Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (full video)

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Kid slowly pushes himself out from under drawer then brother comes to help at the last second and takes all the credit.
Kathy Sepulveda
y donde esta el papá la mama ctm
muhammad butt
the twin that was stuck was already halfway out all by himself
UNBELIEVABLE! A child discovers that pushing something moves it!
Rainbow Show
فايز العنزي
Gamerninja 01
This is exactly why kids end up doing illegal and horrible shit nowadays. It's called fucking neglect. People don't watch their damn kids anymore, some get crushed under a dresser (suspicious, it's empty), some fall into a gorilla pit. And if this is fake, then the parents just wanted attention. Either way it's bad parenting.
Mike Van
why the fuck didnt the parents didnt her it and it looks fake as fuck why babys arent that storng ( depending on age)
Miso Lee
Wow. That is.... He feels nothing at his crushed brother.
El Show De Pavel
ItsFennekin -
The brother is little hero❤️😍
Jet Nassar
Twin crushed under dresser sort of Kinda not really get saved by brother. And what the fuck why didn't the parents secure the dresser and why are they unattended. Irresponsible is all I can say
Will the stupid parents make money of this video? If so, fuck this world.
killua zoldyck
where is the mother ? what a careless parents .....
Jozael Yap
Yasss brother watch ur sibling suffer and die then help him after.
Michael Linke
Sad story, but that rug looks really nice. I wonder I can get one like it.
Tiffany Brown
This made me almost cry so sad to watch and I'm glad he saved his brother but why did he feel like he couldn't run to his parents to help, I know that's what my kids would have done. Poor baby
Tania fun with sister gallardo Gallardo
I feel so bad for the other baby
Savage 2202
This was hilarious!
MaferTØP fan
Angel Cairns
omg look at that
elainten oikeus
Sheridan Tisdale Sr.
yall got a camra so yall can watch them kids and yall put it on youtube and ant even come to his rescue they some petty parents
Sydney Khatri
good for you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute good he did not die
Kueni Noue
Were the hell are tge parents
ali cr7
where is his mom ho my god guys
gloria camey
por eso deves creer en dios y si los dejas solos siempre estara uno de los dos para ayudar o si es uno esta Dios para ayudar 😇
Devette C
1: who was stupid enough to upload this evidence of neglect where the fuck are the parents
2: they forgot to put their phone number in the description so someone can call cps to give these kids a safer home
етуб етуберский LOL
lol aaaa
Sjo Miraculous
it's cute to see how a twin helped the other one but where there hell was the bloody mam and dad for God sake
omg I was heart broken when I saw this!😭💔💔💔💔
Jaylie Schuchard
Smart kid.
Timothy Plummer
he watches and then finally helps wow but when he climbed on the drawer i couldnt watch no more
Dilek Armagan
İyi yapistilar yere bucur yaramazlar korktum he
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That's such an amazing child
Ashly LaChula
that to cute
Jinhno Maralit
This was sad
Milzgyy _
Demon Steve
Damn boy
NEEA Korpelin
what you're doing
Emani Alsop
poor baby
Baka Ranger Red
It took this kid two full minutes to actually do something about his brother. Even then, to say "miraculous"....
coocos toys
oh no
aleksi saarinen
He is hero!!!🙄
kelbeanna Jackson
he has super powers
Aijai :c
Tim Campbell
First of all thank god he's alive! Second, the First twin will always use this video against the Second, Especially when it comes to the first girl they both crush on.
This is why you don't leave two yr. olds alone
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