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Exclamation Point
Fuckk you youtube dont flag me as a spammy bitch!
Fun Ghoul Cass
pewd's but norway and sweden were apart of a period of time-
uh uh Can i be moderator,
Pewd's I've loved you forever and I feel you are the best, i know you are (screw the profile pic sorry pewds)
PewDiePie deserves the best in his life and he deserves everything he works for, the haters are clearly jealous because PewDiePie you WORKED hard for where you are now. And we love you <3 I know you wont see this and you probably dont care about me, knowing nobody does, if you see this I just want you to know i love you and you are the KING of youtube <3
- that random asshole named Cass
Aqua _themlgpro
deenen gaming/ clash royale
Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back with 5 accounts
Amey Jadhav
Look at this kazoo kid without beard😂😂😂
Randall Carroll
when he acknowledges negative comments, all it does is feed fuel to the fire. kinda like when Jackepticeye said if his videos could help someone be happy and not kill themselves, all of the sudden thousands of people started saying they wanted to commit suicide. almost as if they just wanted him to notice them, which is pathetic. almost as pathetic as someone begging for others to like their comment. but anyways please like this comment or I'll kill myself!
newest first
I wanna be a moderator
Zachary Djelouah
Hahahah I fucking love the mgs 5 soundtrack. I love the speech of miller. Why are we still here?
Zachary Djelouah
Hahahah I fucking love the mgs 5 soundtrack. I love the speech of miller. Why are we still here?
:P pewdiepie i hues this is gr8 about u: ur a slut. and i am a very sexy potato
before i would be like "why is pewdiepie loved so much, like i understand people's opinions.. but whats so special about him?" i was a fucking idiot. based on what i said, im probably a fucking idiot. drown me in hate please
W0LF 484
Love your vids please continue been here since 12k and loved every vid. Idc about the moderator i care that you know your old fan base exist still.
kitty catse23
Sorry I know this is probably too late but this is why I'd like to be a moderator.

Because I hate seeing those comments. I love looking through the comments.... It really annoys me like I need to scroll down for ages to actually get to the comments.....
Why u kull norway My Boi IT is da best place 4 bad english My friend👌🏻
Freya Optomistic Dyslexic
Are moderates still a thing?
I is attractive
I respect whamen
I lived in Stockholm for a while
Did he just declare war on Norway
Why are we still subscribed? Just to hate? WTF??
Francis Wells
Örľogskapten! I hate spam comments
12 Kemkapocs
Da Bomb Turtle123
I is spam
Da Bomb Turtle123
Why pewdiepie pins random comments
Kreepy GamerOG
Poodiepie u got a bigger dick then jack septic eye make me moderator plzzzzzz #yolo
The_DB_Gamer 99
The beginning of that was like finding a old VHS tape of your parents having sex. At first you're curious, then you you get the feeling of shame and cringe. You're stuck between trying to look away but just want to see what happens next.
I want to be your Moderator because I am a tree.
2. You are so great that I respect you as a whamen and edit your streams with the chinese brad.
3. Ainsleys real name is Chefcook Nippletwister
4. I sexually identify as a tree demon, the anime girl is standing behind me
Thomas Sinclair
Chase Hummer
stoner meme. if you want to shine like the sun you gotta burn like the sun
I'm ParanoidSkye I'm hot and lit as fuck Ainsley Harriote boom get rekt make me Mod lol
The beginning of the video actually made me cry
Sutthipong Jaroensin
fuck shit
Ishan Games
Sup bros!! Subscribe to my channel for more amazing videos
Maynur Kafi
Elementalist Lux
this video still gets views weww
Rebeka Antal
0:50 melania trump confirmed
alex waddo
What happened to my moddiness?
Jamie Baker
Yeah I would do all that shit but I'm lazy so nah
Rayhan S
Dah Voice
Yo I'd help moderate for you bud, I don't know you but I like helping people XD
a name
Reason why I should be a moderator
1. I'm 8 months late
2. I report comments on a daily basis
4. I'm not retarded
5. I use the profile picture
pewdiepie im tierd of ur non memes ill unsub to u and ill invade sweden cuz I'm from norway but i still like ikea tho (heil me)
ali Hatem
Jackson Doodles
Örlogskaptein! I wanna be a moderator so I can help out my long time favorite youtuber! PEWDS, your hair be lit 👌Ainsley's real name is Ainsley von Strumnannführer! I- uh.... actually I wouldn't say my profile pic is hawt I'm just gonna... just gonna go... 😂
Ghazaan Vorsetrigger
the nudes one actually works..... don't ask.... but its a little disappointing coz its just one picture.....
StraightUp 4583
Bush did 911
King dream
you survived again pewds ^..^
Seth Sandager
The best thing is that if even just 10% of his subs wanted to be a part of a military run by pewidepie he'd still have 5.6 million soldiers
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