MIke K
i would just call her a slut
Ana Zakidalskaya
"Of you or your wife Anna..."
Anna Groves
Jen : "you were hot before the muscle said no one ever."
Chris starts crying
Heather White
On my bday☺️
Syed Riad Tonmoy
Who came here after Chris and Anna seperation?
Veronica Corningstone VS Ron Burgundy!
Ben Staniford
Shippo Hippo
Ein The corgi
I really loved you in parks and recreation

Said everybody fucking ever
I'm not creative with names
Nooo. On the last one he should have said "you should have got some tic tacs as well!"
C Savage
So he didn't actually make the icloud joke right? He just would have own if he said it right... I want it to exist 😂
ms.majenta rho
chris YOUR FAT
Lenore Her
Chris Pratt is so sexy!
B Lusk
I'm cringing for them!
Ana Niko
I feel like a lot of their relationship is for publicity:(
Sammy Aran
Chris that was a really dick move right there
rayne kelley
pls get matt damon and jimmy kimmel to do this
jilfe oowdafe
Grace Thompson
Jen: "Where do you keep your Oscar?"
That was funny😂😅
Gordon Ramsay vs Simon Cowell please
Santiago Plays Games
Why did they call it joy? I laughed so hard
Mr. Clippy
Are the jokes meant to be bad.I can literally come with insults like nothing.
Roaming Reptile
Why did they call it joy, should have made him win, 7000 comment btw
Yehohanan Yahson
Chris should've said "I've seen your leaked photos, and I still have limp - - - -"
red red
I have no idea if jennifer had anything to do with anna and chris' separation but i want to hare her right now cos i'm still hurting huhuhu
Adam Ramsey
Remember when Anna was his wife...?
Bes Mir
Jennifer the uggly tits
Jennifer every time I see her ugly face it reminds me of them dirty photos with a cock in her face
I wish BBC1 aired here in Canada!! Such a great station.
Amir Hossein Khandaghabadi
I just don't like JL at all ! But I love CP
annette reeves
yeah they fucked
Doctor DOOM
The moment u realise that those icloud memes were fake
Eduardo Alves
3:49 hahahahahahah
Carissa Thomas
I love them too much
Where's your Oscar
RIP Anna isn't his wife anymore 😭
2nd insult and they are already cracking up
mustard seed
I don't know what's weaker, your acting or your iCloud password....
Ana Matos
Hey Jennifer, how hard is to act all the time in the movies and off the movies?

Hey Lawrence, I don't know where you're a worse actress, if it's in your movies or if it's in real life.
Stephanie Nicholas
That was hilarious...wow. I love Jennifer Lawrence; but Chris definitely won with that dick joke. Just funny.
i've seen jennifer lawrence naked ,wow how she is so beautiful
Ken Larson
Hey BBC, this is the most idiotic thing that can be done on radio or TV. Your producer should be fired immediately.
Twitch 29
they would make a great couple
Abya Yala
Jennifer Lawrence has the most annoying and ugly fucking face Iv ever seen I want to smack her with a metal shovel or bat.

She ruins movies with her garbage acting.
Aphinya Srianan
please help me to translate when jennifer say during a sex scene sth , I do not get it haha (Im not good at english so please help )
Little Lotus
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split because Jennifer Lawrence chose Anna.
Matrix Man
So fake
ssam stuchbery
Chris Pratt should of said "you know what's worse than your acting? Your I cloud password"
I love the silence
Alfred Shitcock
This isn't really fair, Chris Pratt is a legit comedy actor.
Could say.. Chris Pratt Parks and Wrecked Jennifer.. Eh eh.. sorry
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