Tushar Ratneshwar
can we colour on the clay
Mehndi for beginners
amazing u guys r superb hats off 🎩
Lucija Misan
It's ok
Lakshya Chandak
what is molding mixture
Babar Zaman
This is mariya
Mariya get bullied
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Joice Christian
So. Good 😜😜
Shiny Suicune Gamer
Aurora: puts paw on clay thing Suicune: awwwwwwww!!!!! Look at her tiny paw!!!!!
Nadia Vella
You are the best
S. Fiala
there are four in this and how does the last on "presurve memories"
Chloe boo
Friends for zoe
Chloe boo
This is zoe 🐶
She has no friends
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Hey guys, if you subscribe to me then I will sub you back just comment subbed
Samantha Lachhaya
I love all of them especially the first one
Zulyned De Leon
Guys plz if i get 100 subs with no videos my mom will buy me a MacBook pro for i can edit my videos and all the people who sub plz sat so in the comments and i will sub back
Personal girl
Hello i'm italian i love pizza
maggie G
maggie G
Diy Queen
Obout The baby footrpint, How long does it Take to dry? And If i Keep it in a box for 1 day wil it dry? Pls some one answer me that🙏😩😃
Layan Mohammad
Jun Bawiga
when i was trying to do that hand hand the first one my hand got's stack because i forget to put some oil on my hand so it got stack i remove it for 3 hours.

Edit:I didn't do it at all

Your Reaction will be:😑😑😑😑It's not funny like Are you Joking.
Aya Aa
Someone kill me just right now
Meesti Banerjee
The second one was the cutest diy!!
Jenipher Martinez
Jenipher Martinez
Rainforest Song
2:28 notice how thin and slender her arms are????
Maral Manukian
Tickler13misty13 -ROBLOX account
You guys can't count! Their is 4!
Jennifer Yang
So amazing!🗻🎪🚞
Gabi Radoslav
In 5 days it's going to be my birthday!!!!!(I'm turning 8)
Benio Adashino
Lilla Németh
Unicorn Girl:3
Brother: why do u like 5 minutes of crafts
Me: because when I watch it at night I makes me sleep Easily
I love u 5 minutes of craft❤️❤️
I'm gonna put my middle finger in there for the first one
syeda omaima
What can we use instead of cornstarch?
Colin The Computer
Ι lικε τhεsε ςοοl νιdεοs
sandra franzem
Bala Singh
first one is the best
Hải Anh Nguyễn
Bruce Thomas
I like your video
Rodrigo Llanos
vieron ese molde de la mano lo copiaron años polinesios
Irfan Hussain
Saly Pich
I did the baby footprint and it fell off the ribbon
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bird Lover ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
1:06 looks like pancake base Edit: 2:21 is not the theme anymore.
Angelique Juson
at least its not clickbait this time
Jasmine cupcake
1:42 a doll looking at the pic
Ivy Sakamaki
a three minute video?!? whaaaaaaa
this is amela 🙇
she want to have a twin
1 like - 1 twin
Aria123 beniou
What is the 'moulding mixture'?
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