Stripey D
Ok does no one notice that he uses the react video to get it to 5 minuts
Nick Keen
Like how he had to boast about how It's Everynight Sis is viral while at the same time telling Christian Burns to be humble
austin strantzalis
You got 2 likes
Those words that came outta that white ass shitty BOIS mouth deserves to go to hell. He needs to get crushed up and washed up,
Eric Kulakovich
Wonderful vids rice people like that deserve to get there teeth knocked down there fucking throat
THE END! "He can't keep his dick in his pants" Lmaooo
Brayan Rodriguez
Fuck white boy
Gregory Jacobs
Lol the captions though
Inuuteq IGJ
diss track??
Haha he only has 2,000 fans
The gaps on his teeth is the Cumberland gap
He's choking him were in the video shows him getting chocked.
jonathon Castillo
Ricegum you do good reserch
TAL Videos
I’m here after loose change happened and now I’m noticing all the logos
Andrea Negrini
Did it feel good though?
Arianah Mireles
I'm attractive as f....
Melinda Cruz
I love you soo much
Justin B
Where’s the diss track rice u liar
Oliver Diaper
Not condoning what the lad did but you've been an arrogant wanker before as well... bit hypocritical Tbf.
Did it feel good tho?
Rune Vlogs
Image it got 1like
Pratham Kapoor
Who's here after ricegum got destroyed by idubbbz
Chloe Vlogs
I just realized im in this video lol im shook
Hugo Sanchez
Where is the diss track lol?
Majestic Troll
This video is definitely a perfect example of Ricegum punching himself in the face!!
Idubbz just made you his bitch, watching you lose subs like crazy is hysterical.
alex Alex
The Hypocrisy

got destroyed right
New shirt new day that nigga still gay
why is elliot roger in the thumbnail?
Aj 360noscope gaming
Rice flies in the background or tries at least love it
Kent Pitsenberger
but did it feel good?
sweg spoder
Anthony Ruvalcaba
In the end of the video live her friend says he hates him because he has more followers than him
Alex Frazier
"You must be missing a chromosome or something" not everybody knows this, but a quick google search would show you that people with down syndrome have an extra chromosome a the 21st pair, if you're going to make a down syndrome joke, at least take a second out of your time to know what it's about, what an anus.
AfricanSpaceNinja Thisismysurname
The fine bros react thing is the one from the look at me xx tentacion reaction vid
Sol1d Shnak3
The hypocrisy of ricegum is higher than mount Everest
Chino Diaz
whare the diss track
Hunter Countz
Tweet at him and say your not famous your irelivent
Pewdiepie Is real
Yo that was xxxtentacion
Dewan Harden
thats parents reacting to xxxtenticion
Dewan Harden
thats parents reacting to xxxtenticion
debanhy jasso
my baby markiplier
CC Anime
Rice’s eyebrows look uneven today just saying
Gwin ScoopSolo
Ryan Tahlilkar
now you made him famous, you idiot.
T Jmnz
Ricegum: This guy needs to take a sit and humble himself
Me: Sit down be humble, Bitch sit down be humble
whyanot _Zz_56
Watch lunas video
Emily Medina
these parents don't know that it's a insulting for a reason......because it's a diss track
Rylan Tolliver
Lol the security guard has more followers now
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