Her Second Drift Event Gone Wrong - (HYDROLOCKED)

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Nicole's second time drifting, but this time with her own car. After a few minutes her car went out of commission. We got it fixed - then CLUNK. Fingers crossed the damage isn't too bad.
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Driftrod - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQbFMxylS6cIhfg5JDLmJfw

King Adeft
the video was amazing
playing assetto corsa in vr has made me way more efficient behind the wheel. plus no mountains in fl to shred lol. i do have a close replica of Nichols s13 tho its a 2j swap. that thing is a riot down dragon range and akina
full fluid change guys .. sorry gone thru it myself. that shits in the oil and everything.
Us kids would probably do better drifting then actually driving :)
Robert Dombrowski
And this is why he wanted to sell it!
Mitchell Wolk
Adam play LFS and maybe we could play together my user is:
George Cecil
Classic 240 probs xd. I honestly wish Nicole would make that 240 a show car and not a drift car, the whole care and plumbing is so beautiful and thats how she treats it anyways.
Sam Byrne
"Where did it all go?!" ITS ALL MIXED IN WITH THE FUEL!!!!!!!
Sander Dahlin
its good that the gas did not lit up tho, woulda exploded in the whole engine lol
80 Slim Shady's
Tyres arnt made to delaminate cause they cause damage when that happens (to your car or the one following you). They are illegal in Australia anyway. I had The same tyres that were on my car when i bought it and they got bald and delaminated while doing 130kmh ( apparrently if it blew at that speed i would have crashed and died) on the highway and caused 5000$ worth of damage to the whole side of my car. The tyre was still inflated but the whole tread ripped off
monter hell
you have new car or no
Andrew Rushworth
so she gets an 240sx with a 1jz built and yet has absolutely no idea how to drive let alone drift!!! #dontletherdrive
Logan L
The car committed sudoku
Jacob Clayton
you need to tell her not to completely let go of the wheel
Could Nicole whine any more?
Willie B
Adam LZ comment below that his 240 was Black-ish but 2:40 would yellow eyes in the dark
Zachary Manley
the engine pump too much fuel into the carburetor in an overfilled a carburetor
Zachary Manley
PS I also have my own channel named exactly manly and I only got one video so far Adam you are my top notch dog and Nicole and on the flip side but not Top Notch dog with drift cars yeah hey can you come down and visit me in Kentucky 108 Springview Court Drive CU Adam Nicole
Zachary Manley
and also if you enter is fuel in the radiator you might have to buy a new radiator because if there's too much and it will overheat if they overheat the radiator and it won't cool down an engine engine overheat in your part of the bar whole new engine and a whole new radiator which is the radiator if there's that divided into does not overheat it just could be like oil and fuel problem but it is also a problem about the car with the engine how it gets gas into it you might have to go buy a new engine block with for that called for a tooth 40 and whatever it is you would have to buy a whole new ball and probably whole new engine from Zack see you on the flip side Adam I know you said you wanted comments so feel free to write me back and even that my own channel causes acne in life call Jacqueline Lee
Zachary Manley
Adam listen to it if you open up the main cylinders and if you let a house down in it and it'll suck it out then if that don't work I push on the gas and see if you can get to it if it can't then you have to do it manually would stuff take out the cylinders and push it down manually just truly you are the repairman is that Zach
Zachary Manley
Adam itsy bitsy exhaust system because it would be smoking out of the back of it and it could be the Cadillac converter but if it is a Cadillac Cadillac converter you would have to replace it and also if their name just call me and at +1-606-247-2122 thanks Adam it's Zach Zach Manley 108 Springhill Court Drive Spring Court Drive and I don't know what to do so if you can't just hate I don't know this dude so if you need anything call me and I do got some people who I got a friend who has an auto shop and if you bring it down he could bring it down here to Kentucky he can fix it up for you thanks Zack
She is incredible. She is gorgeous af and a baddass sexy car. I need a wifie like her
that poor sr20 is now fuuuuuuuucked up
just get a different engine already rebuild EVERYTHING in the engine bay and i mean EVERYTHING with new or close to new parts and and hell replace the ecu so it doesn't screw up again it'll save you a lot of having to stop in in the middle of track time to fix it if that cant be done go get another s13
Edward Rodriguez
Just get her a brz
Brady Atcher
Never trust her to drift
Nice work you go girl
Get her an MR2 and RB swap it... that thing would fly!
Saabertoothgaming Saabertoothftw
Did she say easy fix I'm done
bro Nicole's car is so fucking clean💯🔥 I wish I had that car and it's sad they had this problem with the car
i would love to get cars to drift but problems like this stress me out so much that it turns me off it
25::37 you've been smokin pod.100% haha
Adam Murray
I thought tommy was mad at Adam for running it without oil because it was leaking
Chris k
6:53 i love the diagnosis from the peanut gallery. zero knowledge
Jordan Heaston
She cried so much my god chill and don't butt in on something you don't know jack diddly squat about
Chaz Mason
dam guess it was bad huh adam
Lhonzkieee Leal
Ahhhhh wait.. is that a sil80 nicoles driving.???
Daniel Easter
Guys at the track have no idea what the hell they are talking about lol
Seth the guy
Maybe a crappy aluminum block?
Benjaman Mattocks
You should get a new GMC you can hear the turbo
Sean Hody
adam can you give your camera to alberto and make a spanish vlog plz
Julian Bryan
yep had that trouble b4 with some 1200cc injector
Nathan Higgers
Night Kid
allways good with good people out there
Uncle Nokia
nicole has a sleighty right??
Something I've noticed about your car, and a lot of drift spec cars, is that the front wheels will have a lot of negative camber, but the rear wheels will have neutral camber, and it makes me wonder why this is so common on drift cars. I know that additional camber is good for cars that experience high lateral g-forces because the weight transfer will roll the tires flat for maximum grip on the outside tires while cornering at speed, but with drift cars, the front wheels are typically pointed forwards in the direction of travel, even when the rest of the car is sideways.

Does the fact that the car is sliding sideways still somehow roll the tires flat even when they're pointed forwards? I imagine that's the idea, because in drifting, the front wheels should be gripping the road just fine. It's the rear wheels that are meant to lose traction.
Yung Flame
guck 240sx dsm for life
9:13 that look after nicole sreams xD
Tanner Fox
its the gas
25:34 Who smokes the blunts? Adam smokes the blunts.
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