How to trim your beard at home


Hi everyone

This week's video is to show you how i trim my own beard, and how tide it up easily without going to the barber 

Slowly welcoming you to my life, weekly you will receive an update of your last week requests

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Ray Allen
Never shave..never...never...never
Cristal Berumen
ta fuck he looks and sounds like thor with black hair
Chris Mallett
Awesome beard. Will grow my own more and make some Beard gains 💪
marcos aurelio dal evedove campos scotto
leonidas? 300? right !
Mohammed Hasan
Loved your video👏👏👏gonna try it
Mateusz Przywara
@Fracrox What trimmer do U use? Could U tell me exact model? I am looking for something new and I find many trimmers on the market not powerful enough for my thick beatd.
By the way I love your videos. :)
Chasidie Gentry
What was the beard trimmer you used near the end?
Jorge Pino
El perfilado lo haces solo con la maquina sin hoja ?
awesome beard !
Prateek Pallav
hey Fracrox! The beards under my lips and the moustache don't grow as faster as the side and neck beards. How can I get the beards that you have under lips?
Martin Laird
When could you first grow a good beard man?
Cristian Mejia
hi ... just one thing, how about the "mostacho" or "bigote" ...
Maikeru Sazarando
Great advice!
Erick Valarezo
Fracox en español.
Prateek Singhal
Step 1: Have amazing Genes.
Tito Swing
Wheres the link to the clipper u used on you neck
Aaron Oddball
I always trim my beard, I hate relying on a barber. You have a great beard he the way, slightly envious of it 😂
I'm glad your back!
Kostas Dean
what kind of beard oil, or balm do you use; if you use at all?
Radha Krishna Chaitanya Eluri
hi fracrox. please do a tutorial regarding how you style your hair and beard and what products do you use.
Joe Yates
you have sexy beard
Samuel rodriguez
Pleaseee make a video in spanish!!
Manuel Beinat
What a man. :')
The Wiseman
Holy fuck that's one of the best beards I've seen!
Rodri Btz
But what about the mustache? and the parte of the mustache that connects with your beard
Bernardo Filiaggi
Saludos paisano, excelente video, estaba esperando por un video asi desde hace tiempo para mostrarselo al barbero, gracias, entiendo que quieres cambiar el tema y hablar de otras cosas que te apasionan pero seria buenísimo mencionar de como mantienes la parte del bigote asi de limpia, se me meten mucho los bellos en la boca cuando están muy largos, como haces para que se mantenga tan recta hacia abajo, aceites, cremas, peinar???? Gracias man Saludos desde Maracaibo, Venezuela
khemender lidoo
Can u tell me does beard oil have some side effects and did u use it or it was ur natural growth
Good stuff brother. I'm glad to see you on YouTube.
Manish Chinchkar
nice bro
Rick & Rick
I ♡ U
I just recently found our page. Just subscribed. Have a good day!.
Elio Babacic
Very good job, and helpful :) might we hear you sing and do some covers of songs? That would be lovely, you have a great voice considering your facebook videos :D
Ariel Umanzor
What hair products do you use for your hair?
Dude You re lit! Keep it up and cant wait for your photography content.....and if i may ask can you also maydy do a vid on your journeys?:D
Pulsate / Túrion
Love the beard content, but would be cool to hear some stuff about your photography dude :)
very useful tutorial, i will be practicing this technique. thanks, pal!
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