Top 3 Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks For Crafting #1

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3 Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks For Crafting
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m.athar alfaiz
Anastasia Lim
Bharati Patil
what a fuck!!!!....(don't know the meaning of fuck😀😜
Shivani Goel
Boring video
Rukey Burg
This is a sad thing:

I type "Top 3 glues". No blues clues, no DIY, no 'HOT', no Gun. Just "Too 3 glues"....

None of these are things I am actually searching for. No glue gun. Well I'm going back to a webshop or google whatever. Can youtube be once for adults, and not like we are childs that follow and watch everything we see like we are pathetic?
Corina Mocanu
Varun Varudandkar
everything is fake noting else
1000 sub videó nélkül? [HELPME]
renuka gupta
It is nice but I have no glue gun
Esraa Najadat
عنجد كتير حلو
Adela Rebeja
mărog cine a filmat
şi nu e anteresant
R Durga Durga
lizad vala acha nahi tha
kadiri Ramakrishna
Zoè Koester
Zakir Baig
No. 1 was very boring
SivaPrasad Nv
I subscribed
Mindy Pitkäkangas
Hsoony Hsoony
Shantha Challa
I have never seen such a muddy vedio
Sri Murni
Tafannum Faizah
too slow
يوسف علي
Manoj Kumar
maja a a gaya
Manoj Kumar
maja a a gaya
Sony Rajpoot
Réka Firtkó
Ez a videó Nagyon szupi mert nekem ez nagyon tetszik
Negrean Sara
Sweet Shona
L for lol
ถามจริง จะใส่จริงหรอ 7:07 เเหวนน๊อตเนี่ยนะ
slime asmr
If u put gasoline or something like that before u start glueing u can take it off the things
Afizah Ahmed
In what does the hot glue does not stick to except baking paper?
Afizah Ahmed
What did you use for covering the phone pls reply.
Sahithi Madiraju
This is a worst channel
Joey Robles
I've seen some amazing things done with hot glue, and none of these are them js
Joey Robles
Thes are the top 3 huh? And who declared that?
Teresa Finch
Ohh, where would I go without a hot glue gun
Teresa Finch
I love hot glue guns!!!!!!!
lavanya vadlakonda
It's not nice yaar and it is to much boring I dont like this video bhai
very nice
mulano stylloro
S ome china vlastucha
Sade Sozen
I subscribed
katana rouse
Hey people
Joana Avelans
Is a verry good
Tashaa khan
Wow yr what the mind
Sushmoy Kumar Ghosh
very nice
so ugly Wtf
Jonetra Roy
you need to go faster
Tammna Khna
ring is good only
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