lora Nenkova
40 seconds, like wtf, seriously?!?!?!
Stormshadow Uaje
Funny lip sync battle ever
Alexandra Timohi
Fury be like " you see, things like this gives me trust issues"
Its a magical place
Phil Coulson
That's not me... That is one of SHIELDs Life Model Decoys... I swear!
wow its Cuz T.A.H.I.T.I
akshay singh
Now we know what Phil is really doing in his office when no one is around. I wonder what the other agents like May and Fitz-Simmons do when Phil is not around.
Sandy Montes De Oca
Coulson I'm gonna tell Tony!!!!
Paetyn Hoffmann
show the whole thing!!!!!!!! >:(
Danielly Silva
best one ever hahahahahaha LMFAO
Jesus Rodríguez
I never believe that clark gregg is gonna put that suit but it happened
P.Z. Arnott
So this is what cousin does on his spare time.
Charnel Kr
Make it longer,WTF
So people, this is what happens when you get in TAHITÍ

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