HUGE Accusations Against Top YouTuber Blows Up, But Is Someone Lying?

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Philip DeFranco
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Ahhh the drama
Shelby Babcock
I liked your fresh perspective on the "teen sells her virginity" news item. I also think you had some interesting points about how legalizing prostitution would affect the human trafficking industry. I feel very much the same...though I do worry that making it into a legal profession would also make it more difficult for some people to survive in the environment and would require a great deal of legal and logistical wrangling.
Personally, however, I do feel very differently about the Oklahoma house shooting story, but that is likely because I am in favor of sterner gun control legislation. Personally, I would prefer to see more non-lethal self-defense devices being employed, like tasers, but I can also understand the argument for self-defense and protection. Still, I also believe that the taking of a human life, even in self-defense, needs to have consequences. Perhaps not jail time, but something to deter people from being too "trigger happy". Then again, it is easy for me to say that when I'm not in such a dangerous situation. Still, I'm just not a big fan of gun culture, though I respect a person's right to have a firearm (I just think they should be used safely and that people should possibly undergo a license test, similar to a driver's license test, to make sure they don't accidentally hurt themselves or others. Again, maybe that's already a thing. I might need to do more research), so I can understand your opinion and, while my opinion about guns and gun usage hasn't changed, I appreciated hearing the other side of the argument. Thank you for that.
I think that having the person who instigated the crime charged with the murder is actually a really good idea. What better way to deter people from committing crimes than the fact that if something goes wrong that they will have to face swerious consequences.
Tommy Shea
Wasn't feminism meant to give women a choice to do what they want with their bodies. I don't see a problem with it if it's of her own volition.
Kristen Miller
8 years old? Try more like 16, lol...
Dina Abu Soufeh
What do you mean "she provoked him"? She didn't physically assault him, she didn't call him name or cussed at him? The only "provoking" she did was make fun of a joke HE said ABOUT her.
Looks like Gabbie can fit two cocks in her nose, she looks like linguini from Ratatouille.
Eyeless Tate
If none of them had guns in the first place no one would be dead lmao
Lady 7
I think H3H3 and Idubbz are great at making fun of others but they have standards and it's all in fun! I think ricegum is just a douchebag!
C Smith
I totally agree 👍👍👍 if you can't take it don't dish it
I always knew that Phil was a fellow gun nut like I am Hugs Phil Gun buddies! I wish, that would be so awesome, and yes the boy was well within his rights, yes it's sad that someone died but if you come in my house without me wanting you there then I'm either gonna throw you out or I'm gonna draw my weapon and if I have to I will fire
Honestly, I think he shoudlve waited until he heard from Ricegum. Cuz then he just looked biased towards Gabbie. Not for either side, but she keeps changing her story, and the Romeo dude claims that they only had a tug of war and there was no way he could have caused the bruises. Though Ricegum acted very immaturely and it's a little suspicious why he paid $2,000. Lowkey sad this was never completely settled (though it couldve been privately yet neither of them have taken down videos about the event). ANDDD they both have said they've started lawsuits against each other that I don't think really came to fruition.
Lizzie Kay
It sounds like Ricegum can't take what he dishes out... if you want to insult people on a public platform then you should expect an equal backlash, even in person. Escalating to aggressive actions is never the answer if someone is just insulting you. You always have the option to get up and walk away.
She pushed the situation just by confronting him like that, but that in no way gave him the right to Assault her and Destroy HER Property. Assault is when someone physically touches you in a manner that makes you feel threatened. No one should advocate his actions even if she was annoying and insulting him.
Grace Pottermore
I feel like unless it was HER plan for the burglary no, she should not be charged. No one knew that he was armed and no one planned for it. She should be charged for burglary but not murder. The man Shouldn't be charged either, he was defending himself. What would of happened if he wasn't armed. Yeah. That's how I feel about the burglary one.

Ricegum on the other hand is being ridiculous! There was NO need to be violent in that situation. Like he said, If you cant take insults when you've been insulting someone than don't do it. The diss tracks are terrible and the was an actual CRIME in this story! (I'm not saying the other ones didn't have crime. OH, You know what I mean.) Vandalism is extremely overlooked in this story.
Casper Alexander
Here's the thing: her story has stayed completely solid it hasn't change. But his has. In every interview Ricegum has done his story has changed
The27th Lotte
Rice gum is disgusting. Any one who hurts another human being for saying something. Dont be afraid to speak out. It doesn't matter what they say, dont hurt some one becuase they say something that offends you. Gabie should be able to talk to someone and not get hit.
lucy belieber
I reckon she was trying to annoy him, she obviously found it funny at the time. then he didn't like it trying to stop her from filming him for snapchat. I'm not even a massive fan of either of them but she was joking about his career, he does diss tracks all the time and gets money for it (and they're quite good). Her joking about ghost writers isn't funny because I'm sure that rice is proud of the effort etc that he's put in them.
Arisen Leaf comment inspector
These fuck boy and fuck girl viners are fucking YouTube in the ass.
Arisen Leaf comment inspector
Fake news for the naked dudes
Rice gum just should have said; "Can you delete the video please?"
It was wrong for gabbie to record ricegum after he said no. It was wrong for ricegum for smashing her phone. They both are in the wrong.
if you check this other youtubers vid and he was at the party, he said none of that "assault" happened
Nova Lee
I think Ricegum (who I'd never heard of until now) took it too far when she was clearly just trying to make a joke about the situation and have some fun. I bet if he had actually excepted the rap battle or told her to take a rain check on it, that he really could have made something great with. It seems that he has a fragile ego and that he lashes out at people instead of just taking a joke in stride. I think it's good that Gabbie posted those videos as evidence, even though it was without his permission. It's good he gave her money to replace her phone, at the very lease he amended for that. But I think he should apologize for being physical, when he clearly didn't need to be. The longer this goes on the more it's going to show that he's in the wrong, especially because Gabbie reworded her statement so that it would be more accurate.
he has a a right to protect his property and yeah it was 3 against one, did people prefer that the victim died/got robbed and the felons got away?
David Eastwood
Is that a Frank Underwood imitation?
In my country we aren't even allowed to hit the burglars when they are in your home. You can't defend yourself.
Lilly Azura
Dude I love Louie CK
Pepe Is Our Lord And Savior
I am very glad that those kids got shot dead but the getaway driver shouldn't have murder charges
Sippin Clorox
i mean look at her nose you could see that she's been lying 😂😂 pinochio
Giovanny Lopez
her snapchat got leaked and it shows her saying in a video that he twisted her arm and scratched her and there was a bystander who saw everything and he says that ricegum only threw her phone at the floor bc she was recording him when he told her to stop several times
I think he was more so pissed off because she's talking about ghost writers when she steals jokes. Not because she was getting in his face. Because of her pure hypocrisy and stupidity.
Phillip Castillo
Have you guys thought about unionizing to stand up to YouTube demonetization policy?
Shlomo Shunn
Sarah Taylor: >"It's not illegal being recorded in a public place (a birthday party)"

Was the party outside in a public park on on a public sidewalk. Or was it in a PRIVATE home or club?

>"Breaking her phone/property is illegal"

Proof that he did that?

>"He could have just said, "Not really the time or place. "

He did. She, having a vagina, figured she could do what she FELT like.

> "Plenty of people saw RiceGum get aggressive."

Did they see her not back off after being told to FOUR FUCKING TIMES?
WemzeKai Gaming
Is this Alex from the stupid nigger Keem thing?
Kiondre Dorsey
Ricegum is quick as hell to anger.......thats not good and that's dangerous
Nyah Taylor
He has really calm eyes
Diablo Rico
It annoys me so much when people say that having less gun laws will just make more criminals armed. That's not true, chicago has the most and strictest gun laws in america and has thousands of shootings, and some point it was estimated that 1 murder happened every day there. And states with less gun laws actually have less gun violence. Also a study showed that guns actually prevent potential crimes than they are used to cause them. There are way more murders done with knifes and hammers yet no one seems to want to put laws and restrictions on those
Brandon F.
A knife is lethal force. If someone pulls a knife on you, you are completely justified using lethal force to respond.
The same kind of case came up in the old city I lived in for work (Elkhart, IN) in which I believe the very same thing happened. There was a group that broke into someone's home and I believe they did have a few weapons with them. The homeowner fatally shot one of the individuals and I believe apprehended the remaining people until police arrived. They were tried and found guilty of murder for the death of the friend.
The NRA, while doesn't reflect at all the positions of gun owners, has the right attitude towards this subject. Where as smokers have been just pushed and pushed beyond that of personal freedoms and just accepted the abuse, the NRA just absolutely shuts down any nonsensical arguments. They know that it won't just stop with semi rifles, it'll be pushed and pushed until they too are ripped out from their country's rights. Just do 2 minutes of research on the AR-15 and you quickly realize that everything said about it on the media is just BS.
Laura Harris
Honestly no one can defend RiceGum in any way
1. Instead of smashing Gabbie's phone he could of walked away or some shit.
2. He was at a YouTuber's party so it's not a public place it was a private place.
3. Everyone in that party saw him get aggressive so Gabbie has witnesses.
4. After the whole incident RiceGum never said sorry but did write a song about fat shamming Gabbie all because she made a ghost rider joke.
Rice is a bitch no lie.
Alyson Walz
OKAY this is old but if gabby were to leave bruises and attack ricegum y'all would scream #GIRLPOWER and praise her ...???
Bruce l
I don't support anyone getting physical with anyone, however that does NOT mean that I support her actions that lead to this altercation either.
Gabbie Show is hot af
The secret link was soooooo cuteeeeeeee
wait so ricegum makes a living out of not only harassing people and posting shit about them without their permission, but also getting his rabid fanbase on board with harassing people, and calls it "joking". but when gabbie records him and makes a joke, he flips the fuck out like an impish child having a tantrum? and his fans defend that nonsense by saying she "harassed" him? no. you don't get to make a career out of harassing people, and enjoy someone who has made their career out of harassing people, then get all sensitive when the shit backfires.
I don't hate/love ricegum or gabbie, but defending his actions lacks logic. most of the people defending him are blinded by their adoration of him. she may have provoked him, but number 1 that asshole provokes just about everyone and thinks it's funny, and number 2 that doesn't give him the right to legitimately assault her and destroy her fucking property. hell if I could assault anyone who has provoked me I'd take every opportunity to do so. but we can't do that because we're supposed to be civilized, not act like crazed baboons.
karkitty meow
i love this show, i was so confused on the YouTube drama so i came here for clarification on this drama, and i got unbiased clarification. unlike other places. continue what your doing ily show so much! can always come here for unbiased information. ^-^
Music Geek Gaming OwO
Yes, Gabbie was getting in his face and joking. But Ricegum said "Don't record me if I don't want to be recorded. I have smashed multiple peoples phones."

Does he realize by admitting that he can actually go to jail for multiple cases of destruction of property. He also has to pay for the phone, deal with probably being sued ect.
Pepper spray solves all yo problems and you can damn well quote me on that
8:38 you made me spit out my drink dixk head
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