T Duke Perry
Wouldn't this work with any set of dominos? Or is there a minimum ratio of thickness to height for this to work?
kelvin peter
thanks dude youre genius
Sofia Cavalcante
2:27 axuming
Clint Whalley
great channel shame it doesn't have any more subs than this.
Or "sonimod" as we call it
Hagen von Eitzen
Apparently one should start with the bircks slightly furthre apart than their length (21 cm), so that errors (slipping, rotation) do not stop the back wave. More than sqrt(21^2+6^2)=21.84 would be bad cause then the bricks would fall through in the first wave Seems there is only little leeway ... (not to mention that more than 21+6 would stop the first wave).
The Parker Bricks effect
Watch hevesh5
Just use real dominoes
This feels like a good analogy for the sums of infinite series, somehow, but I can't quite put my finger on it…like, an infinite domino line will have no double domino "result"…idk, I just feel like there's something there.
Bjarke Bruun
Here the experiment is done with real construction https://www.facebook.com/roar.bruun/posts/10155484798014758?notif_t=close_friend_activity&notif_id=1497271847359594
Aidan Cannatelli
Now I wanna try this irl

I'll steal the bricks from Trump's wall
Skyler Mckdoe
Thats sick
OK big fucking deal.
Well, not quite a perfect double-domino effect... But definitely a solid Parker double-domino effect.
Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong here (assuming Matt isn't doing something wrong in the vid), but...
When I calculate the bit the bricks connect (the yellow bit at 3:05), I get 0.88cm
What I do is: the diagonal (the line over the ground, between the two corners of the bricks) is 21cm. The short side of the bottom brick is 6cm. So the long side (bottom of the top brick) should be: sqrt(21² - 6²) = 20.12cm
The little bit that is touching the bottom brick would then be: 21 - 20.12 = 0.88cm
So, what am I doing wrong?
Elvie Shane
the usual subscribe et cetera...
Chris Kearney
this video only needed to be 1:50 long.
OLD-BIT ProGaming
I like the intro song
this is what I'm looking for
Ryan Walsh
Gage Boan
classic parker square
Spencer Tamburello
2:22 - 3:13 this must be what English sounds like to non English speakers.
DDL Blue
The beggining was a classical Parker Square of all double domino effects...
ensign Cook
what an amazing noise
Mashrur Ahmed Yafi
Classic Parker Domino
Riser Aran
Matt Parker to be the next Doctor!!
Jack Dog
Now make a calculator out of bricks
Michel Sakakini
Please spare us with the algebra
Mac Wack
beautiful geometry
Александр Багмутов
And the first brick never stops moving, until it on the ground! (If we oversee technical issues) It have very complex path, in which upwards and downwards motion, probably, alternates. (At least for some brick sizes)
I feel like this effect could be applied to something practical... but I don't know what yet...
Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French
Pretty cool!
Fergus Maclachlan
0:49 And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of thinking that led to the Parker Square.
bernardo rtgy
wow that experiment was awesome!! nicely explained as well and easy to understand even for a Brazilian like me
why u gotta take somwthing cool and ruin it with math
its like freeing a trie data structure using recursion. pretty cool
Toys and Fun for Kids
:o I dislike math. I was good at it but i disliked it.
Philip W
I was trying to find angles of triangles the other day at work and since I'm many decades removed from my last geometry class I couldn't remember how. Now I know and I am so pleased.
if you set them down, to turn them up, to dominos them to set them down? why bother?
Why is the hypotenuse not the length of the brick?
arturo garcia
U lost me at geometry
just discovered your channel. enquiry like this fires my neurons . great to be on board.
GD Awesome
Aww... I thought this was just gonna be simple Pythag, but nooooo
Now the real question is: can you start an independent line of dominoes with the "back draft". It looks nice but that's about it. Would be cool if you run into a t-junction. One half runs while the other does not. Everyone disappointed. Then it starts "going back" starting the other half. :)

With just dominoes I don't see a way but what if the first brick falls onto a trigger of some kind only when it can fall flush with the ground
Byron Ruhter
I am absolutely enthralled with Matt Parker's lectures and demonstrations. I hope he continues indefinitely on YouTube. The lesson on falling through the earth was outstanding as are all of his projects.
Why is this in my recommended
Blank Animations YOY
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