Banana Tan
I saw that but I can’t really understand the plot. Is this only about rescuing the men? Also I didn’t catch who was who. If they were British or French. It was a very emotional movie but a bit messy for someone like me. Hope you can explain it
juan jones
Oh shit dead 💀 bodies in water I'm going to buy a ticket!!
Swapna Bhattacharya
I just watched the movie just to see harry styles😍but i must say i loved it💞
The Chdkeykdk
It's telling that movies like this and Logan have budgets 50 to 100 million dollars lower than other blockbusters yet they are so much better in quality.
Cillian Murphy is such a great actor! BRAVO!!
bob marly
Whoever find this basic shit need fucking help😐 this shit is so damn lame are better off watching the damn wall😐
alondra vasquez
I'm from usa and this is hands down the best movie in the world
Ghost Face
I'm so stupid! My teacher showed me this and it looked boring but not for the 5th time I watch it, it looks awesome!
Keshav Regmi
Is that Harry styles in 0:47?
Brogram Films
lmao i watched the wrong dunkirk thats why i didnt see this beach scene lol
Thanh Hằng Nguyễn
Who came here for Harry Styles?
Fini Basa
I feel sad now that i ddnt see it on the theater 😕
Man I love history movies, even though they may not represent what exactly happened back then, it gives us an idea what happened 70 something years ago. So many people today are blinded by the present and the future that we forget about the past. What we've gone through as nations clashed. Movies like this help us try to see and it makes us not forget..
john smith
Michael Brady
The park where the soldier just goes to the ocean to drown himself really showcases what these soldiers felt in WW2. The pain the horror of watching your friends die unable to go home knowing that they might not make it. This trailer captures the feel of WW2 may there never be a conflict that was as horrible as this.
Sital Karki
Lightskin Gucci Nigga
The lads made it home 🇬🇧
Nathan Ribeiro
Warner Love you Brasil eu amo essa warner
Ta Req
Overrated boring movie
brother old
love me?? click now
full show girl 2017
Would be even more better if it was rated r.
Atul Goku
Hey people dont waste your money...This movie is shit...i saw it........
Masud Abedin
Atul Goku
Yeah run you British pussies to home......What a joke 400,000 men bunch of shit....
Fam 1st
Wite people wite washing garbage.
الدوريات العالمية
subscribe please
BülentAbiPro lıke
ZeuS B
awesome work!
sri ram
Very bad movie.....
Not up to Nolan's standards
This movie was essentially a single suspense sequence that lasted two straight hours. I loved it.
Kevin Maina
how did this wars shape the world,if they had wiped each other out,that might have shaped the world
Picture Works
This trailer (and movie, I'm sure. I haven't been Abel to watch it yet) is fucking phenonamal. The sound design is from heaven. And the cinematography is truly amazing. You don't have to know anything about anything to appreciate this film.

But if you know anything beyond average, you are blown out of your mind.
Poke Card Collecters
Seeing this makes me want to saport our country.
Root 90
One of the crappiest movies I've see in a long time.
Augustus Trumpus Diabeetus Titleist
Just watch the beach scene of Saving Private Ryan... in reverse.
Michael Perry
I saw this 11 times at a museum
Sista Rhymz
This looks boring af
deler piromare
You can practically see it from here
"take me home"
-best script ever-
Shelby Van der Watt
I made the mistake of watching this movie right before writing a history essay on mandatory conscription.
smart & better life
Charsgil Sandoval
This is the world war 2 hawaii bombing story?
Hamid Ali
if anyone of you could studied the best book "the known unknown" then all of you will realize that all these are fake which we are observing and studying as well.
Panayiotis Theodorou
Uryer ururu 2
I watch this trailer everyday just to listen to the music
Tara Lunas
33M views just for Harry 😂
bily moon
♛Watch Free 🎬Dunkirk Movie 2017🎬 HD Quality 1080p MultipleSub♛
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Samrat B
Duh Kirk ... shit million dollar drama for blockheads living in some fantasy history ... this is worse than the titanic or even lord of the rings ...
Nick Scofield
This isn't going to be a popular comment but I'll say it anyway; this movie is overrated. There's no info that tells you what's going on, so unless you know the historical event, you're lost from the beginning. There's little dialogue so you aren't able to connect with any of the characters and there's no backstory on any of the characters in the film so you can't really develop a connection with anyone. Sorry, but I didn't think "Dunkirk" was that good.
As long as there's a British officer who shoots a German soldier with a Longbow i'm happy
Ava Strickland
Harry Styles is in the movie. Woah.
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