HUGE Accusations Against Top YouTuber Blows Up, But Is Someone Lying?

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Philip DeFranco
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grace broschard
i respect you beyond words
cassy pepe
the longer that chick is in jail, the less trouble she is going to get herself in. Maybe it'll teach her a lesson.
I don't like Ricegum nor Gabbie. Both annoying Youtubers who do anything they can for money tbh lmao.
Ruhina Shaikh
I don't get why people said she stole jokes, most of them she started it off on vine and also everyone reuses jokes who doesn't, jokes aren't supposed to be a serious thing unless you're a stand up comedian who uses jokes to make a career out of
You should play destiny with your dad and post it on one of your channels!
Erin Layser
She should not be charged with those murders but everything else is ok
Jacob Perez
I don't know how I feel about you giving an opinion on the matter until all the facts are in play. This video paints a picture that is biased on the side of Gaby since you have yet to hear from Ricegum's side. When you start talking about your opinion on if Ricegum is going to talk shit online then he needs to be able to take it in real life as well without resorting to violence implies that you believe he resorted to violence when there has been no proof of that yet. That said, please don't misconstrue this comment as me being on Ricegum's side. I am simply on this channel's side--in the sense that I want it to remain about the facts, ALL the facts.
he was probably just stoned on that couch and wanted to be alone but she wouldn't leave him alone
Russell White
I wouldn't put it past Ricegum but I would want a little more evidence, either way though I think the guy is a sniveling little troll and I really, really want to see iDubbbz do a content cop on him, seing him try to "battle" with Ian would make my day and be an exercise in futility for Ricegum.
Lita Nicole Stovall
If someone breaks into your home you have every right to shoot them I guarantee you they wouldn't think twice about hurting you and in this case they had weapons to hurt people who lived in that house " he can live with himself knowing he killed 3 kids" I bet he can live with knowing he protected himself & his family shit I would you break into my house it's my life or yours and I'm not about to be the one to die
Amakaydala LadyRed
ummm... RiceGum was totally wasted and this... girl was turned down more than three times.... I dont follow her but from what I have witnessed... not only for..her... but what I seen.. she is just another butt hurt turned down...lying, gold dogging daddy's girl.. he was clearly fuxked up and told her twice to fuck off in a nice drunken way.. coming from a fat chick...gabby is an asshole..
Lily Wolf
Ricegum needs to grow up just a bit or quit going out in public. If he broke her phone and admits it, then he is not in control of his actions. And the old "that girl was in my face and would not stop" starts to sound suspiciously like "she deserved it" and that is NEVER okay. Point to Gabbie. He needs to learn to stay in control. That is what real men do.
lanie smith
Never heard of these people. YouTube is high school on the internet
bitch seems crazy how do you have no witnesses when you are clearly in a room full of people?
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
ok. I was watching this video 8 hours ago and fell asleep. But autoplay was on and according to my history, my phone played 25 videos and ended up on zoellas channel hahah
Mike b
Its a proven fact that criminals do less crime once shot dead.. its your home defend it if its not your home dont force enter simple
David Lee
factory fresh. nice
Ela Stantz
why wouldn't you shoot people who have broken into your home and could kill you? I would. Would it scar me for the rest of my life that someone died at my hands? Yes. But at the same time, if someone has broken into my home where I am supposed to be most safe and I am by myself and scared for my life how can you say I am not supposed to protect myself? What was he supposed to do, ask them not to rob his home please? He didn't know what or why they were there.
i think she shoul be held accountable for the minors, not the 18 year old
Venessy M
wtf isn't her selling her virginty called prostitution ? it seriously is
I don't really think what Ricegum did was okay, but Gabbie is also in the wrong here. She reminds me of a bully I had back in primary school. She was clearly trying to get a reaction from him for her own entertainment, or because she wanted attention. That's what they always did to me, they would keep provoking me until I gave them a reaction that they liked. You make a good point that if Ricegum can throw disses online he should be able to take it in person, but I can sympathise with him here because I know what it feels like when you're in a confrontational social situation. It's hard when you don't have the time to think about what to say and there's the pressure of everyone watching you. It makes you so angry, and since you can't say anything you just snap and resort to using actions instead. Plus, Gabbie doesn't even look that hurt, and he paid her back for the phone. She can take it. Female dog.
Ted, Just Admit It
Hey eyebrows are ridiculous.
Lucy McGhee
Hell I'd punch her too
That burglary case situation was used in csi or law and order. Exactly the same. *sigh. Young people suck.
Payton Ansleigh
Ricegum was wrong and is actual trash.
andrew miller
i don't think the girl should have been charged for murder but the home owner shouldn't have either
Millie Twist
Dayum, this was really good. He is very good.
Driton Jashari
in my Top 10 youtubers that i Hate Philip is the first one
Like if it is yours too
Both are in the wrong, Gabbie shouldn't have gotten in his face and if gabbie got manhandled that was very WRONG regardless of gender it doesn't matter don't hit people
Athea Walker
I'm only a kid so you can friendly tell me I'm wrong for some reason, but I am pro guns. I feel like if you have a weapon in your house you can be more secure from burglary and other crimes. I feel it is a right for any man or woman to have house hold weapon, or multiple. Say this, I do not think people should tell people, or if you're younger, boast about having a gun or weaponry in general. Guns, in my opinion, should be a last resort, you should have one to be safe, but unlike a hunting or shooting practice guns, self defense guns are dangerous. Again, use them as a last resort, like there is an armed burgler in you house with the intention of hurting people or damaging property.
michelle dutch
if you turn physical in real life because you can only take shit online. you just look like a twat.
Adames Life
When RiceGum is kind of an asshole who roast people so you can't take his side , but your also unsure about Gabby because she does seem like the exaggerative type. 🤷🏻‍♀️ She shouldn't have approached him like that, but that still isn't a valid reason for what he did. He could of walked away.
Miranda Cooper
they're both dumb as shit lol.
Shayanna Love
I'm surprised no one mentioned the fact that she was the only adult in the OK case. I mean, legally your an adult at 18, but people aren't usually making adult-like decisions at that age (I know I wasn't). The question is, WHY they decided to break into the guy's home and if she was a major part of the decision making process. If yes (which I'm totally sure she convinced them to do the B&E), then hit her with the murder charges.
If not, manslaughter.
She had a hand in it, whether people would like to admit it or not.
bob steve
Gabby and Ricegum are both assholes in this situation
Erika Randolph
what scratches??? like for real.. also he replaced her phone because no matter what happened you broke property. my thing is yes he roasts and yes she does drama but both must take what they diss. she's stupid. he stupid. this whole thing is stupid.
i believe Gabbie 100%
Mango Wolf
HAHA i get sex for free, people that pay are just being used in my opinion. They must have a money spending fetish? Idk... Pretty sad if you ask me.
Dummies do dumb things. Thanks dummies, for providing me with dumb things to waste my time on; like a dummy.
Matthijs K.
the woman that drove the car should be in charged
Just Grace
No, I don't feel like the murder charge is fair. Sure the burglary charges yeah she was a criminal in that sense.
But she had no hand in their murder. She was an accomplice for the criminals. She was not the one who killed them!

And also I agree. It's ridiculous that it's even debatable whether the guy who shot the kids is guilty. He defended himself and his home, regardless of the type of gun. We have rights to protect ourselves. Who knows what could have happened him if he didn't defend themselves.
And sure I'm sad that three lives were taken, but if you're going to break into someone's house you have to be prepare for what's to come. Just saying.
Leedle Beatle
I think the kid had every right to defend his home the way he did. If someone were to break into my home, I would grab mah gun, call the cops, let the intruders know that I'm armed and calling the cops and possibly issue a warning shot, and if they don't leave, well they gone die. If I don't have time for that plan, if it comes down to it they're getting shot. I'm sorry, but you come into my home, especially armed, with the intent to harm and/or rob me, unfortunately I'm not going to think twice about it.

I heard once that if someone breaks in during the day when everyone is likely to be gone, then the person(s) just want your shit, but if they break in at night when everyone is likely to be home, then they want to harm someone, and that makes perfect sense in my head.

As far as the getaway driver being charged with murder, I don't know that I agree with that. I think she should definitely be charged because she was a co-conspirator, but I don't think she should be charged for murder, especially if she wasn't the mastermind in the first place. I'm not sure about that one, I think it depends, but in this case it doesn't sit well with me.
Phil, please, i have been watching your show for over 3 years... enought of the idiot youtube drama. I couldn't give 2 cents about what some little kid did or did not do to another little kid for some youtube views. Just saying, I hope you focus more on real news and events in the world, instead of silly infantile youtube feuds.
Ella Jane
She shouldn't have lied about him hitting him you're biased
A mouse's Life
I feel the home owners son had every right to shoot the kids. While he could have shot them in a place to where they wouldn't die but that was simply self defense. Also, the get away drive should be charged for murder as well because she is the person who was suppose to get those kids out of the house safe. She is slightly responsible for their death!!
The venmo is an admission of guilt 100%. Fuck him.
I Love the original It... I'm hard on remakes but, like you, I am optimistic for this new one. I do enjoy the actor who is playing the new Pennywise, so here is hoping!
Mmc Turner
i just realized you really like plaid.
Caroline Spoerke
I'm sorry but Gabbie seems annoying. You can't get in people's faces like that and expect them to like you or do what you want them to do.
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