♦HD♦ Funniest Tennis Moments Part-30 (Funny,Jack Sock,Djokovic,Nadal,Federer,Murray,Monfils)

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ChloePanda 1011
I don't get the first one... is he looking at her boobs?
Yonatan Gonzales
minuto 4:21, que no es Trumm
Craig Rosario
drump is everywhere now. bulls***
Ali Sadq
اني صارلي ساعه انتضر اشوف البنيه المصلخه ههههه
Jhon Barrios
Trump sucks
Watching the clown-in-chief try to play tennis isn't funny. It's very, very sad, actually.
Okay the sexy bit @5:43 is from a HBO parody movie called "7 Days in Hell": http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3895884/
Christelle Tardif
Top Today
5:44 what!?
Vj Linkin
another click bait haha
Hsimao Tseng
ничего забавно в концовке, теннис вообще скучный вид спорта.
Mehmet Ekici
really fuck trump dude...
Mehmet Ekici
o en sonlarda ki orospu çocuğu tenisçiler yüzünden ne bahislerim yandı...
Darius Pop
The moment you realize is not clickbait😂
Ilham 2
what song?
Papi Chulo
6:52 whoever came up with that white color idea for court should be fired immediately. Its irritating to viewer's eyes.
Julien Briollais
Trump at 5:18: Stupid racket keeps popping!
with Trump no fun
Bam P
Israely bitches! Laughing at opponents mistake. I'm sure they will never be top player in the world
Google User
trump...??? 5:04.....🤔🤔🤔
no james , but your the one with no life, so leave your boyfriend and find a girlfriend and start living ,like your friends want you too, and get of the internet, go out, have fun like a normal boy.
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