Beaux Ceanlee
I can only tickle my feet
Secret Youtuber !
'Mwahahahaha" 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
large cancer cell
i can easily change the intensity, pitch, and speed of the voice in my mind
i could do 3 of these
Project Jason
I can move my ears
Name Name
I can do the swirling circle thing with both of my fingers its soooo easy
Caelab Animations
I can fart and burp.
nocturnal pr0ductions
I said p wit my mouth open
Justin Holley
I can bend only my middle finger
Crystal Brady
BOI I CAN RAISE MY EYEBROW YOU STUPID GET SOME KNOKED INTO YOU YOU NEED SOME MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
Iris Maldonado
Seriously u think it's really hard?
Unknown optimist hh
#11 public speaking
I can also not cough with cinnamon these aren't facts
I can only bend my middle finger
S McVey
I can raise only one eyebrow.... And I can draw circles with two fingers at the same speed and only bent my middle finger .... superhuman 馃嚠馃嚦馃嚠馃嚦
Sofiane Meyer
weird surprisingly turn base moral photographer fall marriage up.
find the difference 鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆金煐曫煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆解槤馃徑鈽濔煆
i can move my ears and raise my eyebrows
Dominic Faria
This video is retarded I can do and have done every single thing in this video except the cinnamon thing tried once did not go over well haha and as for the touching things well then I guess we're all really special since basically EVERYONE has a TOUCH phone/tablet...
Sadie M
I can touch my upper lip to my nose and when I breath in I can close my nostrils. I have found nothin about if this is rare but never met anyone besides my mother who can do it.
VideoRocketz007 Millar
I can do the circle thing. I can use both hands in real life. Even tho I favor the right
Fluffy Bonnie
I can wiggle my ears
Charlotte borup
Isnt it the pinky that you can't bend without bending the ring finger?
banandrew boi
I bent only my middle finger so...
Miah Family
I can say the letter p with my mouth open
Cyborg Drawer
You also can make things that possible became impossible
Like spelling M,P,B Without touching your lips
Jacksepticeye Fan
I broke the egg with the 2 fingers
U Mad Bro? yt
I an make both hands move at the same speed
cj varron
I just burped and farted at the same time...
farrfeer londa
men ment to say somting else
farrfeer londa
I can lift up my sing finger,duplicate my arm then put it back,tickle my feet ,click my heel I know people call me an alien for some reson tomorrow I'll publish a bit of me doing it to prove.
Want dat Cadpat
I caaan bend my middle finger alone, I caaan tickle my own feet, I forced myself to sneeze with my eyes open, I can scream in my mind, anyone else?
I can break a egg
Jamie MacBeath
I've watched a few of these videos. Each one makes me more upset than the last. (Because they're retarded) But then I remember- this guy doesn't give a shit. He's got millions of views and making money as he literally dumbs down the population.
Youtube ProfessorPolar
0:49 you just think of markipliers voice you dumb bitch
Poo Loo
I farted and burped yesterday
Kyle Passmore
The egg one is possible because joe sugg did it
I can sneeze with my eyes open, but it sound more like a yell than a sneeze.
Logan Brown
I could pronounce the letter P with my mouth open I just said except that I slapped my mouth so it went pee
i can move my ear
I can raise my eyebrows and move my ears
the gamer dz
can you find the diffrent emojy 馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃槺馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様
Anthony Rodrigues
i can tikle myself
km o
Didn't believe the egg one at all. Tried it with boiled egg first time as I was certain it would break, but nope it didn't. Also another I've tried out with eggs is holding it in your hand however hard you squeeze it won't break.
lighting bug
I can bend only my middle finger because I don't have that tenden 0
Toast The Shiba Inu Narwhal
So... when you get stabbed... The object never touched you?
i can tickel myself?盲盲
The title is most things people can't do but in this video he says "IMPOSSIBLE". Some people can do these things, like me. I can sneeze with my eyes open and bend my middle finger
Michael Rudkin
My pinky finger is the only one that I can't bend on it's own, I can draw circles with both hands at the same speed, I can raise one eyebrow at a time, I can sneeze with my eyes open, I can tickle myself, and I have burped and farted at the same time.
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