Super Mario Galaxy’s DEADLY Physics! | The SCIENCE! ...of Super Mario Galaxy

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Super Mario Galaxy has got to be one of the best Mario games around - with its unique level design and interesting use of mechanics. But when you get down to the science of it, it has also got to be one of the most dangerous places in all of gaming. In today's Episode of The SCIENCE!, Austin breaks down the scientific implications of having all of those cosmic bodies so close together and with so much gravity.

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Antonio Bush
Powdered Toast Man!
So if those little planets are what’s causing those black holes... HOW THE FRICK IS MARIO STILL ABLE TO JUMP SO HIGH?!
Michael Chockler
comic geek man
RIP iggy
Iggy Noo...😢
Toon Cloud
The dinosaur in super Mario oddisey is a reference to meet the Robinsons.
Watch the movie to find out why.
slash gamer
Mario on drugs
Jack Hughes
wait so if the video is on Super Mario Galaxy then why is the Mario in the thumbnail from Mario Odyssey?
Dell Tech Support
Sorry about your cat... 😢
Nickie Pierce
one thing i learned from this video:
A black hole with a radius of 22fm would be emmitting a F*CK TON OF HAWKING RADIATION!
Paula Burton
I'm sorry about your cat!! 😯😢
sonic the sensation
Light is mass because it equals mc square
I like how he still uses that child with his head sprite he used it once on shoddycast and it's now his main body or maybe I just think that I don't know anymore.
Mr.NintendoNerd Derp
Has anyone noticed that the thumbnail has cappy in it?
Why does Mario have cappy?

I know, Odyssy but he didnt have it back in galaxy
AnalKarl der vierte
9:40 Says "smaller sun", uses type O star. Gotcha there, Austin!
Ayden King
I'm sorry for your loss
Nicholas Leclerc
Try learning French and say that again
And I’m a Quebecker
Miguel Farias
but light has mass because E=MC², Austin

But E=MC squared Austin!!
Okay, so I learned I'm a fatass at 140lbs, there's a such thing as an intransitive verb, and black holes create heat by... eating heat.

Yeah. Alright then.
Jacob Chappelear
Jacob Chappelear
We love you iggy 😘 hope you have a nice kitty after life in kitty heaven
i mean... or the mario universe has its own physics that don't apply to ours...
:ErnestPlayzGames :
Its the Tracer Paradox all over again!!
At 5:10 it says Okay,but about E=MC2”proving” that light has doesn’t.its not even the whole formula,And trying to use it to prove that light has mass because it has energy is to completely miss what Einstein was saying the whole formula is E=(PS something impossible to type ) and the MC2 is a simplified version for massive objects that are not moving and therefore have no momentum light on the other hand has momentum but no mass so the second half of the formula is more relevant and no it’s not momentum as defined by Newton its momentum as defined by Einstein.Einsteins math is dependent on photons being massless and you just have to accept that in your life
Luan HD
Schwarzschild? Deutschland is da
The best Gamer
17 years is a hell load of time to have a cat your lucky but rip
Connor Reid
Best part of the video is when he said “what the f**k is an intransitive verb?”
I could not stop laughing
Košarkarska Zvezda
Rest in peace Iggy :'(
I love me some opioids!
This is making me smarter than school....
But light has mass because E=mc2, Austin
Austin, I despise you, SUPER MARIO GALAXY 1 & 2 WERE MY FAVE GAMES!!!!
So much Math~
Ethan Michels
Then there's the argument that this all a dream.
Venia M
Puppy Animations
I have a better theory. If you play smg2 on the edges before u get to a certain point there is black in corners. This means it’s all a dream
patricia vaquera
Yveltalidroid Aoi me
Huh. Actually learned a bit.
Trevor metzman
I'll never forget you Iggy
Ahnika Adorable
I like to watch game/film theory while I’m off school so I can learn college science during weekends.
Angel LM
who the fk is iggy
Thomas Carrie
Well done Austin!
The Irish Doggo
With shined and shone they are both a grammatically correct past tense verb. So in other words who actually cares which one you use? Either way we get what you mean XD.
Kornelia Lichacz
oh no......................... PLUTO
I love videos when Austin is hyped up on drugs or alcohol when he makes these
Dazzling Dracuu

Wow that got dark
Taylor Britt
The fact that you never grabbed the coin on the first tiny green planet is dRIVING ME UP THE WALL
On another note this theory is amazing
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