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Get ready for super insights and never-before-seen stories from the minds at Pixar. These behind-the-scenes tales from the making of The Incredibles are powerfully cool.

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Alessandro Ridolfo
I love this cartoon
When are we gonna get that iNCREDIBLES 2
Jaitan Martini
I love this movie!
I like Violet. She is my favourite character in 'The Incredibles'! Beside her cool ability to get invisible, she is just lovely and would be a nice friend, I guess.
Mary Ellen Pallozzi
Hey Pixar, how about doing the next best thing for all of your die-hard Pixar fans out there and make a spin-off company for Disney call Phenomenal Fun Animation and it'll be unbelievably more fun and enjoyable as Pixar itself on so many levels and it's tagline will be "phenomenal fun in every way imaginable"
Jin Gold
incredibles 222222222222!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Incredibles: The best Fantastic Four movie that isn't a Fantastic Four movie.
I never noticed the significance of their last name being Parr. Cool little detail there.
Ex Project 2017
When You Think About A Sequel
Guy with the snazzy Fedora
This was my first Pixar movie I've watched in theaters when I was just a toddler, I'm so stoked for the incredibles 2!
Franco Glass
I need to see Incredibles 2 ❤
So, when do we get a 3D release of this movie? Lot's of scenes that would work well in 3D (same with "Wall-E").
Guille Yedro
For the love of god, PLEASE DON´T CHANGE THE ART
matheus galvao
When 'll become the incredibles 2 trailer ???
CrisElZukulemtho 152
Y pa' cuando la 2 chinga' >:u?
Markell Hawthorne
The hype is real!
Adam Akmal Hizam
make a home video for every single pixar movie, please. i love this. i hope you see this, pixar
I'm impatient to know how cool the incredibles 2 will look like
Jåden Yuki
Guys, don't complain. They're just making sure people haven't forgotten about a movie which came out 13 years ago.
Tim Callanan
Cartridge Cat
For Those Wondering, I'd say Expect An Incredibles 2 Trailer When Coco Comes Out In November
Nice clickbait XD
wow- all this went completely over my head for years; loved the Parr part
Camila Pinzón
I was so exited, because i though it was the trailer of the second movie... But it was just a random video.
Scorpcs All
in the finnish dub their last name is vaara, which means danger. kind of misses the point
Doom xanders
ya no puedo esperar amo los increíbles
Doom xanders
i can't wait
Wooktent Gamer
Best Pixar movie ever btw
Never before seen? Pretty sure this was on the dvd or Blu Ray.
Nicholas Borg
that blu ray has BEEN in stores
Only Stxvonnie
* impatiently waiting for Incredibles 2 trailer
Music Sound
Next Video Cars 3 | Pixar Home Video | Pixar
Madelyn Hanes
i got so excited because i thought this was for incredibles 2 🙃
Hitta if people wanted 2 know about da film jus go fuxking watch it! Most of us already know this shyt...disliked until we get a teaser/trailer
I'm still waiting for Incredibles 2.
For those who don't know Incredibles 2 is being made! Original release date was 2019 but now it is 2018 :)
TheMarvel Joe
When you about to jacked off to Incredibles 2, but it was a Home Video from Incredibles 1.
Sarah Fox
Can't wait for the sequel!!!
janna christie
The title says "The Incredibles"...... not Incredibles 2 so stop assuming it is. It takes time to release CGI movies you know how PIXAR likes everything to be guys are just waisting your time commenting annoying voice GUYS I REALLY THOUGHT THIS WAS AN INCREDIBLES 2 TRAILER I REALLY WISH IT WAS BECAUSE IM TO IMPATIENT AND HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO.😐🔫
___ ZEKE___
Where's the gawdamn sequel?
I'm seeing some art that I didn't see on either the DVD or Blu-ray. I like. And I kinda took a while to pick up on the "Parr" thing.

Edit: btw, I never thought this would be an incredibles 2 trailer. The renders in the thumbnail are old, they just released one for Coco, and it's a couple days after Disney's latest big release.
Conrado II
what is this about!? what are you implicating?
nggs, where the heck is my goddamn Incredibles 2 Trailer!?
What was even the point of this advertising? This movie has been in the stores for like a decade. Are there new features, it wasn't clear.
Kenneth Swindell
You know what this means? The Incredibles 2 trailer isn't too far away! Just wait until Cars 3 comes out... 💯
WVD Tutors
I just want see Incredibles 2
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