Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink

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Aaron and Asia
Brie and Kat
Gina and Chad
Karlos and Ricky
Chelsea and Christopher
Kalechi and Sarah
Jeff and Jermaine
Shelby and Patrick
Nikki and Chase 

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Allie Derubeis
these people are all attractive
Amador Designs
this never happens to me..i feel like all of these people know each other already.
The yoga intructor was hot as hell πŸ˜‚
Bellal Azimi
The white guy with the glasses is hella funny. "YO AW YEEUH"
Just be gay, you'll end up getting laid (maybe)
a: i teach yoga b:awesone i like... i don't like yoga 0:38
Jonny Loader
i love the look on a liberals face when someone says they like trump.
Ashley Rogers
My boyfriend lost his virginity in a graveyard as well πŸ˜‚
the girl with the "nerdy" guy was a such a bitch
Lil Lazi
Those gay guys were the absolute best I ship it.
BTB President
"Would you grab him by the pussy" LMAO
Ailin Atasoy
that one couple with the guy on right with the watch, and te girl on the left, didn't even appear in any of the questions- just the unmasking and the kissing lol
Daniel Sanchez
The faces they made when the other person said Trump is everything
Seno Budd
All those mad people in the comment section saying they would leave the room if someone would ever say he choose trump
LIke fuck you, you want to miss a nice guy just because he's political view, even people who choose trump has their views about him
If blind dates are like this it would be fun and you get to know your date better.
Pavus The Pug
The girl with the curly hair is a bitch.

3:37 You can't tell me she doesn't look like Angela White.
Black Swordsman チョウ
The gay white guy reminds me of Brandon Rogers
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez
what sound do you make when you have sex?
aw yeeeah
"I'm all about Ebony" πŸ’€πŸ’€
Alexa Charging
I love this so much, I would do anything to be on this show!
"Ah yeeeah" xD
"would you grab him by the pussy" --- BOY YOU GOT KNOCKED INTO THE NEXT WORLD!
Roman Gallardo
This is gold
Sophia Lanza
"would you grab him by the pussy?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ His face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Robert Vanderzalm
Nice new concept!!!!
Rosemary Gonzales
Do you remember jerking
xColin x
The fucking politics pissed me off
Marcello Mancini
The blue plaid guy was so funny!
Northern Cross
"I've had sex with him."
Huh, that seems to be a common trope in the gay and lesbian dating scene.
Madeline Edgar
I live my life in fear of love



I hope not
The guys at 0:39 are actually pretty cute, and they seemed to be hitting it off relatively well :D
Kazza Productions
I love it how the blondes like "You gonna grab him by the pussy" Trump is such a disgusting pig and I knew most guys would choose Trump
Jacob R.
ohhh it's Karlos. the guy who smoked weed with the religious leaders
Darkheart Productions
Oh jeez one of them said 20 minutes ago, I'm dying!!!!
"I teach yoga"
"Yoga? Awesome. I don't like yoga"
Gracious Anomy
3:50 when he said Jesus Christ I was dead laughing on the floor
Respect for the black guy liking trump. Mans going out of the box
bethann landerstyle
why no new ones?????
J88 S
too much info
The gay guys who smoked together had so much fun it was really fun to watch
Hutchi Kara
oh men... american's people is weird
EWWWW she made out with the Trump supporter !!!
Tanner Monarez
that guy with the tattoo sleeve was fine as F U C K
Jay 0711
The one set of gay guys is annoying as fuck!
Louie DiaMani
Um, How do I become a part of this?!
3:04 "I lost my virginity to .." "... my boss"

Aw I loved the floral shirt!
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