What did he say at the end? I couldn't get it
Elisa Griffith
Mist people i know find this idiot to be very selfish & needs to do community service with trauma victims. The last trash about the hurricane victims was sickening. I didnt vote trump!! But i work many years with victims of various types. Rape doms ab etc. And it was hirrible she used her hate that way. A natural disaster, did this piece of crap apologize to the victims? She needs to apoligize to the USA because she showed the world, people are more concerned with their personal hate & ignorence than for the weak innocent. Then chimes in on weinstein. What a loser. Im grateful for real actresses as nicole kidman oprah winfrey susan sardon emily blunt, renee zellwenger etc etc.
laelia theorchid
Chris Pratt is my spirit animal πŸ˜‚
I actually love thisπŸ˜‚
now they are both single.
Hahodi d
I think this deserves a weOOOOw
Selim KarayΔ±l
Jennifer Lawrence is great at shit talking I respect that.
Usama Qadeer
That fake hair insult had me in tears πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Man she's hot
Ted Tedster
silly nonsense
Waiarikinui Soto Gilling
So where do you keep your Oscar...... πŸ€”
Tsar Alester
Chris was just dreadful
All the points to Pratt lol
"How does it feel being in the dumbest Marvel movie?" She should have responded with "Well you should feel more guilt. You were in the dumbest MCU movie".
"Where do you keep your Oscar?"
"where do you keep your oscar?" "In the cloud, with your nudes.
DramasMakePositive Gg
Chris Pratt was cold the entire time
Scott Thompson
I wanna see stranger things cast do this!
Destiny Ruiz
#hurt bae β€˜
Jxnza lol
Get Sophie Cookson and Taron Egerton on here
It's such a shame, to meet somebody you though you'd like". Hahahahaha
idea faucet
She should have said..."never would" instead of just never. That's a better line. ;)
"During our sex scene i felt your dick rub into me."

https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/7f8m1m/playground_insults/ lol
"you are so old, your publicists is a nurse" I'm dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What do you think? I want to see you react to this on Recactus !!!
Join me and have fun on #Recactus🌡🌡🌡
David Avila
Hahaha at the end Chris was like: oh you wanna fight?
Chris Thomson
Theyd make a good couple shud get together now both single
Jennifer....your acting is as weak as your icloud password.
Fash Themightygaming
Better comeback β€œif they would have based your oscar on the hunger games, they would have had to rename it worst actress”
Darkside Mopar
You're jokes are as weak as your icloud password.
"Where do you keep your oscar?""I don't have one, but I have a dick and I like to keep it up your mom's ass"
This was the best one so far lol.
Paras Chopra
Haven't started the video
But my bets on Chris!!!!! He's funny
Silas Nelson
"You were given an Oscar for being best actress. You would also get an Oscar for best actor if they were just listening to the audio."
Crystal Morrison
Your beard is so thin your face looks like a shave pussy
o monster
Kids should not watch this video it contains strong language.
aye this is fucking genius hahahahah
Sam Martin
This is so awkward...
StageLined Productions
Jennifer almost had him beat, but that last one was the winner.
Adam Bomb
This is horrible. This is like the liberal version of TV Wrestling, fucking grotesque human behavior and you all clap and smile when they fall on their faces, fuck it let's just make that show from Hot Tub Time Machine 2 a reality, and fuck guys (and girls) live on air against their will.
Chloe TheBestYes:3
3:17 I almost died
Jibran Chowdhury
Jennifer Lawrence is so attractive
Abida Babida
that last one made me spit out my drink lol
Dovah Queen
This is my new favorite thing
chronical Toke
Can we get some better hosts please
Asmaaa H
Jennifer is so bad at this am dead πŸ˜‚
Sadin 792
"I recently told you you act like Adele sings ... i hate Adele" πŸ˜‚
Ayaan PlayZ
I have to say these insults were so bad that they were funny
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