Christopher CH
Most people suck at understanding how to pull over for emegercy vechiles my light were i live twice.... they taking a left... lady didn't want to go through red but she would of been clear to ore move to the side... the other time someone almost hit me off the road while pulling to the correct side of road...
Great Guy
swear Russians are idiots
brenda vandyke
That guy spitting is disgusting pig !!!
Harry Raynor
Welcome to russia. A country of retards.
bill ding
It's all good. Except for stupid, vile evil and demented crap.
Lmfao at the bikers that crashed onto each other ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Alex Kurik
ะŸั‚ะฝ ะฟะฝั…
Seth Emai
You are an asshole, an asshole with a lot of subs but still.... You keep adding the same clips in all of your videos. I wish there were a NUKE option, I would in a second!
Youness Alkhader
2:36 biker just went "nigga if I'm going down, u don't goin down with me" boom
Black Buick
At the 8:44 mark when the dude stopped on the off ramp, I would have passed him by on the right shoulder as the dude stepped out the open door.
joe Schlotthauer
You spit in my face, and you wish you were dead.
Funny Fails
Can I have this clip for my own Channel
Kush Hazard
People like the person at 5:01 are nosey pieces of shit. He could've went around but decided to be a dick and block him on that road. Person was wrong for being on the wrong side off the street but blocking them so they can't correct themselves is stupid and reckless
Katy Lepetsos
Karma is a bitch
Katy Lepetsos
Nice to see there is still justice in the world
Sherman Jonathan
I wish there was cop when I see some asshole drives like an stupid moron, but no. It never never ever happens. The pigs are never there when you need them-those doughnut munching totalitarians.
Main Line Productions
1:56 lmao
Chicken HeaD
9:22 "You know what.. I'm pretty much already dead, So kill me" lol
Wow no fucks given for the guy who got cleaned up on the scooter. Thanks humanity
Donald Parlett jr
And the spitter gets arrested for assault. We're do some people get off I don't know.
April R
Do the Russian cops hang out on the side of the road and wait for the idiots to drive by?
Jonathon Bracken
Dude at 03:02 died look at blood from head on ground at 03:06
2:58 oh, it's Darwin. HEY DARWIN!
Last one lol The guy would get so many charges, including at least two counts of assault.
Best of Compilations
LOL watching these video HIGH is funny af.
Fubar Garage
The Mustang at 2:00 wasn't really in the wrong, if one of those entitled biker guys tried to break my mirror I'd sure as hell run him off the road.
Herb Bluntman
1:57 Just what every asshole, dickhead biker deserves!
1:58 lol mustang couldn't resist.
I fucking love justice
OrangeCo13 Aztlan
Dude thank u for just spiting on me...ur their being all fuckin nice
Mikey Boi
imagine hitting a firetruck with a cop behind you, or hitting a cop with its lights on ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Toni B.
3:05 why anybody help them, he can die but anyone goes to him. terrible
TiteBay Girl
1:58 that one is the best I've ever seen! I would do the same thing xD
Jacob Chat
That dumb bitch that ran into a fire truck should be dragged to what Evers burning and thrown into it!
The Rusty Hubcap US
Taurus Interceptor in Russia?
Hippie Garcia
You ain't no grown man if you defend yourself if someone spits in your face. Point, blank
Dan Koning
In the end, it's never the video's that end up amazing me. It's the complete lack of virtue, morals and ability that ppl have when posting....F-this, F-that, and every other cuss word that can be typed, and then somehow, sex gets brought into Between no virtue/morals and low I.Q.s apparently, just about every video comment section is the same.
Dan Koning
The very first scene...I'd like to know how long the 2nd car was sitting there behind the 1st car and waiting to turn. Was the light green while he was waiting behind the first car? If so, what was he supposed to do when the light turned red...back up?
Mathieu Clement
4:20 doesn't look like it's done on purpose
Lt. Dan
Sorry brother firefighter, you should have come to a complete stop behind or at the white line prior to entering a red signal. Firefighter/driver at fault. Time line 6:50.
4:21 did nothing wrong unless slipping on a wet road is against the law
Chris Taylor
"Kill me because im already dead anyways" LOL
2:05 The car should not have done that. The scooter guy could've died.
The one with the girl and the firetruck sucks.
Thing is the firetruck driver is automatically at fault for running a red light. He's allowed to do it but if something happens it's automatically their fault.
Usually you'd assume that no fucking moron (aka girl) would go into an intersection when you hear sirens. She probably thought of cock and didn't concentrate on the road.
Sadly, it's still his fault by law.
Colin Blaas
6:52 how is this karma????
Bลshรฌdรนn Rรฉn
I hate bikers. Not all of them are bad but most of them think they're badass or something because they run from police
Timothy McNeeley
@ 6:46 I love how most of the comments say that it was the car's fault for not hearing the sirens because the music must have been to loud or whatever!

So, I guess that means that it's illegal for deaf and hard of hearing people to drive?!?!
The last vid. sucks! Show us the rest of the story or don't post it at all.
Junior M.
on 2:03, that's how you treat bikes when they irritated.
Does anyone know where can I find the full video from the last clip? Thanks
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