Very Serious Update Video


ヅnot sure if this counts as fridays with pdp or nahヅ

I love you!!
Raija Jernberg
Still the best youtuber❤️
Airsoft Asylum
You're right, I don't necessarily consume your content, but I decided to subscribe and support you because you represent:
- Freedom of speech
- Anti-discrimination/racism/fascism
- Against the media propaganda

You seem to be like a kind, humble and honest person, I wish you good luck.
Victoria Reyes
Please don't let the media silence you! You're such a powerhouse in your platform! They're trying to shut down the people they can't control, so quickly do they turn on those who speak their minds and don't back down.
taylan royale
Michał Kikowski
That ending xdd
Gez 13
I'm glad you called out that bitch I'm an old bastard and I subscribed.
Jedaqia Angel
The reason why I watched PewDiePie because he makes me laugh.
the police
Willie Cartagena
The ending 😂😂😂😂
Ralph Flynn
When I have a bad day, your videos cheer me up. You are the color of life, which I think says a lot about you. Your a expressive person, and many people like drama. Don't let anyone tell ur different.
Ralph Flynn
I like the video, most of them are very funny. I like your very expressful, and emotional about your videos.
Ralph Flynn
Hello pewds, I was wonder if u can say Wreck It Ralph
Laran Polyak
Why wouldnt we support you through this, wall street journal is throwing the term nazi around like its a hot potato.
Jenavieve' Williams
evry thing is ok even better than past exept about money
I know this is really late, Pewds but I support you in anything and everything and that what has happened to isn't fair. You're a good guy and the jokes you made I didn't even realise that they were those type of jokes. I support you no matter what :)
"So it went a lot faster, and a lot harder than I thought... but I knew it was gunna happen, because I let all guards down" - Pewdiepie. Context doesn't matter xD 2:23
thank gooooooooooooood u are alive!!!
I came to find your channel,, which has become my absolute favorite on YouTube now, from the ridiculous accusations from the mainstream media. I honestly had no idea who you were. I was pretty new to YouTube and got into watching different channels about different things. I cant believe I personally didn't discover the power of YouTube and all it has to offer. Well a video appeared on DeFranco's channel in defense of pewdiepie and the Wall Street Journey scandal. I then learned about the details of it and went to search for your channel. I watched several videos and I could not stop laughing. I truly could not stop laughing at every video! You are so unique and what you create in these videos is clearly coming from an authentic place, but its meant to be funny and allows the viewers to have a good time. It's quite evident within minutes of watching the first video. For me, I am grateful the ass clowns of the mainstream media (WSJ) blew something way out of context, AGAIN, and made such a stink about something untrue and based on whatever THEY wanted the narrative to be because that's how I found you. Selfish of me I know. THEY are fake and you are genuine. WSJ and other mainstream media outlets continue to do such a disservice to themselves and the people, whom they are supposed to inform and serve, when they create fictitious stories in order to be spiteful or create drama or to get more clicks/traffic coming THEIR way. They want to take away the power huge youtubers have on such large platforms because it's out shining their old ways of reporting. It's a shame they have stooped so low but you handled the situation with dignity and authenticity. Something of which outlets like WSJ lack. Again, if they could just report things that are RELEVANT with facts (that are checked multiple times to make sure they get it right, which is their JOB by the way) then i would have never stumbled upon this channel. My favorite channel. Never change Felix, never change.
M. H.
Sad Panda
Public relations is a bitch.
Issy Is Itchy
honestly, i used to watch you a long time ago, but after everything, i resubscribed and love you even more than i did before, i have so much respect and pride for you!
I...I love you pewdie😍
Nia E.
i applaud you for even being a YouTuber in the first place. i say so much problematic stuff all the time but know one really listens to what i say, but they listen to you.
Emanuel Boss
Im always here pewds fuck that morons ur the best :)
oot homogay'
Dani E.
Omg im so glad i saw this and made my night. I was from crying my eyes out coz i wanted to give you a hug on the your response video, to smiling from ear to ear to hear see you doing better. :) i love you pewdiepie! ❤️
Jiff eVo
nice video bro.....

way better than mine shit content
flyn martine
Just keep up the good work
carlos trollg
carlos trollg
Karen Leon
What happened to bro fist
I feel lucky enough to be able to understand pewdiepie' sarcasm and sense of humour.
In all honesty he is a modest and humble guy.
It's funny how many people think every joke he makes is meant to be offensive.
Well ok, I've been wanting to tell you, Pewdie, to be more careful so shit doesn't blow up like this in your face, but ok I guess not lol
What I feel about Pewdiepie is, I been bingewatching him on and off for the last 4-5 years. 90% of the time he is one big stupid fucking idiot and offensive as fuck (still funny somehow), but 10% of the time, he'll sit down and be really sincere, and I really like that. I've seen a few gameplay videos where in the middle, he'll just apologize for a thing he'd been doing and got called out on, and say "I'll try not to do that anymore".
And throughout his career, he still remembers to thank his fans, which to me is just really cool. Pewds is whiny af but he doesn't seem like someone who actually feels he's entitled to anything.
I'm just really proud too, cuz I watched his original playthrough of Amnesia, and he was just really unconfident back then and didn't seem to like himself. I feel like he's come really far, even though he's like, still self-deprecating with his jokes. Good job, Pewds.
It's been a pretty long time since I watched your stuff, probably a little after you got kicked out of that apartment. I don't think I understand your humor right now, so I'm like sitting here freaking out like "omg what are you saying!!! WSJ is gonna slam u again!!!!!" to like everything, and also being like "ahhhh why are you calling everything gay, I hope you are not actually anti-gay, also you are kinda sexist but basically everybody is"
just stay safe and maybe be a little more sensible, idk I came back cuz I heard from Cr1tikal about the WSJ article and ofc I believe you, Pewdiepie!
Bro Fist!
bonnie raby
u suck pewdiepie
Joi and Shaq
strenght in numbers
Noah York
I know you aren't a Nazi. It may not be the best joke to put on YouTube for the world to see, but the way you said it is obviously a joke. God bless you Felix.
Emma Olson
10k people are asswipes
Piwdiepie is the best youtuber ever, i am second best.
10.000 Tsd. missed the Like Button..😒
Started watching w my youngest and then got hooked...been watching for a LONG time! I am almost 40. It's ridiculous what happened to you. Slanderous nonsense! Much love and many blessings coming your way! Xoxo
I've watched a lot of your videos before, but never really thought of subscribing. But you're super cool and I enjoy your vids a lot. Subscribed <3
I don't watch you lots anymore but know km still here to defend you if you need it ok I'm still one of you many loyal Bros we love you and will stand by your side till the very end
love you too
J Michael A
subscribed. fuck msm
Kaeth T
I'm not a new comer though, どういたしまして!
media is jealous of you. cuz you're more awesome- er and amazing -er than them XD
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