Emma Watson Gives Strangers Advice for $2 at Grand Central | Vanity Fair

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“Beauty and the Beast" star Emma Watson gives out advice to strangers at Grand Central Terminal in New York City on this episode of "Derek Does Stuff With a Friend" with Derek Blasberg. 

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Emma Watson Gives Strangers Advice for $2 at Grand Central | Vanity Fair

I don't like cheese. but I like cheesecake
Karin Steffen
Emma Watson is super nice
Sputnik Cage
wtf is the point of this video lol 😂
Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki
that's enough money to buy 3 boxes of condoms
here is some more free advice .... dont take advice from that dumb bitch cuzz she is horribly stupid
nathan ringoot
emma you are the best becoase of you in harry potter i want to be an actor to and i want to study in the london drama school
Katelyn The Theatre Kid
I'm sorry did she make a Hamilton reference at the end
Nadine Ashory
If Emma or u sees this, can u or can u ask Emma if she could answer this question:
How do u become a young actress?
Anastasia Snitkovska
Wish I was there...
Twisted_ Mindz
bruh the Cringe when that kid asked how to be a good boyfriend
Jeff Peterman
that kids a straight pimp. dont just give her your number like a thousand guys have probably done before..but get her to give you hers. genius.
Did it really have to go liberal on me though?
Tumblr Thingz
Emma: so what's your question ?
Me: how do I get excepted to hogwarts ?
Liv Noerholm
Aww "How do I be a good boyfriend" so cuuuuute
Savage Goose
She is so hot
Derek A
Miss Watson: "Are you a feminist?"
Guy: "Nah, I'm against actual sexism"

Reese Honadle
😭😭😭😭😭 I wish I was there
AG Wreck
teenage male feminist who is pro choice? ...... This new generation is in rough shape lol.
DIY Girls
I wish I was there
Sahil gangwar
how can I marry Emma Watson? 😋😋
wtf how?!
Oh look A Potterhead
Go buy her some jewellery and feed her some cheese
she isn't the biggest fan of these

Me: choking on laughter
Emma's a doll honestly.
My Anonymous Senpai
0:29 her face when she sees my dick
Brooke Stagg
omg if I was one of those ppl that met her I would freak out
Sarina Fard
I love Emma Watson sooo much!!
Animal Girl
Emma looks like my English teacher
Madison Teague
Emma is seriously the kindest and sweetest person to ever exist
Scott Adler
Someone should have asked her about her "he4she" nonsense. Why soesn't she support "she4he"? Why doesn't she campaign against her own country's brutal treatment of men during divorce? Or against discrimination against boys in schools all over the world?

So far, she has refused to answer any questions concerning these and many other men's issues -- possibly because, like most girls, she just doesn't care whether men live or die, merely that they pay for dates, accept being excluded from universities, submit to being beaten or without recourse to law enforcement, and allow actresses to berate them in films throughout their lives.

Emma thinks that she is a good person, but most men aren't sociopaths like Donald Trump or Bill O'Reilly. If Emma continues to refuse to answer these questions, she could be considered a sociopath as well.
I would be pretty disappointed if my son was a true feminist, the kind that bitches about everything.
Justin Wheeler
Why couldn't you be there when I was last month lol
Wenyi Tim
Tell me everything happens in your new movie, but do not spoil it
Morning Awesome
Her replies are the same ones you'd expect from an online bot advisor
3:22 what are pyeniees? sorry if wrong spelling I dont know what word..
Mantine Gt
Trevor Lance
Pro Choice is a joke because you choose to have baby when you choose to have sex. You can't take it back because you end up getting pregnant. That's like choosing to drive drunk then saying wait never mind after you crash. You know the consequences so you have to make the choice before you take the action not after.
i love this video
WUCHERPREISE, unglaublich!! Einfach nur Geldmacherei!!!!
Tarduel 2k17
gallsw !!!
i would not want to take an advice from her even if it was about my dog xd i like her but come on she is an actress that made it because she was cute at 10 why i should trust her xd
Ok Ok
I'd pull my dick out.
Mighty Lord
Who knew he used video call
I hate cheese
AAh that's so cute - all the proceeds go to slaughtering fetuses!
Salty Unicorn
3:30 cancer developed at an early age for this child.
Timb00 ツ
feminism - disgusting
Gwénaël Ligot
I'd be like, can I ask you any question ? what's your number ahah
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