4th of July Speed Draw but I also talk about other stuff

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I hope you guys enjoy these little vlog videos. Thanks for watching!  
OK so a lot of people on ifunny DIDN'T PAY ATTENTION I got the account 'theodd1sout' back that's me! 
WeeGee Plays ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/WEEGEEPLAYS

Website ➤ http://tinyurl.com/za5gw22

Tumblr ➤ http://theodd1sout.tumblr.com

Facebook ➤ https://www.facebook.com/theodd1sout

Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/Theodd1sout

Tapastic ➤ https://tapastic.com/theodd1sout

SpyKid & Ocelot
i don't think you tubers should be qualified as you tubers until they are popular and need to make it full time
James: I post my comics on ALL forms of social media
Me: Oh my gosh yes!!! I might be getting a instagram soon!
James: But I do not post on instagram because they only have square photos

(this literally happened) 😂
But there all ugly rabbits :0
I can draw there outfits better then you cuz hamilton is all I draw
super gaming bros
I do make videos on my main channel but there is so little of them and on YouTube if you want subscribers well to bad, so many YouTuber problems don't apply to me
Shining Eclipse

"He used Blizzard as an example of how customer service should be."
(Austin Division)
Don't Belive me? He got his name in the credits of Overwatch so THERE.
Chosen GD

Kill me
yeah i know
I like watching leafy but 98% of his fans are cancerous
Ryan Finn
Damn, I was hoping he would have instagram
The Doctoress
i literally found james on pinterest.
0:39 That's exactly what happened when I saw one of your videos!
We need to talk about this Leafy thing XD

so many ppl hate him.
he isn't bad. I mean, ik his vids are not what ppl like
but still! don't kill me bye
pokemon smasher
plz subscribe too me
Thanks for clarifying the Instagram account
Zuessescat11 Gaming and vlogs
"Leafy Fans" that's the best joke I've ever heard
"But you'd be wrong..."

James... don't you mean...

Shadownight Mare554
My ROBLOX username is Weegee3d
eXafes Gaming
U can have more than one picture in the same on instagram
Carlos Carrizales
The odd 1's out is so funny and creative, keep doin what ya doin dude cuz u can make Someone's bad day into a good day 😊
Emster Kat
Who is Leafy? o^o
Broccoli Oli
Every. Single. Emoji:
Kids, don't try this at home. I'm a trained professional and it took me at least 15 minutes and a lot of boredom. At least I can now name every single emoji and then write a detailed story with them
I found the odd1sout because I was bored and I searched up subway and found his soubway vid so theodd1sout you got a subscriber because he was bored and searched up a restaurant 😄
Perfect potato
Wait what platform do you play overwatch on, James?
(Totally related to the video)
ZephaniahNoah Gaming
Someone stole my Instagram unsername too.
Dean Hafiz
At least he said wear your seatbelt.
Brooke Bruderer
i listen to your videos while doing homework and math
Me:who's leafy?
D: I have Instagram but not Twitter
MasonCella - DIYS,Vlogs,Tutorials, and MORE!
I used to live in Leafys neighborhood. You know, the one in Utah? Yeah... I live there. I'm now ashamed. DONT BE TRIGGERED LEAFY FANS!! That's just my opinion. Please respect that.
Marissa West
Well you can now post comics a lot easier with the slide pictures but it's still a pain
Nick Gameing
Leafy is quire
Mazy Flight
Don't place google! If there was no google there would be no YouTube so you better be happy!
he he :)... LETS BLOW STUFF UP YO!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohamad Osama
this moment when your birthday is on the 4th of July and a whole country celebrates it 😂😂😂
Fabio Stuber
who is leavy?
Iron Dimension
You're only level 5 on Overwatch? I'm both happy and disappointed.
Calhoun Weirdness
Hey james. Ive posted your comics on instagram (with all credit to you. sorry if you get offended ill take them down). all you have to do is seperate the comic segment by segment and post them all together in a collected post. you might know this already i just thought this might be helpful or something
Oz Man
You should make an instagram because of the swipe thing
Deathblossom 925
U play Overwatch!!!!!!!!!!!
R S Reked Stunts
They are Jelous
Darcy McKenzie
i hate leafy hardcore fans
awesomeness art aka pony boy
I'm a weirdo I eat Cheerios with hot cocoa powder
Richard Firsdon
You're freinds with weegee?
מאיה שדה
How do you make squares on SAI? I couldn't find out how... can you help me out?
Parker Detwiler
i hate leafy too
Parker Detwiler
who unliked this video
Jelsa 101
I understand how he feels with people stealing his stuff and someone pretending to be them cuz I had that before this person stole one of my edits and cropped my name out and out it as there profile pic as there own and didn't even ask for my permission or credit me and I can't remember how I found that person I just did and I even told my family and friends about that lol and one of my OLD friends she's not my mate anymore after this right cuz I told her my YouTube channel cuz she was my mate and she told one of my other friend that her channel was mine right here is how the conversation went
the guy friend: hey do you have a YouTube channel
my old mate: yeah
the guy friend: ok what's it called I'll subscribe
my old mate: it's Jelsa 101 please subscribe it will be good
the guy friend: oh right ok
and then he came and told me and I got so frustrated and walked up to her and said I'm not her friend anymore cuz she keeps lyeing to everyone
I was on ifunny from 2010-2016. I saw all this drama and never realized it was you.
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