The Brick Double-Domino Effect Explained

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If you use bricks as dominoes: you get a second wave going in the opposite direction.

Watch the original brick domino video here:

I think that is the original upload. If anyone finds a better one, please do let me know.

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- The overlap length should be 21 - √(21² - 6²) = 0.875 cm not the incorrect √(21² + 6²) - 21 = 0.84 cm I show on-screen. First spotted by Daryl Adriano.
- A correction to my masonry terminology! What I called the width is actually the height of a brick (which makes sense given the orientation bricks are normally laid). The width is the third dimension: how far into the wall they reach. Thanks to Doodle Vids.
- Let me know if you spot anything else!

Music by Howard Carter
Design by Simon Wright

MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician
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Doni Darmawan
why not use the supreme bricks?
Коля беженарь
Поставь последний кирпич на сантиметр дальше
rishabh gond
Oh my god amazing
Light Show
I would think d is equal to the contact point, because it is simply the length missing from the distance between the two bricks.
Hemmy Entiedä
So satisfying
Santtu Sammakko
Wow, that's actually cool! :o
Bruce Ryan Broussard
He was one of those guys on outrageous acts of science huh?
I am currently Falling off a building, hello!
This isn’t to do with maths this is just a block falling so it doesn’t land on the next one
Suani Avila
I don’t even know what theta, sin., or cos. is
Suani Avila
Second video today with a pause at the same spot ... 2:02
Illuminati confirmed?
Spoder Manz
Speak English plz with the math :)
And can you sub to me if you like PBB content!
Are you the real Scott sterling
Holey dominoes, this didn’t really help me much
Grass Thinkz
To understand the double brick domino effect you must have an iq of 200+
Blizzard's Psychosis
You say cos? I always said cosine?
Two plus two is four minus one that's three, quick maths
Master STA
Wwwoooaaahh .... mind blown 😲
Pop baller
Can you do this with dominoes?
Im 13 and im understand what you saying.
2:40 Matt only cares about the d
Vaibhav Shinde
I'm asian and my D is very small.
Slacin' Ace
Why do you need explanation for something that should basically be common sense
Ferf The Great
hay if you see this you should watch my videos because its TRASHHHHHHH
J. P.

Jack H
Thats hell cool not what i thought it was goint to be
Marco Mosna
your d is small 1.7 (insert lenny face)
you dont need to know my name
1:06-1:09 very unsatisfying
a squirrel
'How to make a 5 second video into 4 minute mental masturbation session''
daniel lee
Can you explain your hair style?
irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria
*British accent* "That toooootally counts!" 😂
Joshua Nico Llido
Find the hypotenuse
Sdudyoy Newton
I mean, this isn't a magic trick. You just have to watch it once to understand how it works. I found this explanation to be very pointless. Great presentation though and fun to watch though!
My head just exploded
Kyle Stratman
But what if you position them in a circle
you can also use lego's
Nate Jack22
I was actually thinking of this the other day during a boring English class
2:38 We only care about the distance of D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I just found 12 bricks.
Alp Erol
you used cm instead of mm, you monster!
manuel montano
When i see cos(theta) and currently putting off precalus hw dam
Spanish Inquisition
Parker dominoes.
to much math
I see double domino effect for the first time!
science is awesome
SOOOOOOOO satasfying
i was told there would be no math...
Zerek Daimonas
Now we know how to calculate a "d" 😜 width^2/length 😝
Sir Pie Royal
Me: „when will I ever need middle school math again?“
Maths Teacher:
I broke my dickhole when i watch this video
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