Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut!
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Aaron and Asia
Brie and Kat
Gina and Chad
Karlos and Ricky
Chelsea and Christopher
Kalechi and Sarah
Jeff and Jermaine
Shelby and Patrick
Nikki and Chase 

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Anisa J
What if some of them are virgins though?
Maddy Grabham
The couple at 4:38 should be official tbh
"there's bows in it"
"... those are flowers"
Simon Charumonta
How do I get on this??? Lol
Cullen Joe
they in to that kissing
Matt Tran
Damn that black girl at 1:02 was not impressed by his looks at all......
"Would you grab then by the pussy?"
Sarah Saenz
@ the guy in the checkered shirt hmu
Carlos Guadalupe
the gay dudes actually seem like they're having a chill ass moment
Maura Tuley
The girls reactions when the guys said Trump is me
What a Weirdo.
the guy with the glasses is totally me and I'm not sure if that's good
A gay Asian with a gay black dude #2017
Katelyn DiTommaso
The guy with the glasses looks like a nerdy lance210
Jade Broadnax
in a graveyard! lol
Alessandria Huguez
More blind dates!!
Tyler Robichaud
4:51 the girl looks like she's gonna eat him for fuck sake lol
Nataliya Davis
"I'm all about ebony " I love that guyπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ lol I love white guys
Catherine Hinse
When the gay guys were showing each other their profiles on dating apps tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lance?!?! Is that you!!??
Pause at 3:41. Her face when he said Trump lmao.
Parker Pederson
Who the fuck has sex in a grave yard
Rachael Sentowski
4:42 I can't stop laughingπŸ˜‚ the two gay guys are literally goals
Robin Lorenzo
aaro is gettin dumped already :)))
Lmao, that white guy was funny. "Do you remember jerking?"
3:18 omg, he dug up a grave and fucked it! Ew!
Daaang those girls were cute and probably started dating afterwards... Set me the hell up!
Oh my God my aesthetic is the girls faces when the guys said Trump.
Talo Dhyakso
that girl reaction tho hahahaha
Tskerx _
What's Ricky's instagram?
Xx_Moon Light_xX
"I just like babes, and you're, you're babe"

I felt bad for the guy with the glasses, his blind date was so rude.
Imma Smiler
"Right now if I was in the room with these two people... - would you grab them by the pussy?" hahaha
Miyagi Bangz
in a GRAVE YARD wtf!!!!
Tanya Lopez
I think it interesting that a black/Hispanic/Latino man said that he would go for Trump and the Caucasian women said Hilary
I cringed so hard at 2:20
Johnny Martin
Wow damn bitch can't accept that he was a trump supporter.
RuN Gaming
that brown girl and the white boy, she was less attractive she is fucking ugly af dude
Reece Turner
The black woman clearly knew the other guy already
Hahaha "you remember jerking"- the end
zain cannoth
that curly headed girl (Asia) is a living man - bitch
zack surratt
Hillary or Trump
Pepe The Dank Meme
Stop putting gays in this
S ?
I love that guy with glasses he's cute and funny!!!!!
ahh yee
J Spin
Ummm.... blazing up while getting drunk playing truth or dare.

This just became my new favourite channel!
Gaming Volunteer
When you're watching this on 4/20
Lola Krivosic
''I masrubated 20 minutes ago in the bathroom''
That guy is way to honedt
Alex Franqui
I love how the guy with the flippy hair pulled out a joint
jj tyga
Put question
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