Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (full video)

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Rebekah Lowman
wheres the sound
Wanda Fleitas :D
Lenni Bradshaw
If u didn't watch the hole video here's a recap

First the two twins climb up on the cupboard

Then the cupboard falls on one of the twins

Then the other twin checks if the lamp is ok 👌
Enrique Torres Escalon
woooooo kids goku
Carlos Cedillo
This is fake
Darryl Walton
the title was boy saves not boy watches brother die
Jennifer Dempsey
nicole y soy luna
omg wow
Lord Hiashi :P
Is it bad that I couldn't stop laughing at the poor boy trapped under that dresser?
Little Q
пиздец, потоптался еще по тумбочке немного, потом дошло что приподнять нужно, сразу видно что ребенок из США
matoya jones-dukes
were are there parents??
Esther Escalera
OMG are tuétano oj
The comments on this video are shameful. A two year thinks very differently to an adult. There not aware of what death is and to a two year old brain his brother was just under something. I think he did alright.
FirePunchGamer YT
Raniyah Haroon
seriously the kid did good don't expect him to act like a 13 yr old
Extreme Gamers
Zukii Mekayla
His only 2 years old so what we're you'll expecting? ? I mean at the end of the day he helped his twin
Ok so the mom was sleeping but how did she not hear him screaming??? This video breaks my heart :(
Nathalie Grieves
OMG poor baby there parents should be locked up . they are very stupid
Nico Riffel
I don't understand the parents. Everyone knows that you have to attach this kind of furniture to the wall. It is even written in the product-leaflet. And then they let the kids play all alone and are so far alway that they don't even hear the crying and other noises? And on top of it the now post this video on YouTube and make money with it. I hope there will be some legal aftermath happening for the parents...
Zara Lockhart
wat the he'll the brother is playing and other is dying well atlest he saves him
marina valverde
increible lo q hizo el hermano gemelo tanto como supo gardar la calma y pudo pensar como hacer las cosas y que de no se donde saco la fuerza para mover ese mueble la pregunta ahora es donde fucking estaban los padres (ambos, cualquiera de los dos)?? xq al menos uno de ellos debio haber estado en casa xq de hecho q el bebe q qedo abajo del mueble debio haber llorado y el llando de miedo y/o dolor de un niño de esa edad lo escuchas hasta la otra cuadra, o me equivoco
alyssa hewitt
where the hell are the parents?? i know that kid is screaming but no parent heard it?! fucking shitty parents
carlos777gamer youtuber
Cathy Williams
Mandy Luxon I honestly feel so bad for your parents. I'm so surprised that they don't see what your saying on the internet that you will most likely be reported on about.... oh wait your parents probably don't care because you were a fucking failed abortion that was a fucking mistake and was a one night stand. Now go fuck your daddy
Melanie Antunes
I feel bad for those Twins they can barley do anything to save one another and where are the parents!
Laweeza Nisa
Olli Kuivikko
0:27 his head?
i hope the Parents got their kids taken away or at least had to do some Parenting classes..How stupid to leave them in that situation..And than it gets posted as something Good...If it was an ethnic Family imagine what would have been said..
Zara Saleem
i dont get why people are expecting the twin to be the rock and lift the dresser up as if its nothing...if one thing where tf are the parents
The kid saved himself. His brother just decided to help when he noticed he's gonna live to tell on him. And why the hell would parents upload this. Do they WANT the social services to take their kids?
Bio Graphical
When the dresser dropped on top, I bursted in laughter XD.
Pandas FOR Life
Where the fuck are all the parents or guardians in all this
I couldn't care fucking less mkey?
Lawrence Bennett
and this is an example of a smart kid bruh your kids are stupid and the parents are just as stupid where the hell are they anyway or is it a deaf nanny?
Letti “Galaxy” Nagy
Lim Jahey
saved his life? I highly doubt that would have killed the kid. but judging by the video I assume the parents are shit, the kid woulda died from starvation. there's your 2 mins of fame
Michelle McKenzie
They are censoring comments.
Suso Milan
00:05 :vvvv
Aron Liljar Magnússon
my god this is fake super loud noises when the drawer falls the parents werent there then the vid was recorded and uploaded(:V)
Travis Stoaty
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He also promised to heal your body.
(Just ask Him)
nolan b
were are the parents why cant they hear them ?
marscha fibbe
where are the fucking parents that kid almost dying
Kaliyah Ramesar
and were are these parents
The video should have been titled "neglectful parenting."
Abhi Karthik
Cohen O'neill
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