German reporter confronts Trump with pointed question on media

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During his press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Trump was asked about his apparent disdain for the news media.


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Tim G
Hahahahahah smartness lvl = trump
we're a strong company
Brayan C
Our military has been depleted? but we still spend 600 billion every year strengthening it 🤔🤔🤔
Ryan Nickerson
lol "We're a very powerful Company.. Country"
corporate america right there
Ize Belle
President Asshole spoke non sense shit again.
Julius Caesar
To all of you Merkel fucktards I am a muslim and I DEMAND that I rape your women and get payed and seems you cucks still want that whore of ours in power
B Wong
"We are a strong company I mean country"
Felipe Bernardes
I don't get the morons in the comment section saying he didn't answer the question. She accused him of being "scared of the press" and "being an America first policy supporter" and he simply responded saying that he's a free trader and that he wants everyone to succeed, and that saying otherwise about him would be fake news. Really the only thing he didn't address was his attack on the media, which is extremely justified.
As an American, I just want to speak for the 0.001% of us that have any form of rational thought, that I am truly sorry for what our rulers have done to you and the rest of the world over the last century.
No one here observes, let alone learns from, history.
Try not to blame the normal ppl here. We were raised to be this way. Blame our ruling class and the people they've employed from President down over the past 70+ years.

It truly is horrible being trapped in this dying land while wishing you were somewhere where those around you weren't mindless, obedient carbon copies that are manipulated by blind faith and fear.

Some of us still hold onto empathy, and divergent thought like it is the most precious thing in the world.
Mclovin Junior
Raging libtards still cant get over the fact that hillary lost and trump won so suck it
What about all the countries destroyed by you sick fucks?
Robin Deguzman
trader? more like 'traitor'
Sam A
Why doesn't he just answer the question?
Haha. In a way he is represents what significant portion of America really is. Yes, dumb and stupid.
A Santi
Trumps also a hypocritical trader
Sparsh Singh
I'm not American a citizen, and this makes me proud of it
Trooper 6511390 2730098 Gamma
Look at all these Anti american cucked up Faggots in the comments.
Maik Bigenski
It' s over guys, we all gonna die !
Yugal Karol
Donal Trump should be impeached
peñanieto kiki
🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Trump
isac benavides
1:30 Nailed it.
allahu akbar☝
ashish kherwal
People of america are such stupid people , they criticize trump but they forget that he is elected democratically and not by force. It means you blame your own society in which you live in, may it's your friend, dad, mom,bro,sis who voted for him.
Andre Silva
.. lol btw very powerfull company? o no country... lol
He obviously has no idea what he's doing lol he couldn't even answer this simple question properly.. Good luck with that for the next 4 years I'm so glad I'm not american
Happy Mask Salesman
I feel like Trump thinks running the country is like running a business a bit too much
Iam a traitor but ima fair traitor
Ppl showing fake love for me straight up to my face
Keiser sosey
good man trump
dwayne johnson
I need a trump supporter to explain in a full bodied paragraph, the three branches of government and why you voted for a man who does not know any of them.
louisa mouisa
USA has Been treated unfairly ??? Really ?? 😡😡😡
Balls Mcgee
you are all fucking idiots... move to the UK or Germany if you don't like Your President.... get the fuck out... Trump will make America Unpussified
We don`t need fake news dude. Your rallys are available on YouTube. Also you`re SPYING on us and you wanna tell us about being unfairly treated?
7ilu Ksa
you're right you are absolutely a traitor.
The Captain
look at him, he gets a mildly critical question. getting difficult questions comes with the job asshole.
Musie Aksu
"we are a strong company", well, the us is an oil company with an army run by bankers
jeff ghant
0:55- He slipped and called the USA a company.
Mike Wayman
"We are a very powerful company - country." 😂😂😂😂 This guy doesn't even know what he's talking about.
Frederik sørensen
Company... country!
google "cnn cuts off guests" (those who are opposed to hillary clinton or who are against bernie) and then come back and say is not biased / fake news
We're a very powerful company, I'm a traitor
Rémi De
I love how Merkel does that gesture towards Trump right after the question. She's like 'Yea, how 'bout you answer that, bitch ?'.😂😂😂😂😂
Yasar #1
everybody who is against trump or lets say they who dont even tries to understand him are full retards. Do some research about hillary & bill before say something dump as fuck - you guys are the perfect example of mom successfull bitches which ones only cry about anything
Fenway Park
We're a very powerful company...OOPS! yes America he doesn't see you as his fellow citizens but as a way to make MONEHHHHHH, enjoy the next four years of this shit
Jacob Pacheco
depleted military? boy have you seen our budget on military spendings.
Patrick Sommer
I agree with this, Trump is a fair traitor. ;)
Yo El
Trump has a good talk when it come to the country but his actions speak for them selves.. The guy is a billionaire so he sure as hell doesn't give a fuck about anyone or anything.. I think he believes that whatever he says goes that's how he became rich..always pushing the little guy..
Miguel Perez
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