How I Learned To Love My Body

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"It legit requires training to not see Mr. Uggo." 


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Created by Dav Yendler
Animated by Logan Kennedy

I have gained weight so my stomach doesnt look.. good, i have big inner labia, my boobs are kinda saggy or droopy and thighs are actually looking decent sometimes. I hate changing my outfit and see myself in my underwear i wanna cry
Sophia Rosales
i might try this idea out thank you dav i want to try this out right now
Yoahaan Y
what does the fox say

read more

edit: fail
Styling Curves
I like that someone is addressing mens body confidence concerns.
Viviane Derrien
love this vidéo. i already knew about this exercice and confirm, it does help. despite certain downs ^^' we always get back up
adam Illes
People have way to high self esteem
Destinee Leyva
Love this
So catcalling helped
Jay Vin99
This is the type of Buzzfeed videos we need. Not the sugar-coated, superficial ones that don't really help anyone. This is a good video and it really made an impact on me, especially the line "No one hates you as much as you hate yourself"
Thank you Buzzfeed... I needed someone to tell me that.
Jeremy Wong
Ooh this one got me good. Everything that he described, even to the exaggeration of the sketches and drawings, is exactly how I see myself; my chest is one of the touchiest subjects, after having been bullied in middle school. It is so great to see some light shed on this issue--how men can also suffer from body image issues and dysmorphia.

I am still learning to love myself. It's a slow process, but it's better and better with each passing year, and that's all I can really hope for.

It's really too bad that I can barely draw even a stick figure, or else I would definitely give that coping mechanism a try!
Simply just love this
Drella Bella
I love this so much I wanna cry.
Niamh Costello
Try being born with 8 fingers... there's nothing anyone can say that will make me love that
Slic Dic
yunno if you're not happy with how you look, you could always stop feeling sorry for yourself and I dunno, eat more, eat less, work out or just do whatever you need to do to appeal to the notion of whatever "loving your body" means to you.
Matilde Corazza
loved this video
Plot twist: she was being sarcastic
Harry Han
i hate my body, it is ruining my life
I did a video like this the other day anf it wasn't nearly as cool 😩
Shannon Carroll
Amazing... ❤️
Kelly Calberry
This made my soul happy. I have PTSD and depression issues. it has been a loooong winter here in Canada . Today, I thought i would try on some spring and summer clothes at the mall. I was so frustrated to see that i have eased my depression with food this winter, and gained quite a bit of weight . Been beating myself up about it since getting back this afternoon. I need to remember that im my toughest critic
Michelle Armbruster
Why would anyone dislike this video
Lucas Gaywad ;3
i have a bad view of my body image too..i have been overweight since i was little...i always think it was because i was so small as a baby but i think its because i was just given everything and wasnt told that im older its so hard to lose weight especially since im not very active and tend to lose my breath easily and stuff and being a transgender male doesnt help either bc you feel so disgusted by what you see in the mirror trying to create the perfect image of who you are. maybe one day ill get to where you are but i do hope that day comes soon bc im tired of feeling so self-conscious of my own body.
Billy Kindle
I'm crying ur beautiful!!!
Sarah Maher
This is great!! More of these please!!
Jasmine Panyasawat
this video felt like it should've been on Omeleto
Imogen Oakes
i love this guy, i dont know who you are dav, but ily
Elora Elizabeth L. D. H.
His body, the sketch of what he actually looks like, is what my boyfriends body looks like. It's beautiful and so nice to hold ❤️
Lucy Hrzic
i fell in love with this video.
i hate my body omg, if I would draw how I think I look it would honestly look better than how people see me :(
why not spagetti
It's a lot like the experience i had when i was dealing with bdd
Rachel Rose
This is utterly fantastic. Brought me to tears by how relatable it is. The art and animation was amazing as well! BuzzFeed staff is so talented and insightful! Congrats on your progress Dav!
i actually get off on my own body. beer belly, moobs, thunder thighs and all haha
Marvincent Acuña
I remember Alvin making a letter for DAV
Oded Gvaram
a shape to break the spell!
thanks for the Inspiron
Jeannie Kim
Sounds like Body Dysmorphic Disorder
cathy d
it actually begins with changing your perception after all.
caitlyn who r u
Now this is the type of quality content I'd like to see @ BuzzFeed
Amy Sanchez
congratulations buzzfeed, this is actually things I'd love to watch
I blame the media.
You shouldn't care about how your body looks.
Care about your health, and the rest will fall into place.
mariah kake
I never comment but this video truly means something to me on a next level . I'm really glad I've seen this so thanks .
Bronwyn Miles
As someone who suffered from anorexia and bulimia going through high school, and is still learning to see myself as I am, this video was really inspiring, so thanks 😊❤️
Alexis Holguin
I needed this. Thank you.
Grace Biglow
This is beautiful, thank you Dav. <3
Ifeanyi Nwonye
I think it's great Buzzfeed seems to be now addressing body image issues of men and not exclusive to just women. Good job buzzfeed, gold star for you
Annette Wong
I cried watching this. As someone who suffers from body dismorphia and who has recovered from anorexia only to result in binge eating disorder...watching BuzzFeed constantly cover fitness videos of people loosing weight and looking amazing has been so damaging to my self esteem. This has been a great video thanks so much for doing this.
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