HUGE Accusations Against Top YouTuber Blows Up, But Is Someone Lying?

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Figgy Scatter Bug
He couldn't have said it better about the rice gum and gabbie show situation
Angel Face

your intro is horrible
She probably should not have taken videos on her Snapchat (where probably many people can see) she could've just asked him without the camera like she was trying to prove herself or something lol. Who knows he could have or could have not hit her or whatever. At least he had the decency to pay for her phone.
Lindsey Green
great video, i just found you from gabby!
I agree with you on the home defense part but I do think it's a bit too far for the getaway driver to be charged with murder. Robbery, yes--even if it failed. But murder? Hell no. I'd (probably) understand and kinda agree IF the homeowner/homeowner's son was the one who got murdered but it was her own peers. I disagree.
This is my opinion. Both rice gum and the gabby show are bad youtubers in my opinion and I don't support either one of them. I just want to see who was right and who was wrong. Like gabbie is over dramatic and rice gum can't back up what he says and take it IRL. Both these channels should be off YouTube and should have ads pulled on their vids!
Paige Stevens
I completely agree with you about everything from the robbery although I am pro gun control for the simple fact that I think there should be more background checks on people. A lot of people feel this way that are pro gun control. a lot of us don't want to take the guns from the responsible people but some people should not have one.
Rebecca Minnich
He did overreact it seems. He could have easily just walked away, because that's the adult thing to do. Seriously. If you can't handle what you dish out, just leave.
dam her nose is biggggg
touch my car, touch my house, me or my family you will be leaving in a box full of lead, fuck those kids
Ben Lewis
I personally think Gabi is a fucking liar. She just wants attention.
Elizabeth B
"Prevents someone from being victimized" way do victim blame....
I think she is responsible for their deaths, but perhaps she should be charged with manslaughter instead of murder.
heyineedalife pleaseibegyou
i remember i watched IT when i was roughly 8 years old (I am now 14) and I really love it like idk if I was 8 but I was so intrigued with the movie, so to know that theres going to be a remake of it makes me so happy, ngl I think the original pennywise looks scarier than the new one
Fuck, I'd sell my virginity for 2 million £.
Nicholas Monroe
Ricegum and Gabbie: when you look at a topic you immediately get flushed with biest options you see a guy that's mocks woman (not always comedy is subjective) and you see a viner that is involved with scandals as stealing jokes. When there isn't video prof or actual eye witnesses coming on twitter or making a video talking about the subject it always seems like it happened but didn't at the same time. It seems like yes the starting point did happen and the end too but the middle is fuzzy and unable to make clear on how things led up
Melissa Peters
I am new to this channel and have watched a few videos and have agreed with everyone of them. Defiantly subbing
Latched Abyss
My home is the one place in this entire world where I should be able to feel safe. If three assholes break into my house with weapons, you can be GOD DAMNED SURE that I will not hesitate to end your life. I won't be happy about it. I won't enjoy it. But, I will do it. If you threaten me or my friends or my family for your greed, fuck you. Fuck you straight to hell. If you come to my door and ask for help, I will do whatever I can to help you, but if you break into my home with the intent to steal or harm, you deserve what's coming.
RiceGum's a piece of shit so don't really have a high opinion of him anyway. Not going to convict him of this until there's more information though.
I'm such a sissy it's 2am and I was watching this video in my kitchen with just the stove light on and the moment he said the ring and showed the DVD cover, I was like nope nope nope, got up and went to my room to snuggle with my blankets
Tamaki Suoh
I personally really don't like guns. Statistics don't support the good guys with guns motif. That being said I would never attack someone who was able to defend themself against threats. Even if the robbers were not armed I can understand a kid afraid of people in his house with ill intentions and needing to defend himself. They were armed, they were on his property, they had seriously ill intentions and that kid cannot handle that situation any differently. In this scenario the victim should be able to say "kill or be killed" because he had no idea ehat could bexome of him and the threat to his safety. He had every right especially when it's his life or theirs. I'm not happy that they died much like Phillip said, but they put themselves into that situation. Whether they deserved something that harsh or not is out of anyone's hands because they made themselves a threat. As for the girl driving the car, in my observation of people the driver has usually is the least involved, they are usually persuaded to drive. Unless they get out of the car and do the dirty work themselves they can't be responsible for the death of their constituents. Those boys put themselves in that scenario and even though she physically got them to the location of the crime and was planning on taking them away from that location, they still went into that house of their own will and made the choice to continue with the crime. She cannot be held responsible for their deaths, by all means charge her with all crimes related, and taking place by her partners but do not make their deaths her fault because they aren't. Their deaths are their own fault. Though I don't like to sympathize with criminals she most likely feels bad enough about their deaths blaming her for them and charging her with them is cruel. My contribution is all opinion so please feel free to disagree. My opinion only matters as much as your's does.
Jeff Oh
I'm 100% for felony murder charges.
RobdoB 601
Sophie Kluckow
See that was an actually good explanation of what happed with Rice and Gabbie.
Quo Tanzient
I guess DeFranco is a laptop gangsta getting in business that's not his own... if somebody calls DeFranco out in real life? lol
Quo Tanzient
the bitch caused whatever, if anything happened... end of story.
They broke into someone's home and died? Fuck em, their own fault.
KaCo Karla
I had never even heard of the gabbie show until this incident. They're both highly overrated IMO.
See her snapchats I can already tell she's a bitch on youtube and a bitch in real life. The douche looked like he was too fucked up to deal with her. If this wasn't an SJW world, she would be glad that her phone was all that was broken. She acted like an asshole, got dealt like an asshole and then complained when she was given equality. That's the fucked society we live in.
Just from what I've seen, ricegums video about gabby was such an asshole dick move. It's great she didn't just take it & stood up for herself, but the way she retaliated at the party could have been handled so much better. However, if ricegum resorted to physical violence in order to damage personal property that is NOT acceptable. I do not know these people or have ever watched their content, so I have a fairly unbiased opinion about this. It does look like he did break her phone, I see no reason why he would have sent her money at the time he did otherwise, which leads me to believe some sort of altercation did happen. Taking all this info into account gabbys evidence seems pretty reliable. Yet who knows, some of it could have very well been fabricated.. At this point it's just her word against his. We weren't there, don't know these people, & all we can really go off of is the information given. To be honest, I think we should mind our own business about this really, this is between them.

(take my opinion with a grain of salt. Like i said, I've never watched either of them before & personally dont know them, so I cant help but feel like I dont really have the right to even have an opinion on this in the first place,,)
In my Stress and Coping class, we talked about how men and women deal with stress differently. Obviously Gabbie thought it was a good idea seeking social support through social media sites after the encounter, because women tend to do that, "Tend & Befriend" theory. And men stick to the traditional "Fight or Flight," which Rice did, in a rather violent way from Gabby's point of view. He used direct problem-focused methods to deal with his stressor (Gabbie and her Snapchatting), which are getting rid of the phone and leaving the scene after that.

As a neutral third party hearing both sides of the story, I understand that both have some preconceived impressions of the other party before meeting in person. Those impressions definitely affected how they handled the actual in-person encounter (got off the wrong foot). It was not a very ideal setting for them to meet in-person for the first time. From the video at the party, Rice seems to be under the influence. He was impatient, and just wanted to extricate himself from the Gabbie situation. Gabbie on the other hand, just wanted a casual, fun first in-person encounter with this guy who talked shit about her. She had good intentions, but they were not delivered to Rice. Rice thought Gabbie was mal-intended. I believe it truly was a case of miscommunication (what the "kid" said to Gabbie through text).

Let us consider how each side tells their story after the incident. Gabbie stressed on the violent behaviors of Rice, in the process of him trying to get her phone. Rice stressed that all he did was grabbed her phone and smashed it, then left. Both are in fact telling the truth. However, telling the story from their point of view, they may have left out some details on purpose or unintentionally, because feelings come before logic. Gabbie wanted us to know that she was upset, then told us why. Rice also wanted to tell us that he was upset, and reasons for that.

I want you guys to know that I am a woman, and if I was Gabbie I would have done shit ton worse than how she handled, and acted and felt more upset, AND way more dramatic. I summed up the points above from knawledge I learned from class and real life experience, mostly fighting with my boyfriend. It isn't hard for us to see the truth as an outsider, but it is hard to listen to the other side and let ideas get across before denying their words. This is a lot of what's going on in political views and social factions. People get so triggered so easily over nothing, getting offensive/defensive when logic fails on their side. Please be sensible and educated, by listening to others and what they have to say. We are modern and civilized people. Communication is key.
Lightning Specter
$2mil for hot a virgin sounds like a better deal than a whore with probable disease on tinder lol

those wind/solar panel company are soo buthurt. that technology isnt that great or reliable anyways.
then say think about the planet lol. get rid of nuclear power plant or find better ways to clean radiation from nuclear power plants, get rid of any radiological weapon. replace every gas fuelled car with hydrogen fuel car. you know just a start about thinking about the planet

stay awesome
(inb4 haters)
I live in Texas and support defending you self at all cost but their is still accountability. I don't know the laws in OK but gunning down all 3 seems suspicious with any firearm other than a handgun I doubt anyone would try to rush someone who's armed. maybe he could have held them at gunpoint or scared them off but he saw an opportunity to kill and took it, who knows, people actually think that way.
Katie Dykhouse

This is an interesting other side of the United flight story. It brings up some valid points. (I am not, in any way, advocating for either side. I'm just playing devil's advocate here with different perspectives.)
Anthony E.
The NY Times is biased, any first year college student knows that if they ever had to research a paper, CNN is also biased they are not academically accredited and professors will dock points for those sources if they are the only two you use on an assignment.
Ricegum is just a bastard that lies and changes his story. But, that's my opinion and if you believe Ricegum I'll probably silently hold a grudge. I do believe Gabbie and I'll stand by her.
Chloe Schmidt

Read more
Danielle Mosley
I find this highly suspicious a room full of youtubers and nobody caught this on film?
Liv Fossum
Im still scared of clowns TODAY, after seeing IT once. I cant even look at the actor.. Nor look at a clown in general.
WHAT?! Unbelievable!!
what a lone ass depressing party
Brody Parker
the only thing i got from this video is that chick has a massive nose
Ricegum isn't an angel himself.
Melanie Estes
Gabby has had to back track and change her story over and over.
Not a fan of either of them but you know she has made a lot of $
Fuck you Ricegum. You are a piece of shit. You manhandled a woman. She is not even a bitch. She is the sweetest YouTuber ever. I have never met her personally, but you need to shut the fuck up about her. She did no harm to you. I will NEVER subscribe. Have a nice day and go fuck yourself Mr. Ricegum
Ervis Vlora
I didn't believe her when she first said, and i still do not believe her now. If she has a case all she has to do is go to the police and they can verify if he did indeed do all of those horrible things to her. As for her getting in his face, she did do just that. She tried to punk him while recording him for attention and she did get attention. Maybe not the kind she was hoping for but she did get it. Now until i see a video or a police report confirming Rice Scums fingerprints on her i say fk em both.
Pink-fluffy-unicorns Dancing-on-rainbows
Him killing the burglars was justified as self defence, he shouldn't receive hate because are you saying 3 people who had intention to steal and harm are worth more than an innocent young man? They put theirselves in that situation and sorry but they deserved it. It sounds far right but seriously if your gonna put yourself in such and ILLEGAL situation realise all the risks including death.
First degree murder seems like a stretch. There was no intent. Involuntary manslaughter makes more sense
If it involves ricegum it's fake by default right?
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