Zakatak 698
One day I hope to get pinned
max and harleys pro gaming
use a good magnit to open the lock
wizard gamer
rick i hope you find a x26 taser again or a .50 colt pistol 🔫
Burning Godzilla 890
theres uesal a shot gun in trunks of police cars
Mathias Høeg
Can i have the police Bond pls
Beau Collar
Can I pleas have hand cuffs
Kik Ohiostatefa6
Try a drill to unlock the key hole bling bling
thomas sheely
You need to shoot a hole that looks like a circle
Salahadin Saad Botal
Khiree Bland
that can set the car on fire
Levi Woods
I want some do not cross tape
ghostminer 62
hope you find a gun
Gilberto Ramirez
drill a hole in the trunk
and pull the glow in the dark emergency handle
Doggy Dog
Hey crown Rick I'm on my nephew iPad what are u doing ohh its brent gray
Jake Sailor
Can you please send me a knife
ehab adel
Jason Michel
drill out lock then u have a chance
Robert Harris
I hope you find a gun
Roy Punzalan
use a hammer
stacey j
use a sledge hammer to break the key hole
Brion Cowson
wild wings bowl and the first
Brion Cowson
Brion Cowson
Kristi Gutzkow
all saw to break over in the to open the trunk
just put the crowbar in and then juat jump on it
Joshua Rourk
its not a weapon its for sticking in the ground
Braden Volkmer
can I have police do not cross tape
thomas george
Get a paper clip and gakinto. The car
BMV Game it
where can you do that?
If something wont work HIT IT WITH A HAMMER
Ethan van der Heyde
corrupt cop car. chain used to tie victims
Luke Jaffe
And wd40 the lock
Luke Jaffe
Next time cut the panel behind the rear seat with a gender and then reach in and release the latch
Diane Wirtz
Can I have that?
Konnor Cicotte
look at funny man smirking in that cage
trevor johnson
The dynamite shank is not that it has a stake in it so u can strike the flare and stick the steak in the ground
Debbie Ripchick
get a flare to open it
Debbie Ripchick
get a flare
Logan Buckley
Hey crown rick auto can i get some police do not cross tape
Chippy Thechipmunk
Try drill out the rivet on the fire extinguisher
Nathan Awesomeness
Can I have the SOG lether men
Isaac Barzilai-Lindsey
the nail like thing on the mini dynamite is so it can stick in the ground
I hope you do find a gun and keep it for yourself you never know in these bad times.
I don't think you will ever find a gun seeing how California has become so liberal and the cops are required to remove all firearms before selling these cars at auction.
George G
5:26 his face got revealed
try drilling-in the screw-looking-things on the fire extinguisher thing.
dianna chadwick
break the window with a 🔨
Jacob York
yes u should go through it
Cory L
door hinges Mann I feel it
Jun Wei Tan
use a lockpick to open the trunk.
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