Celebrate Lunar New Year with Google Arts & Culture #LunarNewYear

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From Hóngbāo to Calligraphy, explore the Arts of the New Moon collection on Google Arts & Culture and celebrate Lunar New Year with arts and crafts from East Asia

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Rohan Man Shakya
Wow so good
Fagnnard McFag
Châu Nguyễn
Why does such a well made video like this get so few views?
Jia sea
现在才看到这个视频,很棒,Love it!
tony comi
l need to know news.religion.politica and prophecies
tony comi
l need to know news
Angel Rojas
Rachelly Vasquez
Julio I glrcias
Adriana Tena
So beautifully animated!
Kim Liu
Emmanuel Nkunzimana
is bamoni
Jessy Lim
Happy new year!Google!
Andrea Ladino



hyon lee
gounod Ave Maria
Ed Miranda
I'm 25% Chinese (born in 'MERICA) and I know about nothing in this video...

Chinese people expect Google to return soon
Hello Google I am from Guangzhou, China, is connected to VPN
Ian Schoepski
send nudes
S Laissez-Faire
IT is google of course, awesome
abdulle mohamoud samaan
and thank you very much
ռɨҡҡɨ ʊռɨċօʀռռռ ʏaʐʐ
@Google HELP it says I need to sign in to download roblox but I can download anything else but the game im so sad and I do not wanna reset my phone HELP ME PLEASE 😭
新年快乐 恭喜发财
Chunjiang Zhao
Sanjeev Malhotra
Art is live to the end of the Universe but transform
xingyi zou
Susan V Box
Susan V Box
Jordi Smith
Taiwanese students are at our school to teach us about their culture and this is one of them I am in love with one so I want to learn about their culture can you guys help me
Lourdes Dodge
Yet you douchebags ignore Christmas every year, a time honored American tradition. I'm so glad I Voted Trump.
Alfredo Acosta
i actually have a cobra and a tiger tatooed on me because ny girls were born in 2009 and 2013 the year of the tiger and the year of the snake:)
Ashkan Koltukliev
Bodrum masalı
루나 뉴이어라고 하지말고 그냥 차이니즈 뉴이어로 제목을 바꺼라음력설날소개가 아니라 중국소개네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
matty chu
Happy New Year!
เอ็ก ครับผม
Xinping He
Cody Brown
by u jy
Avieshek Rajkhowa
This is just more than the description of the word beautiful. It's awesome. Reminds of the game Shadow fight.
Madan Deora
Rhys Chen
эдик Ульенко
Эх... интересно смысл в чём ¡
what's this song google???
Kacey Jai Snape
you got nice coulor
SingZhi L
Movie Nerd
Taiwan #1
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