I Broke Into The Cop car Trunk! Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71

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I finally broke into the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cop car trunk! Curious on whats inside? Then stop whining and watch the video for petes sake! Also the minion really crossed the line and attempted to GTA Grand Theft Auto My car! I had no choice but to throw his yellow banana eating Azz in Jail!
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Sean Mcdonald
Brack a window and Pop the trunk
Expliteron Boom
I love watching you try to break into these cars
Jamel Washington
Use a chainsaw
Charlie Starr
On old cars you can use A knife or scissors to unlock it
Holden Anderson
is that a flare or a stick of dinomite
yolo bro
Use your dinamite to blow it open
yolo bro
Open the truck by powering battery there should be a button on the door or by the dash
Morgan Schwalbach
he should of just amazed the window
Akai boss
bath room stops psssssssss!
Akai boss
Dino might weapon lol get it
Davon Davis
Davon Davis
This whole video is a l
Akai boss
and always break window or use flare on lock
Davon Davis
I hope to get pinned and subscribed /🤔🤔😑😭😭
ExpertKiller Thief1441
You could try drilling into the lock next time
Jonathan Hua
Get a lock gun
Chris F
Usually breaking the reverse lights, you can reach up and pull the emergency release.
cassandra mcmanus
where do you get the police cars from
Nick Jones
Why does he need a gun
Nick Jones
Why does he need a gun
Robert Endl
That boy needs a pill.
Tanner Rocky
Guy Carroll
Bash open the corners with the crowbars it should be easier
Dank Lisps
Use a con saw angle grinder etc
Nom Phouthavong
Use a screwdriver to pick lock
Blake Nelson
lava burst
you could've got a grenade
in ford they aleast the circled the problem
Sonny Smylie
Zac Wickham
Why didn't u get in the car and pull down the seat
Stacy Miller
Chris Robbins
hahahahaha listening to dumbasses!!!!!! go through the back seat
Chris Robbins
hahahahaha listening to dumbasses!!!!!! go through the back seat
this is tough to watch someone who obviously knows very little about cars try to break into a car. flare weapons!? that nail is so they can stick it in the dirt....how do you get a rivet off?? wow bro, wow...
Juice Velez
Back seat
Juice Velez
Yu really listen to this dumb people
you should have tried making a copy of the key! I got like 4 replacement keys for my sentra and when i went to open the trunk with the original key it didnt work but it did with the copy.
jack corvette
who got those metal shears ?
u can cut through the back seat not that hard
paul maciel
are u an actual cop or did u steal the vehicle, or do u work in a junk yard?
Kerbster Crushtic
the flares you found had stakes to jam into the ground and light them for accident scenes at night
Rock star
you will be put in jail
Walter Stagaman
You're retarded if you think you will find a gun there.
fuck this guy n his clickbait bullshit
Armani Rodriguez
Looks like he will be doing some hard time
Logan Slosser
you should of used that torch thing to melt the lock then pried open trust me I had work with one of these
max amillian
that black thing with wire is a wireless antenna
max amillian
you drill through the center of the rivets
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