SNL: Melissa McCarthy brings Sean Spicer out of hiding

SNLSaturday Night LiveMelissaMcCarthyMelissa McCarthybringsSpicerSean SpicerWhite House Press Secretaryouthiding

Melissa McCarthy was spotted dressed as the White House Press Secretary while filming a skit for this weekend's episode of Saturday Live in front of the Time Warner Center.

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john park
republicans racist, bigotted, anti-Poor- dickheads evil disgusting heartless, hit like if you agree, fuck donald trump
Melissa Brown
why the robo voice. it's hard to listen. I had to skip
Valerie Freeman-Miller
Robo speaker?
Picket Fence
Bwaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, God Bless America! Donald Duck, leader of the sheople. Yeah! Let's protest via political satire, you can let the Oval Office fill up with all the mud, put Duckie in there and let anyone who believes in his authoritarian rhetoric wrestle him for their position. They both get dirty, Duckie likes it, and maybe the jerk left sitting in the mud will begin to get the idea.
Vase Svedomi
I just love Melissa! She is soooo good that I would like to see her in the White Cottage in DC rather than the rest of those idiots calling themselves politicians...
Pinstripe Pride
Sean Spicer has the most thankless job in human history. Imagine having to spew bullshit every day in front of the press at the behest of a lunatic boss who then contradicts what you just said in his defense. You're a better man than I, Gunga-din! I'd be hiding "among" the bushes too!
Gosh no ...Huckabee Sanders should be played by Melissa too ... it will drive some people in the WH nuts!!! ;) :D
Tom Tompkins
Trump has a bench of press secretaries to draw from as each falls short of his favor
I love her as Spicey! If you can't laugh at yourself, what is left, right?
Ladonna Brock
This is gold! She's hilarious!! These people are born to make fun of. They have a niche.
So stupid - where is logic and every one know Jewish job.
V. Lee Walker
she's the best!
John Williams
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