Her Second Drift Event Gone Wrong - (HYDROLOCKED)

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Nicole's second time drifting, but this time with her own car. After a few minutes her car went out of commission. We got it fixed - then CLUNK. Fingers crossed the damage isn't too bad.
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Driftrod - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQbFMxylS6cIhfg5JDLmJfw

Scott Hall
Word of advice, get all non mechanics away when you have issues...
Luke Pakula
Lol i've done that before, hydro locked my motor with fuel cuz i was missing an injector seal. Cleaned out the inter-cooler from the fuel, changed engine oil since the fuel seeped through the piston rings and fired it up!
Dennis Vanderben
Who the fuck wired that harness??...
Alberto was probably getting mad at everyone thinking they know whats wrong with the car.
Jedi Doma
Adam your so good in drifting ehh man you killed it
Neena Sahi
my girlfriend has a 2014 avantador
Ajene Chambers
Yea AAA she back lol I love see her drift
Georgii Prokopenko
Stoned in the end:D
Lewis Clark
The 240 puts the BRZ to shame!! Love your videos you inspire me to become a drifter one day keep your great work up
Christian Kenyon
This channel is dope as hell
Orenziox Kay James
Between minutes 22:22 and 23:45 i can tell is professional drift skills, really cool guys.Thank for sharing your video, i did like watching the show and i hope that is not too expensive for the special experience.
Izack Hayman
I want a 240 and a r35
jamesbond01 Kirby
I guess every scene has "that guy"
Brux de Brux
He needs to be in top ten drifts
Nicole is doing a great job. It seems that the mechanics need to do a better job. Fluids need to be checked before each race, not the night before. Preventative maintenance is a lot cheaper. Check, check.
Bob Gangster
The only reason it did that is because it is a shattered block Adam
Eloy Oquendo
Duuuuude thats alberto big boost i met him on our trip from black ops preofromance
Avinash CURUM
omg bro nice reverse entry :D
Angry Andy Toth
Is no one going to mention the fact that nobody even suggested getting a drain pan when they took all the piping out and drained gas all over the Tarmac? Jesus Christ
Marty Bescoe
I got the rx7 i wanted she is ungrateful. Adam put all that work into the car and she wants a rx7
Chris Balser
Nicole has the body of a god no lie!!!!!!
Brandon Segarra
Bithlo Speedway! O-town!!!
This is a bunch of boys who has never seen 2 cups of a fuel in a carb bowl explode and burn a car to the ground before. They keep trying to turn this thing over like the car is pissing lemonade. I can't believe it didn't go up in a a fireball.
Kemar Rodney
I see backwards entry!!!! Yassss!!!!!!
cameron mcclellan
"There's a hole in the injector" is that the one in my car the fuck
cameron mcclellan
She acted like she was sad but inside she was celebrating
Ruby xmoto
Drift car
Ruby xmoto
It's called it's not a s13
Adrian D
I give you mad props for holdin off on 2 hrs of sleep you have some patience man you could tell every1 else was loosin patience but you was so positive!
The Aviator Bros
Pop ups on gabbie would look so much better
Awesome that you two have your JDM dream rides now.

Now, sell your other cars and daily the 240's like real bosses.
Michael Zak
you should of let Nicole thank Nick properly lol
Joshua Soles
She sound like a fucking bitch bitching about everything
Rob Stank 5280
Killing it on that track 💨 best drifting I've seen you do!! Ryan Turk style dope seeing he progress. Give me inspiration.
Peter Jones
That totally sucked that everything was breaking Good Job out there Adam. Nicole doing very well. Once all the kinks are worked out of your car you'll do amazing
Get her a Datsun 270Zs
Tyler Kingsley
all those idiots standing around talking about shit they have no clue about lol, "your blocks cracked bro" lmao dumbass
"Ain't nobody got time for that" More like "Ain't nobody got time for a hydrolocked motor. Especially your girlfriend's car."
Amazing drifts at the end there.
She really needs a hydro e brake
forzon racer
A rock must of hit it
That save at 23:48
Sleeping 2 hours, day full of surprises and still able to stay awake and drift.. respect
the "know all about cars" guys are the reason I keep my mouth shut. Idk shit about custom built engines, part compatibility, leaks, etc. I'm just there to race, drift, and have fun. if something goes wrong, I go to the people I trust / know what their talking about.
"Damn this kids good"
I want a wife like that
Ryan Moloney
17:12 he was so nice and gave good advice. do it Adam!
Statik Shotz
i hate the way this guy talks... and when hes drifting his friends car does a damn good drift three times at high speeds and every time "was that good huh was it was it good.. was that good?" jesus christ
Statik Shotz
lol all these people are idiots. except the beanie dude hes cool asf wheres his channel
Random Activity
i want to fuck nicoles 240
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