Making a Tide Pool Aquarium!

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On this episode of Coyote’s Backyard, the team sets off to explore the tide pools of Southern California with fans Aiden and Dylan in an attempt to build an amazing tide pool aquarium!

Building a tide pool aquarium can be a fun way to spend the afternoon along the shore while searching for sea creatures. All you need is a small plastic container, some fresh sea water, and a keen eye to spot the well camouflaged marine life beneath the surface. While often challenging to find more than a couple species in a day this activity can be a fun way to learn about different marine habitats and all the cool animals that call them home.  

Get ready, we’re about to build one awesome aquarium! 

*Please never attempt to recreate what is seen in this video without proper permissions from state and local agencies or without the presence or consultation of a wildlife professional. We want everyone to be safe out there and to always follow the rules and guidelines set out to protect our wonderful wildlife and their habitats. 

Huge thanks to Nikko, Aiden, Dylan and the boys incredible grandparents for hosting us on this fun filled expedition! We had an absolute blast spending the afternoon with you! 

On Coyote’s Backyard we’re sticking to the trail because animal expert Coyote Peterson wants to show you all of the cool creatures that live just outside of your house, or in your local parks nearby. Sometimes the opportunity to connect with nature is a lot closer than you think! 

If you or your family want to be featured on an episode episode of Coyote’s Backyard please let us know what amazing animals live around you in the comments section or by emailing

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Tran Hong Le
I now you , you whet on colionkey
😎😏😋 were do you live in this house🏨
Neppolian Bernaurdshaw
Just take me there & I will search all day
Daniel Ranieri
I love this youtube channel
Evelyn Hernandez
I agree
Mink gy
Juan Contreras
"ok everybody spread out"
everyone together in the next scene
Teri Mohney
I such fan ive hunted animals for my whole life tell now I'm still doing it I will forever
Kayleigh Vance
I didn't realize that you live in Ohio, I live in Ohio too, about 30 minutes from the city you live in. I love animals and your videos and I think it is amazing that you live so close to me.
Ansleyunater Link
Sooooo cool
Addi Comeaux
we haf a iac
Kawaii Donut :3
hah catching crabs is not being brave its easy ._.
Kawaii Donut :3
if there was a sea star around here i would be shocked, i only find sea slugs and crabs here ;-;
Kevin Hero
Mann INDONESIA NEED beach like that
Erickberth Calupe
0! this is my favorite video 🇵🇭
Crab has rabies, lol jk
Владимир пушкин
"Ugh that is one slimy slug"
wipes hands on kids shirt
AdirPlays Gaming
i found a really big water spider in my bathroom.
Medrano Kids
Do a snake video
Typical Cat
My backyard only fits 2 cars but we can only afford a cardboard box with a motor
Falcon Tamer778
I have an falcon plz dnt
Jj Aaaa
Aiman mai umah aku awat
Sheryl Lazaro
What if coyote found a great white shark 😱 he'd rather be surprised
t volansky
The crab bites because it's just like a Black Widow except it doesn't have any Venom
Jesus Da lawd
6:40 u can see a hermit crab
Dallas McLean
He really wiped it on his white shirt I'm ded
Kathryn Thom
OMG I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT WITH YOU COYOTE!!!!!!!!! But I don't have woods or some thing in my back yard or around me : ( .
Felix Joseph
Brave Wilderness, How many you have collections of wild animals? Tell me :)
Меджик ТВ
Abdomen Fargo
Coyote you have forsaken those striped shore crabs. You sentenced them to death by octopus.
Samantha A. L. Lund
بنوتة الكيوت

Jayden Hogenelst
Your children are adorable, you should do more of these. Like, <3
Thomas Nguyen
Levente Tolnai
Octopus my favuorite animal I'm hungary
Robbie Jaworski
Who is watching this in September 2017
Andreas Ödebrink
6:46 Tiny fish lol
Zapper Pikachu
When they put the octopus in that guy with a baseball t-shirt was like saying deez nutz
Brooke Lapierre
3:54 casually wipes hand on his shirt
3:54 dood what are you thinking ur crazy
fahad nasim
I love your videos
Roxanne Delgado
Roxanne Delgado
at 7 .17 you will see a dark figure
Captain cookies I LOVE COOKIES
i saw the britle star from the beach and we barried it beacause we thought it was a alien or something
Ayden Carrasco
Hay my name is Ayden 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Asia Jaśkiewicz
You s sylly
xx pro xx
lil nub
Firetigerboy Cod master
That slug was bigger than my future
Cosmic Challenges
I wish I could go to a tide pool with coyote
12:08 the fish is playing peekaboo with the crab
Alex Drozd
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