m.athar alfaiz
Tooba Tariq
The phone cover was perfect but lizard design was awkward
Aameenah Islam
Hasniati Mardia
Gullu seems dangerous
omm.....CDpen set please ♡
wow very good Job!
Sara Sultana
so amazing
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan
sorry to say but you all are so poor if you have an expensive phone so why dont you have a cover of phone😀😀😂😂 plzz like to my comment if you are with me😉
Kashif Khan
who else watch this and dont do these DIYS 😉
naughty girl
where is buy the glue gun
Sonu Sharma
ugly video
Doraemon TV
SikuPrank Tv
you are not first
Ari Ganbaa
it is good but im not hot glue gun sad😭😭
thanks for making me fuck up my phone
United Gamer567
The glue melted the plastic

RIP Phone
digital videos
Sara El-Dakhakhni
Those aren't really life hacks
Citra Mariska Cendana
good i like
THECrazy Mind
subscribe me i have life hack video
Laura privat
Vanessa Apostol
The first one is ugly
I think it is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Humaira Ahmed
So clever
Josie Cameron
like the ring
Harish Jeenwal
to waste my time in these thing i bring a new phone cover
Mal 1:
Yup every one wants a little lizard on their phone
keyla cristina
Adelia alves chaves
thùy chi CHANNEL
whát sbhunh ngfggjug
กวินธิดา ไตรเพิ่ม
Ryan Abbaye letters to my life I am by Alice God like I said please my life is my home but man what night can I can I name I say hey sometime today
Mark dailey
handshakes and tortillas and tortillas are you 1pm pending I jear from you in a while I
Lis Maddalena
Lis Maddalena
bello hola
Naida Spahic
no thanks
Jenna Butterfly
OMG!!! They used L's well, "L" as a key chain! but there are better ways to make stuff like that
kisine sahi me ye try kiye h kya?
de 2 boy's atakan emre
Star Gazzer 2000
lol deathnote L
aryan RajivSinghal
Why someone can't purchase a backcover while he bought i phone worth rs 40000 to 60000 ??
Skyla Churchill
First DIY Thing:Yep Just Cover Your SPEAKER With Hot Glue.Nothing Wrong Here
Fnaf fan girl X3
Did any one else notice the l sign??? L sigh is from death note!! I'm flipping out xD I have the whole manga series (:
Sebyy GL
Great clickbait... you said "life hacks" not "toys" fucking retard... go to the hell fucking idiot
DestinyBlox- Roblox & More!
did anyone who watches the anime Death Note recognize the symbol for life hack no.2?
Mehma Singh
I don't like it
Mehma Singh
do it with colour full glue
Jasie Watson
that's my school symol
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