Hollywood takes down Donald Trump at Golden Globes

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Donald Trump was not in attendance at the Golden Globes, but he was there in spirit — or more precisely, as the target of a slew of political barbs, not to mention an impassioned takedown by actor Meryl Streep. Only a few seconds into his monologue, host Jimmy Fallon noted that the Globes was “one of the few places left where America still honours the popular vote.” He was just getting started. Fallon went on to compare the president-elect to the evil King Joffrey in Game of Thrones.

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Ann Defratie
I got to say she might be an amazing actress but three words for you. Screw off bitch. I probably still watch your movies but your have my undying disrespect against your phony ass opinions about politics. Your just paid to act hon so go to your movies and let the really hard ass working Americans work so we afford to watch your ass on screen. #TeamTrump
eath nowen
Go trump from uk
eath nowen
She mite as well not said anythink silly hoe
And this is why trump won
Lightorluz Lightorluz
Meryl, how much did "they" pay you to lower your intelligence in front of all America? Now, I will call you: the deceiver, the traitor, the Snake of hollywood. Thanks for showing us who you are. Let's throw away all her movies! America first!
Jason V
All of these people are pill popping pedophiles!😆
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