Dunkirk - Trailer 1 [HD]

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From filmmaker Christopher Nolan (“Interstellar,” “Inception,” “The Dark Knight” Trilogy) comes the epic action thriller DUNKIRK, in theaters July 21, 2017.


James Franco and Danny McBride are in the new Alien film and Harry Styles is in a film directed by Christopher Nolan and costarring alongside Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy? Well, 2017 sure is shaping up to be an interesting year.
Lorena Acosta
no mames! harry no se tiene que morir :v
Oh no, bad Germans again
As always
Ukerra Smith
Luis R.
I hope there is some good Bf109 v Spitfire dogfights in the film. I mean some realistic dog fights, not some cgi cartoon looking shit that has planes defying physics.
Mrs. MalikStylesBieberPayneHoranCarrots
I'm here for Harry
Jin Fortesque
Really like the music which starts from 1:28 ....No surprise that its Hans Zimmer ^_^
matt nolan
If someone thinks this is a only biography WW2 so wrong , This is about us mankind to how we are living in this world remember what the tang line said "The event that shaped our world ''
manoj singh baghel
eagerly waiting for this movie only because of the #CHRISTOFER_NOLAN...
the legendary director of-
#INCEPTION #PRESTIGE #DARK_KNIGHT #dark_knight_rises. #intersteller.... and many more...
How do you think this will do in the box office? I say 400 million WW?
Joseph Corey
I'm so proud to be English
Larry Stylinson OFFİCİAL
There are very few scenes in Harry
I think the film will be based on the full tom hardy
I hope it does not
Green Pipex
glad to see he's going to release war movie, Enjoy...
T Andy
Americans and brits make good movies about this war but seem to forget that the Soviets are the ones who really won the second world war and paid the biggest price.
i hope it will not simply be an english point of view movie. lots if French soldiers lost their life trying to slow down the german troops. hope Nolan don't forget that.
Hans Zimmer my man!!
Name of soundtrack please
Victor suarez
A good film for sure, but this wars are boring me.... i want to see films like inception or interstellar, more creative films...
The Guy Named Scream
I needed another Christopher Nolan movie
Aina Monterde
Sauron Merciful
this movie better be R rated .
came here after watching inception!!
As some obsessed with history AND harry styles.... This is just... Perfection.
Rizqullah T
scarecrow and bane
yay another ww2 movie!
1:28 Those low piano tones accompanied with the looping electric sound is gold to my ears. Hans Zimmer is without a doubt a living genius!!!
Jimtik kzeus
how come nobody is talkin about that sick ass soundtrack at 1:29? hans zimmer has done it again
There are Spitfires. Sold. :O
1:28 the music. zimmer ,is it?
Since Nolan doesn't like CGI, I'm so hyped that the movie will actually use real-life history vehicles
shame that it will be PG-13 ..
luke ketchum
I've always been a fan of World War 2 movies and I just know this one will be good.
El Cinefilox Geek
i just hope to see some blood to in this , i never see blood in nolan films, and this is a WWII film so....
Mey - Ling Ortiz
OMG!! Harry!!!
leo haigazian
Tu la sens la propagande américaine venir la tu la sens bien là?
Ils ont essayé de ridiculisé notre armée avec Bush et son intelligence inférieure à zéro,
plusieurs fois dans dans films ou des jeux vidéo ils ont fait disparaître l'armée française.
Mais vous le sentez le trucs venir ou ils vont parler vite fait de l'armée française et ridiculisé l'armée anglaise pour pouvoir dire que ce sont les meilleurs?
Et pouvoir éventuellement vendre leurs merdes qu'ils appellent "armes" aux autres pays?
Caterina Yakimavicius
like si viniste por Harry
Soledad D-F
Harry Styles and Gilderoy Lockhart. Yep this is gonna be good
Barbora jaklová
OMG!!! Harry Styles!!
Claudy Claudy
Neon Bluez
"You can practically see it from here."
Kevin Kwok
I hope harry styles' character dies from an airborne attack before he says a word. just to disappoint the 1d fans lol
Peter Karavias
Isn't it Dunkerque?
I think this might be the one that gets Nolan his first Oscar but definitely his first nomination.
I am amused at all the whining from the French in the comments. Without seeing it, they believe this movie wont have any French in it. In addition, some French nationalists called the evacuation 'abandonment', ignoring that many French were evacuated as well. Out of around 350000 evacuated, one-third were not British, but French, Polish, etc.
Agata Trawinska
I'll watch everything directed by King Nolan. And everything with Tom Hardy in it. So - won't miss this one. Looks bloody fantastic
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