I Broke Into The Cop car Trunk! Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71

I Broke Into The Cop car Trunk!fordcrownvictoriapoliceinterceptorp71crownviccvpi4.6lv8americanbrokebreak incrimeswatsecuritycarautocoptrunkflaredynamiteor


I finally broke into the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cop car trunk! Curious on whats inside? Then stop whining and watch the video for petes sake! Also the minion really crossed the line and attempted to GTA Grand Theft Auto My car! I had no choice but to throw his yellow banana eating Azz in Jail!
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YoungGamer Superman23
You shouldn't have drilled a whole through the key whole
Richard Barker
"Dyna-mite' .
Must be Italian".
Richard Barker
He was trying to open the trunk while standing on it.
king Fozzy
Hi if you find police tape can i have at least 10 meters
Toxic Rain
use a see on window
Richard Stacy
Why the hell would anyone find a gun in a RETIRED police car. Never gonna happen, guns arent just left behind in Law Enforcement.

Clickbaits people, clickbaits...
Amare Roane
Just beat the shit out of ot
Use a grinder
Rc Channel
Andrea Rumbellow
Sledge hammer
Sixten Eriksson
If you find a gun and can't open a trunk you could shoot it open
jason Voorhees
Nothing worked
Lightingbolt37 Beast
Use crowbar
Larry Pesce
that's for the hospital 9:40
Professional dog
Dino mite - wepon
Professional dog
Use a jack hammer
yusuf Arslan
You need use illegal firework like the cobra 8
Jacob Gentry
the plastic thing is a sand hole for playing golf
__.sarah. __.
Sa serait cool des soutitre en français
vloger Trevin
Hope you find a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miguel Valdez
Shot the window of the car
Kade H.
ok idk if u know this or if u dont but the nail on the end of the flare is so u can stab it in the ground so people can see u if ur broke down on the side of the road u may think why would cops need these...well the crown vics are fords so...
D3nk Meme
You Can use a axe too open up the trunk
التحدي aLta7ady_
Usd a gan to a window
Killswitch The Gamer
How much will u sell a push bar to me for for a 08 crown Vic
cincolleran 05
that thing was an impfibrillator pad
rodo gameplay
Where did you get the cars?
You are the best
Justin Oglesby
Use a shotgun
jason neri
dude did he seriously go through all that before trying the trunk release button. idiot.
dance is life
next use a chainsaw
You need Gordon Freeman's crowbar
Can I have psp I’m a loyal long subscriber
B Dugger
youse a gun a shoot the lock
Jonah Torpey
Ethan Rawlings
Use a hammer
Nathan Garcia
The nail is so oh can put them in the ground
Yoslaine Puron
Try to Breack it with a Hamer
jeurie droxenc'13
use gun to open that
TheNoobTuber 35
use funny man
Poop tree man turtles Bobs
widow smasher
Bart Severyns
Can i have the bullets
Brian Rodriguez
put your dick in the key hole and its gonna open
Jacob Nguyen
U should open the handle of the trunk then kick it up
Malthe Graversen
try to blow up the trung
I feel like we are more curious of what's in there than he is.
Carol Sarnowski
Cut it whith a grider
Amier Cruz
there's a gun in the trunk
Aiden White
the spike on the dynamite is so that they can stick it in the ground
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