I Broke Into The Cop car Trunk! Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71

I Broke Into The Cop car Trunk!fordcrownvictoriapoliceinterceptorp71crownviccvpi4.6lv8americanbrokebreak incrimeswatsecuritycarautocoptrunkflaredynamiteor


I finally broke into the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cop car trunk! Curious on whats inside? Then stop whining and watch the video for petes sake! Also the minion really crossed the line and attempted to GTA Grand Theft Auto My car! I had no choice but to throw his yellow banana eating Azz in Jail!
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The real Paul
One day I hope to get pinned
If you use dynamite on lock it will loose up so you wanna use the back of a hammer or screwdriver, the trunk should come out if it does not, then smash it then It has a 60% chance to open.
Joel Barrientos
why wold a cop level his gun in the car
Joel Barrientos
Joel Barrientos
lol funny man
Diana Longoria
I hope you find a gun
Omar Eyad
Me too I went to get pinned
Cheezychaze McKinley
gabriel 48825
drill the window!!!!!!!!!
Make america Great again
his attempts are so sad
Destroyer 112
Xbox one: I need a ambulance Ps4: calls 911 wii u wii u wii u
Use a flex
Dude seriously learn how to pick car locks and it will make your life easier
luck games
why you do that?
kenneth williams
POEL. fejs. race
flat head screw driver, it's what the thieves use.
Flare Casper
I always hope it is a gun but it is never a gun
Thekingofguns Hd
One day I hoped to get pinned sometime sometime it will come 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
I really like road flares. I use them a crap ton for roadside assistance and car accidents in my personal vehicle. When I'm not at work. If you wanna give me road flares I'll take them all off your hands. Seriously. Love your videos. I'm hooked.
Do u have a po box
Jackson James
sledge hammer
destroy a car !
Aaron Johnson
Flip the whole car
Aaron Johnson
Blow it up
Jack Gallagher
the spike in the flare is to stick it in the ground
Austin Munk
can I have hand cuffs
Cameron Parsons
it is a shot gun holder
jeremy greiner
Save you the trouble...nothing found
you have to drill out rivets to revome them
Extraterrestrial Gamer
Or a weak explosive
Extraterrestrial Gamer
What about using a survey charge
mario mtn gaming
I saw your face bro, you might want to edit this
Oscar Manning
Use a lockpick
Zero Ice
face reveal
Luke Terrell
Can I get some dynamite
Gabe Taylor
use a lihter
frosty pasta5
Sledgehammers are always useful
Little Red
drill out the lock on the trunk.
Sog sweden xD
Brock Fulton
open it
Felix Rodriguez
he ain't kicking for shit
Cheyenne V
bang the window with a hammer
Carolyn Stewart
ues heat
CM Riding
Should have just called AAA

Yes I'm kidding
Zach Ellis
you found a dabber haha
sangfroid sanga
use a pin punch and a hammer on the lock barrel
Drift king 911
crown rick auto that pin on the end of the FLARE is to be put in the ground
Caleb Moore
buy a gun and shoot the lock
Sem Amelink
top 😆😈
big_b798s gaming channel and vlogs
show us how to light a Dina mite
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