Casting aluminum KNUCKLES with a SKULL CRACKER

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Casting aluminum knuckles or also called knuckle dusters and putting it to the test. 

Song: Kadenza - Harpuia [NCS Release]
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Steven Craig
I like it dude
edward South
what type of sand do you use for the casting
Alok Kumar
add a smile ☺ on your face....
Light Saber
Those are big ass blocks of aluminium
valdineia santos
a mão do cara tava saindo sangue ele machucou os dedos
Fred bonniestyle
awesome !
Beni Drzaic
How name is this music nice knuckl
como se dibuja un
maldito hacecino
Edoardo Bartolini
you are simply amazing
babo mann
Andreas Kring
Capitan Milanesa :V
he have a assasin face D:
Rosella Bertarella
I see your hand bleeding
his knuckles were bleeding jheez
Manfred Persson
poor coconut
Niclas Olsson
Bloody fingers at the end! Hope it wasn't to serious
Dario Grozdanovski
Daaamn this guy looks deadly af
what type of aluminum do you use?
dj sweet darkness
The skull is not thick enough to be compared to a real skull...
Why is there only one hole for the aluminum to flow through, in another video there were two holes.
Lukas Ritzmann
make some aluminum tonfas
JMetal Playz
I saw blood on his hand. Maybe he cut himself. Poor guy
4:55 blood, ur gucci bro? nice knuckles, great job.
the weapon testing must be so satisfying and the WW (weapon wall) is starting to look quite fearsome. keep it up!
Spelunker Jones
Don't ask him were he gets his skulls, or what MP means.
Ilkanik lol ツ
Can you give me one plzzzzzz! I love ittt!! 😝😜😛❤️🖤
Just Tomas
from what that skull made of
3:07 You know that shit hurt. I bet his knuckles are still vibrating to this day
Great work. I love your video editing: You present the most interesting parts without cutting out the less impressive scenes. Showing non-catastrophic damage from two angles makes it seem more honest and scientific, and the clips of you sweeping up after make it easier for me to believe that your Dragon Cave stays so neat and organized. This is a terrific channel. No fluff videos. I'm glad I signed up for notifications, because every time you upload something, it's something I want to watch. Thank you.
Michael McCooey
Hey MP Dragon. I'm thinking about getting into casting with my friend. Any first time tips?
Senātus Populusque Rōmānus
Ft. Mp Dragon's latest trespasser
Steve Mann
Did that hurt your hands
My pointy Ukrainian elbows achieve the same effect
Alberto Calvo
Justin Ryan
ive heard of metal casting with styrofoam why no use that if its easier to cut. are there disadvantages?
OK, now make aluminum nunchaku
I'll take one of each
Adrian Muhammed
are you making this a series now?
Holys Moly
So which mafia are you making weapons for? :P
Max Dahguy
Dude is preparing for anarchy or some shit making all these weapons
Zachariah Ahmed
This would make a nice window breaker...........😂
Harris Mohammad
what made your hand bleed?
Nathan K
You should try styrofoam casting sometime👍😃
Milo Halperin
you should make something that isn't made of aluminum, like brass or even nickel using forgien currency .
Cluckin Bell
+MP Dragon can you please Upload the a4 knucke duster page Template? :)
I would of kept the wood ones without the paint
alajmi wff17
حلو مبدع 😍😘😄👍👍👍
Julo Rebel
Nice video man -
Cakho Dave
What a cool alumium
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