Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (full video)

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Timothy Plummer
he watches and then finally helps wow but when he climbed on the drawer i couldnt watch no more
Dilek Armagan
İyi yapistilar yere bucur yaramazlar korktum he
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That's such an amazing child
Ashly LaChula
that to cute
Jinhno Maralit
This was sad
Milzgyy _
Demon Steve
Damn boy
NEEA Korpelin
what you're doing
Emani Alsop
poor baby
Baka Ranger Red
It took this kid two full minutes to actually do something about his brother. Even then, to say "miraculous"....
coocos toys
oh no
aleksi saarinen
He is hero!!!🙄
kelbeanna Jackson
he has super powers
Aijai :c
Tim Campbell
First of all thank god he's alive! Second, the First twin will always use this video against the Second, Especially when it comes to the first girl they both crush on.
This is why you don't leave two yr. olds alone
MGR_Awesome_Tastic GAMES
Where the fuck was the parents or babysister?
Nem kamera kell a gyerek mellé hanem szülő
Leah Paterson
How the hell did he survive?
Anthony Mejia
where are the parent's
Deeana Davison
Took his time didn't he lmao
Same brother who saved him from another accident mother father not around again?
Aaro Junttila
I know that the kids can play by climing on things, but when the thing falls and the other kid gots under it a little 2 year old kid must sense that the other one got hurt and starts to push the cabinet. In this video the kid starts pushing the cabinet, but stops and climbs on it when the other kid is under it!!? But luckily he starts pushing the cabinet again and got the kid off under it...
Óscar Carbajal
Corah Mcwhorter
Alana Hutchins
where is the parents
Tops y mas #yolo
ay ayudenlos no lo harben in responsables
David Busicnki
Where are there parents
Toast Cat
Lawanda Lully
smart babies these days so cute and intelligent
Lawanda Lully
smart babies these days so cute and intelligent
Lawanda Lully
smart babies these days so cute and intelligent
Lawanda Lully
smart babies these days
Jaakkeri Jokke
holy SHIT
Sara T.
😂😂I laughed so hard when that other boy climbed over that desk or whatever😂😊
Martaijah Patterson
that was so smart to help his bother get from under the dresser he is strong but were is the parents
Laurel Dunbar
I don't understand how everybody is saying "the boy standing up didn't do anything" or "the brother was the one who made the cabinet fall" are saying those types of things. They're frickin 2 years old. Calm down. He wouldn't have known any better. It's a miracle that he saved his brother, not many people that age could/ would do that. And they BOTH we climbing on the dresser, not just the one boy. Leave them be.
Loli Smiles
Kids will be stupid when their parent's are dumb....obviously this child is screaming/crying....where is a parent in all of this? What mother can't hear her own child crying? She's probably doing the teen boy next door and doesn't feel the need to be bothered with such parenting tasks as in checking up on her children.
Lovely Lush
He had to think about it first lmaoo
Cecangpr Buren
El arriesgarse. sin el mucho pensar; es característico de la juventud. Y las consecuencias, no se consideran mayormente; en el inicio del riesgo. Excepto por la fuerza de la sangre.( Es su hermano gemelo, con el que siempre se acostumbra jugar.)
Valentinos Troullias
El milagro es que ese golpe en la cabeza no lo mato
Jamal Omar
read the description
Riley Barbieri-Roblox and More!
he stands there for almost 2 minutes not doing anything
tafador pro pro
It hurt him more....
ElCaballou YT
mae mia niño ma fuerte que ese no hay el niño tendra futuro como bombero
tiger the cat
Where was the mom and dad
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