Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (full video)

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joren 2001
Lol this was funny i couldnt stop laughing!
Elizabeth Holman
My heart broke the second it fell on the little boy
Primo J kun
is life????😭😭😭
Sara. Lifestyle
I was OMG when the kid sat in the dresser for a second
this is how me and my sister was
Crazypug 2881
Agustina Iturrieta
pobre niΓ±o
roblox Tube
It would be better with sound
zipkill 626 gaming
zipkill 626 gaming
Nguyen Hai Phong
what kind of rescue that involves climbing on objects and crushes the victim this is clearly a bloody asassination
You dun goofed
Baby Conti
Roman Vandenheuvel
I remember when my cabinet tried to kill me as a child, shot that mother fucker 6 times and threw him in the wood shredder...
Black Box Pandora
He waited long enough ffs
where are the parents!!!
Ethan Groff
if that drawer doesent kill the kid the parenting will
R & K Here
OMFG where da parents
jay em
a baby squiggling, screaming, moving... is the best thing compared to nothing. Regarless of all other issues at hand, It didn't look like a fatal crush at impact or to his skull, yet it could have stopped his breathing over time. That twin sure thought about what to do. He looked at every angle. Yep.. torturing us watching as he climbed on..but he got his lifetime buddy out..and for THAT, we are all grateful. Thank you Lord. Amen!
Pascale St-Laurent
No one in that household heard anything? ffs
purple polley
Bless his soul
Baby 2: "hol' up, lemme me inspect this drawer
Stephanie Vasquez
Idk why everybody talks shit about the 2 year old Hess only 2!!! He dousnt know no better -_- seriously
it's the child fukin fault
The Historian
reminds me of when the nazis took out france and europe tried to help
Mannaya Kasha
The sense of emergency was a little slow.
Smith Natosha
Like where in the world where there friggin parents when this all happened
R Carrillo
its over, i have the high ground now Anakin.
che puttanata!
Gray Hoek
perfect access to walk around the dresser to help

Twin: "Nah, I think I'll climb on the fucking dresser to get there"πŸ™„
jhon doe
must have been a good brand of wine the parents were enjoying
Kern The Miner's Mind
It's funny cus of how fake it is. Let's be real, if that happened then a parent would rush there
Sarah Locke
i can not bleave my eyes
How the fuck did their parents not hear that
The parents seriously released this footage to raise awareness to the importance of securing furniture....hopefully this raised their AWARENESS of the importance of watching your 2 YEAR OLD CHILDREN
Lori Knoell
wtf? if you care enough about your kids to have a video camera in the room, then care enough to watch the video at all times where ever you are. A video camera is not a replacement for a human. I never, ever left my child alone; EVER. If I left the room, I could still hear him. This boy was crying and no one could hear him. And oddly the other boy didn't run for help. Seems he has learned, the parents aren't an alternative to be there for them. Most children would run for an adult if they have been trained to trust the adult is there. Where the parents even home? NO one heard a dresser fall and a child cry?
Were they locked in the bedroom? something is not right here.
Political Nonsense
The "where are the parents" comments are pretty idiotic.
There are many different scenarios that totally absolve the parents of any fault.
What if one parent was cooking, and the other was shitting? What if the babies were supposed to be sleeping?
Children are hugely unpredictable, and even when you're near them, you can't always prevent them from injuring themselves. When he was a kid, my father accidentally touched and spilled a pot of boiling milk while trying to get to a glass of water, and the burns on his arm are visible even today. My grandma was in the kitchen with him, but what could she have done? When I was four, I tripped and stabbed my eyebulb with a pen. It healed, but I still can't see 100% with my right eye. My mother was in the room with me but, again, what could she have done?
The point is, watching your kids closely at all times is no guarantee they won't hurt themselves.
And by the way, don't you people have childhoods? I remember I loved being away from my parents, and every single time I got hurt was another lesson learned. I crushed my foot under a pavement stone, fell from a tree, got a huge nail stuck in my tibia, smacked my head against a glass door, got ran over by a car because I turned left without yielding (I was on my bike), got bitten by a dog, stung by multiple bees, got sunburnt, sunstroke, frostbit all of my toes nearly to the point of gangrene, got a bad dick rash from swimming in a shitty pond, accidentally darted my sister into her shoulder, shot an arrow into a wolf at the zoo and done numerous other stupid stuff that kids do that ultimately taught me a number of pretty important lessons.
But the most important thing is, I never made the same mistake again. Never frostbit my toes again. Never swam in shitty ponds again.
These babies got taught a valuable lesson: you don't climb into drawers, and you help your brother out.
I thought he died lol
where the hell are there parents
Rosa Elizabeth Anguiano GarcΓ­a
i hate the babies
Xaina the Cat
That kid is so strong and cares so much for his brother I,love that kid
Ausra Lukoseviciute
oh my gudness
Khalid Hammond
That's sad 😰😰😰πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😰
Khalid Hammond
The hurts is the parents home
Dragon Lord gaming
for those thinking he went up the drawer it was because he was trying to losen his brother by putting more weight on one side to make the drawer go up.
Destination Fu*ked. XD
gemma brookes
watching this video made me feel sick
nrg manga
he didn't save his brother her caused him more harm
Tahj Clements
Jesus Christ was there in the midst of them. I love it when stuff like this happens. Hopefully they will look back and praise God!
Coracao Formoso 123
milagre mesmo
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