HUGE Accusations Against Top YouTuber Blows Up, But Is Someone Lying?

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Alyson Walz
OKAY this is old but if gabby were to leave bruises and attack ricegum y'all would scream #GIRLPOWER and praise her ...???
Bruce l
I don't support anyone getting physical with anyone, however that does NOT mean that I support her actions that lead to this altercation either.
Gabbie Show is hot af
The secret link was soooooo cuteeeeeeee
wait so ricegum makes a living out of not only harassing people and posting shit about them without their permission, but also getting his rabid fanbase on board with harassing people, and calls it "joking". but when gabbie records him and makes a joke, he flips the fuck out like an impish child having a tantrum? and his fans defend that nonsense by saying she "harassed" him? no. you don't get to make a career out of harassing people, and enjoy someone who has made their career out of harassing people, then get all sensitive when the shit backfires.
I don't hate/love ricegum or gabbie, but defending his actions lacks logic. most of the people defending him are blinded by their adoration of him. she may have provoked him, but number 1 that asshole provokes just about everyone and thinks it's funny, and number 2 that doesn't give him the right to legitimately assault her and destroy her fucking property. hell if I could assault anyone who has provoked me I'd take every opportunity to do so. but we can't do that because we're supposed to be civilized, not act like crazed baboons.
karkitty meow
i love this show, i was so confused on the YouTube drama so i came here for clarification on this drama, and i got unbiased clarification. unlike other places. continue what your doing ily show so much! can always come here for unbiased information. ^-^
Music Geek Gaming OwO
Yes, Gabbie was getting in his face and joking. But Ricegum said "Don't record me if I don't want to be recorded. I have smashed multiple peoples phones."

Does he realize by admitting that he can actually go to jail for multiple cases of destruction of property. He also has to pay for the phone, deal with probably being sued ect.
Pepper spray solves all yo problems and you can damn well quote me on that
8:38 you made me spit out my drink dixk head
No Fucks Given
Gabbie's faker then my girlfriend..who doesn't exist.
OK if a guy had put a phone in a woman's face and started calling her out and she grabbed your arm and wrenched you phone out of your hand and broke it, everyone would be saying he shouldn't be recording her without her permission like that. Feminists would be saying she was some sort of hero.
m e
If you break into someone's home, sucker punch them or try to rape or kidnap them. Once you try any of those things you have hand your life to the victim and if they decide to take it, They are within their rights because you have put them in a life or death situation they did not agree to.
Jim McCambridge
why cant people when recording videos on their phone, just turn it round the proper way, does the world need a massive training course on how to turn your phone the right way? then no need for blanking out the screen with fancy graphics?
Eric Dundas
Phil says pro-gun stuff. While the robbers had unidentifiable weapons and could've had a gun he should've aimed for the feet or hands. Training people (civilians) to shoot for the feet would be ok with me
Thomas Pilkington
Gabbie was right
Lauren Kendall
If what Gabbie said it true or not (personally I believe her) but Rice gum could have way more mature about the situation
Unknown Person
I think it is RIDICULOUS about the if you are there with the person who gets murdered helping to do a crime it is your fault as well.TELL ME did she kill him? No.Did she manipulate him on killing him?No.But it was his choice on robbing or trying to rob this house he put himself as well as the other 2 boys there.I see that the gun is used a self defense.The robbers have weapons, so in return it is a threat, depending on the situation.If the items where not out than i guess they weren't a threat.But besides that they try to ROB someone's HOUSE. They did this to them selves, the person with the gun should not be charged of defending himself.
perhaps she shouldnt be done for murder but maybe manslaughter?
I don't feel like Gabbie has any reason to lie. He put his hands on her, he broke her phone, and acted like a child. Don't get mad when people confront you for talking shit about them. Gabbie was just joking and he can't take what he ditches out when he is approached. I agree maybe it wasn't the right setting but it was obvious she was just joking. And for them to say, "Youtubers were doing things that they didn't want filmed." lmfao um, maybe you should be re-evaluating your life and the only person she got on camera was him, there was no one else in the frame.
I left a like because I'm pro gun and home defense.. I don't want to be taken hostage and possibly killed
I feel the driver should be charged with reckless endangerment and maybe accessory to manslaughter (if that's real???).
Dallon Weekes is my religion
Oh my god why did you have to use at picture of gabby as the thumbnail she looks ugly as shit.
Regan Trage
If this really happened, I don't think he should have been physically aggressive to her. Imo, the only time you should ever hit someone is if they swing first. Otherwise, you're just an asshole in my book. Especially if you're hitting someone smaller than you 🙄 control your anger, man.
Kyle Matthews
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha your opening killed me man!!!!!!!!!!!!! "you beautiful bastards". I've seen you before in other videos and i like you, this is the first time I've watched one of yours. liked the whole video but i have to admit the sub came from the opening
Do stupid things, get stupid results. You break into someone's home, it doesn't matter if YOU are armed or not. It matters if I feel MY life or my family's life is threatened. If someone breaks in, I definitely feel my life is threatened. I don't know if I agree about the getaway driver getting murder charges. The other charges... yes. The murder, no. I think those guys are responsible for their own life and death situation in that context.
I 100% agree with the homeowner shooting someone to protect themself and their property. I myself have said if someone tries to come onto my property i will have a loaded gun on my side
andrew davis
the oklahama story all he needed tonkill was one they would have run only pro gun people can say its ok to kill 3 people
andrew davis
so wait FIRST ricegum HIT her. THEN he twisted her arm and so on bulllllshiiiittttt
Matthew Head
After watching it, I hated clowns for years. ugh.
Dean Mathieson
isnt it illegal to film someone with out their permission, if its on private property
David Lampone
I've always thought of ricegum as a piece of shit so I wouldn't be surprised if his pussy ass had to resort to violence
Bob Anderson
I think rice makes his money off mocking people and talking shit but he is a bitch boy who can't take it himself! In your words a "laptop gangster" he is a puss and to man handle a girl and break her phone is a bitch move!
Noticemesempai Lol
I don't really believe either of them

But I feel like he did slap her phone out and maybe push her

But "grab me and twisted my arm and pinned me down"
ahmed amr
tbh i am on gabbie's side
It's so weird to me that the date on the paper newspapers is 2008! We have advanced so quickly in the realm of technology, it's nearly unbelievable
1. I think RiceGum did get rough, but I don't think he got violent and I don't actually think he broke her phone intentionally even if it was her fault.
2. Taking a girl out to dinner and whatnot just to get laid is the same concept, but with a lesser success rate.
3. It made perfect sense and I agree 100%.
She got what she deserved. People in 2017 don't need to take that amount of shit from anybody, and if you want to test somebody's patience, get ready for the consequences.
Matthew Roberts
I thought it was pretty obvious she was lying, changed the story up way too much, first he hit her then he was just man handling her, first she had bruises then she had scratches, come on now. Ricegum said it himself, she over exaggerates and lies all the time which everyone knows, so telling you she just wants people to know what happened and not doing it for attention is exactly what someone would say if they want the attention and not the hate.
Tourette's Majestic
I think Laptop Gangster is my new favourite insult
Kendra Garcia
I completely agree that that boy had every right to defend himself and he shouldn't receive charges. The second amendment says we have the right to bare arms, we have the right to have guns and we should be able to use them in order to protect ourselves.
I agree with you on the gun issue Phil. What baffles me is why the woman is being charged with murder when she didn't even pull the trigger.
If you abuse people, you don't deserve a defense. You are a disgusting piece of trash. Period.
I watched IT as a kid and ever sense I have been scared of clowns
Leda Janssen
I think that this shows the fragility of those who bash others. they take their pain out on others because they can't take it themselves. they want to appear tough so no one can bash you back.
Ash Love
She likely won't be charged. Because in a case of felony murder, most states do not uphold the charge if the person(s) killed was/were co-felons. It's called a justifiable homicide.
Nicholas Peregrin
If she wanted to fight so bad, she should've prepared herself to fight. She was clearly provoking a fight and then cries victim when it actually happens.
Ruthless Angel
I fucking hate clowns like I cried in class cause they ( students ) kept on shoving pictures of " scary " clowns in my face and my art teacher had to calm me down for 15 min
IRE and Woe
Ok so I know this is an old video, you're wrong about the ar15. What he had was a semi auto ar15, they also come in full auto but those are only legal in some states and there are a shit ton of hoops to jump through to get any full auto weapon. Also the M16 is a military adaptation of the ar15, they are pretty much the same exact gun. Both of them can be bought in semi auto, such as the ar15 that was used during the robbery.
Fridge_ ninja
When Gabby said Drop a beat bitch I'll murder you it almost died.😂
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