4th of July Speed Draw but I also talk about other stuff

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I hope you guys enjoy these little vlog videos. Thanks for watching!  
OK so a lot of people on ifunny DIDN'T PAY ATTENTION I got the account 'theodd1sout' back that's me! 
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You're that youtuber that I found and binge watched lol
Jocelyn Ringler
I went on Instagram and so many people (including me) called him fake in the comments
Clarence Alexander
great title
Brusy ZeNinja
flippin' hamilton is why i am here.
The Great Gamer // Est. 2016
harry pal
you should make a let play
Tony Playz
Hi i'm Tony Playz! I also draw
Cael Williamson
#where ur seat belt!
(Credit theodd1sout)
dhruv girotra
youtube should at least have a service like supercell
Joshua Rodriguez
do over watch videos
The video game nerd
you keep me from killing my self
DoobsDoesArt ツ
Blue Pastel
You don't have a tick mark... Are you really James!!!!!!???????
Hey there, Emma!
Paper+Screen=Tradigital Tradigital=Art Art=Fun Fun=Happy Happy=Emoji Emoji= Digital Paper+Screen=Digital Digital= Tradigital Tradigital=

Nafi Napkin
I'm getting dizzy watching you draw
I wanna appreciate that this video was posted on the Day Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr had their duel back in 1804
I was born on the 4 of July
Shibe in a hat
Wats ur overwatch name
Leafy has fans?
I hate imposters
nicholas stanton
ok i would go to the guys chananal but vid games are just so fucking stupid and a wast of time and money and i hate all vid games no mater what thay are
PizzaCake Cookie
that title was amazing
the comic is really funny
Lacie Cox
Yellow Lime
...... 030 Ima Offend Everyone 0w0

I Don't Celebrate 4th Of July :P
Tony Gutierrez
Btw chef is a monkey
I'm not American but you know how I celebrate the 4th of July? Guess.... its my birthday... No one cares.
The Odd-artist
James you can actually post comics on instagram now with the "slide show" on instagram
TheRavenclawRhainne TinCoyle
You are pretty amaze balls!
TheRavenclawRhainne TinCoyle
You said the type of channel that you get addicted to basically. FOR ME THAT IS THEODD1SOUT!!!
Heaven 15
I am a female. :(
Daniël R
how about 9gag no nobody oke sobs away
AHH you play overwatch, everyone plays overwatch now
Martin Gardner
# you scuk at drawing
Friends without benefits anyone?
Ali Khalil
as soon as I saw James show the odd1sout Instagram account I followed it then I watched the next 5 seconds I un followed
Jorge Gonzales
Oh my god, I just started watching weegee plays right before this video.
Oh well, on Insta, when you put in a photo, pinch out so you have the full pic... I hope I helped
Nick Fore
James there's a new feature thats let's up to 10 pictures in one post just need to slide sideways to switch photos you just need to click select multiple to do it. plus you can crop the picture to make it. thought I should tell you
Juliana Ardanaz
Walking Miners
Can you do a comic but not speed draw please
Pink Cat
Eastwest Management
The Sprinkles Fight Back

James: Asks His Friend Dude where is The Sprinkles i Bought for my 10 Million Subscriber Special
Friend: I Dont know where did you put them
James: On The couch but they're not there anymore
Friend: Try Checking at your Car
James: Ok Walks to CarScreams at Friend Dude its not in the car See's A single sprinkle *Walks back inside
Friend: So did you found it
James: No
Friend: Hears something in The KitchenChecks in KitchenScreams JAMES COME HERE NOW!!!
James: What See's 10 Million Sprinkles with miniture Knifes AHHHHHH!!!
Sprinkles: Muahaha Hello James we are the sprinkles you have bathed in us eaten us blended us but now we will fight back,SPRINKLES ATTACK!!!
James: AHHH RUN!!! Falls on Ground
Sprinkles: HAHAHAHAH Now we will kill you Muahahhaha
James: NOOOOOO!!!
James: .....
James: Wakes up from SleepRealizes it was just a Dream Phew...I Thought that was Real
Sprinkles: Its Wasn't
James: Looks behind AHHHH!!!

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Billy TDM
0:37 me with you
AwesomeGuy 1
is that a website I've seen people do that and I want to do it. drawing inspired me to make comics
Dogdogpuppy Gaming
Psst I know who you like
Buttercup The Cat
#Youtube #fix #your #flipping #website
there was a thing a bout a wedding
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