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Super Car Driver Idiots CRASH and FAILS [ONLY VIDEOS] Just 2016 NEW Video! Subscribe for more compilation about super car crashes and much more :)

Colin Blaas
6:52 how is this karma????
3:25 definitely avoidable.driver wasn't paying attention or (he/she,can't tell) was texting
Bostonian Gamer
I hate bikers. Not all of them are bad but most of them think they're badass or something because they run from police
Timothy McNeeley
@ 6:46 I love how most of the comments say that it was the car's fault for not hearing the sirens because the music must have been to loud or whatever!

So, I guess that means that it's illegal for deaf and hard of hearing people to drive?!?!
The last vid. sucks! Show us the rest of the story or don't post it at all.
Junior M.
on 2:03, that's how you treat bikes when they irritated.
anyone know where I can find the full video of the last clip
some of them I dont get. like the truck who turned left on a blinking Yellow but got pulled over and the one in the snow when the guy turned left onto the road.
Does anyone know where can I find the full video from the last clip? Thanks
you always know someone doesnt know how to drive when they run off the road when they hit a turn.. like you really think you could make that turn at 120?..
I wanted to see the rest of that last video!
Kay Skywalker
1:40, I hate people on bikes that think they're above the law when they're not. I have come close to hitting people like that just because they're on a bike. For running a red light, it's an 85.00 fine where I live. 6:53 reminds me of a van that stopped and then started moving again causing the fire truck to slid into a vehicle in the opposite that had stopped for the fire truck. The roads were super slippery that day. It happened so fast, it makes me wonder if the driver actually heard the sirens and considering the buildings, visually it would be difficult to spot the truck coming out.
Iona Moxie
congratulations, Russian rap is as bad as American rap.....
Galacticpulse Gaming
When you know a cop that have drifting skillz you know you are fucked
Ricardo Perez
Maga Cum Laude hitting police car: lol.
gabrielle kitts
"im pretty much already dead, so just kill me" WTF 😅
Aleida Ackerman
3:27 who is at fault? I'm thinking the guy who was crossing to turn but I guess it could depend.
Hamster Lord
Why the fuck are both sets of lights blinking red?
It reminds me of something that happened to I guy I knew. He was driving late at night. Stopped at a red light intersection. No one was around. The light didn't change for 12 minutes. He finally looked and went through the red light. Cop comes out of a hiding place and gives him a ticket. Probably had a button and just waited for people to fill his quota.
05:05 Pointless waste of everyone's time, especially people behind you. Leave traffic policing to cops
Richard Beline
5:10 ... okay, I understand pulling up to the car and making your point that they're in your way... but then continuing to follow them and block them so they're unable to get out of your way without backing all the way down the road... in what way does that help anybody?
Macin toshiba
fucking... American firetrucks are a fucking lightparade with earrape-sirens on them and people STILL FAIL TO SEE THEM?!
Tim Yassa
how did the guy at 7:04 not notice a huge fire truck with it's sirens and lights on smh
Adithya R
Finally found a video where a pussy biker tries to smash a mirror and gets rekt by the car.! thank you sooo much
Dirty Sludge
5:30. Just keep backing up, dude. It won't matter. :)
Dirty Sludge
2:07. Car versus motorcycle. How stupid could that motorcyclist be? A future Darwin Award winner.
Per Shop
I don't understand the one at 4:23 . The truck spins the tires a bit, then he goes left (The green arrow or light is flashing right now). The car behind him, also can go left (the green light or arrow is now solid). So what was the reason the policeman began to chase him? Is it because the flash green light means, don't turn left? (The persons recording it seems to know)
Moto Monkey
4:15 he says fuck off but he's holding up 2 fingers ???
Keith Andrew
More brain dead ignorant morons.
That is a bitch ass motherfucking move dude, I tell you what😂😂
3:40 is awesome, how often is there a cop right there when some moron crashed into you. And at 9:23 you can hear the cops coming. Perfect timing.
Davis Hatler
7:00 people could've died because of him. Burned alive, because the fire truck was delayed.
arnoldo aliste Duque
En una guerra, a los rusos no hay que darles armamento. Regálale un auto se matan solos
1:38 I swear it looks like a couple of dozen water bottles scattered on the road!
Savannah Matcham
that gay guy at the end needs his ass beat and not the kind he'd like
Javo Jajaj Slaudos
4:40 asereje??
Ron Blind
I LOVED the one at 2:21 :)
Native Texan
sorry, but 6:49 doesn't fall into the same grouping of idiots as the rest of these drivers. We don't know if she had a blind corner or not so you can't assume she would have seen the engine and she did have the right of way had their not been an emergency vehicle. It's very unfortunate for her, but I wouldn't really call her an idiot as readily as I would most of the rest of them.
Wolfy 111
I love watching the cop go "where do you think you're going"
Nick Motsarsky
2:34 with the bikers trying to block the cop car and then both crashing was the most satisfying part..
Anthony Wyma
How do you not absolutely drop the last guy
Cody King
3:08 I'm sorry its just so much more hilarious in fucking slow mo haha
Love it. 7:15 russian couple listening to Ella Fitzgerald.
Richard Monaghan
Are you stupid or just not smart
That ladies expression when sitting in oncoming traffic.... "but officer... its because, ya know... me and what i want"
Derek Rosenberg
Ouch!! Was that water bottles spilling all over the road, man he was thirsty, but seriously that's one reason I don't ride a bike, it takes to long to heal after accidents, seatbelts and airbags and some steel help cushion the blow.
Tyler K
9:50 uuuuuuhhh end too soon much? What is this The Sopranos?
Cheshire- Smile
I think we can all agree Karma is beautiful magnificent thing...
most videos are from russia
4:22... Wish more cops would write tickets to the people blocking the intersection. The person in the pickup truck is highly agitated because they are missing the lead light due to multiple people completely blocking the intersection. It does not excuse this drivers actions, but I can totally relate to this after doing similar after missing 4 straight lead lights one time due to the same thing.
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