Sophia VlogsXD
I'll ask emma
me:can I meet your prince,😁
"What should I get my girlfriend?"
"Buy her jewelry and feed her cheese."
There was this new kid,and me and my friends is talking to him and he says "oh,i dont like pizza especialy cheese"...

He got kidnaped,and when the teacher say he got kidnapped
my friend giggle and say
"3 Pm on my house :)
Emma Watson:"Follow you dreams
Me:"I want to be a frog,ni🅱🅱🅰
Juan Cabrerizo
Usted es inteligente o se compra un camisón sugerente. Puede tratar de hacer las dos cosas: descubrirá que monologa.
Adam Delaney
I would have asked "when r we gonna have sex?"
Lucille Dizon
I love Emma
Juan Cabrerizo
If Emma Watson really knew HOW to love life, she would know that what is planned is motherhood.
Kori The Dragon
what a waste to spend money on planned parent hood
Parul Garg
guys what you think ?? can I be her BF ??
Eleonora X
I would say that she is my idol and that she compleat my childhood❤️and I would sream!😱😍
Death Tube
4:40 That man is like 'Why is that dude dancing with his iPad on Valentine's?'
Henrique Ribeiro
I wouldn't ask for any advice. I would just stay starring at her, and tell her she is my crush since Harry Potter and Philosopher stone...
Aaliyah Mae
dang i actually wanna know if that guy became a film director bc she gave such good advice for $2
Aaliyah Mae
oh my god im in love
Olivia The Unicorn
wow two dollars to meet Emma dang I missed out
Kevin Carlock
I would ask what's the best way to ask an actress known for playing Hermione Granger if she would like to meet for lunch sometime in the near future
MyLifeAsElla B.
They're in America right? Cuz they are using dollars not Euros
Tamara Bechtold
Frau Huebner
This is so cool. Love Emma.
awww god she seems like the most humble human on this world
i would ask: "can I have my 2 dollars back?"
a.d.t. a.d.t.
הלוואי שהייתי יכולה לדבר איתה
Asuka Kojima
Metube -Where Fandoms UNITE
"Go and buy her jewelry and feed her cheese." That is literally the best advice ever 😂
Aylar Asefi
she's just so sweet and cute. she is adorable.
Lucas Scott
Completely genuine, sweet, caring and gorgeous as always. Emma Watson is absolutely precious:)
I like turtles!
Babblu Vaddi
i want to ask where is platform 9 threequarter
jaime Kuchiki
id tell her anything lol
Juan Cabrerizo
That Socrates was unpleasant as a person is a description. That Socrates was irrefutable is a fact.
Shahd Mohamed
I love u Emma 💝💞💝
Miguel Rios
Strawberry Ice cream
Where do I find this
Frankie L
HE didn't get arrested from the NYCPD??=) that's incredible=)
ranviro tube
oh you are my Hermione you are so sweet childhood memories
Wolfs Den
Ugh it cracked me up when the boy said , "how do I be a good boyfriend " and Emma was like "oh umm just be kind … and DANCE" like if u agree
Ava Jett-Beachley
Oh my god I love her so much!
Lorrie Olivia
how did u get her number
Unicorn Xngelxca
Emma Watson: Follow Your Heart
Me: I want to be a super Villain!!!!!
Phoebe Dawe
Emma: You don't like cheese? I love it!
Me: HATE cheese
Jo Jo
love her as an actress. but disgusted by her feminist views and love for planned baby butchers. another lost celebrity. ..very sad.
I would ask her to talk Bernie to me
News & co.
emma:follow ur dreams
me:i want to give lord voldemort a nose.
Saron Yared
I feel sorry for the people who thought this was a scam 😂
Follow ur heart
Me: kidnap BTS >:) thanks Emma
Emma take my heart💗💗
Tori Ohalloran
If I was there I would faint I love her so much
Aisha Khalid
I love you Emma Watson
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