Big Show vs. Braun Strowman: Raw, Feb. 20, 2017

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The World's Largest Athlete takes on The Monster Among Men inside a reinforced ring.


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Call Me Jayyy
is it only me or did big show get skinny??
Lenny Oli
I want braun vs Goldberg or stone cold vs Braun
Jocas Faller
braun strauman should be the new undertaker
this is so pathetic
Noelis Fonseca
roman reigns is awesome and monday night raw is roman empire territory now so be careful braun strowman because if you keep hurting roman reigns i'll get payback
Noelis Fonseca
roman reigns my leader because i'm part of the wwe roman empire is tough he got hurt by braun last monday well last week on monday and he came back lastnight to fight braun i love romanreigns he's the best
I want Strowman to do this to Reigns, EVER DAMN WEEK
Otf Reezy
the ring collapse didnt give me the same hype as brock n show but ok
vince you gay
MR. Haydut
Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman camoon
Branden Rry
look at the birds
Nikki England
wwwwwwwwwttttttttttttttffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!! holy s**t HOW?!
Matej Kesic
I was hoping for a superplex from the top rope (wwe 2k17)
mozg zombi
Electrical kid99
who knew one day big show will meet his match
Doryan Leclercq
Strowman lifted a 400 pound man onto his shoulders and carried him briefly for a few seconds, that's insane. That's the big show. There's only been a couple of guys that have come close to manhandling him like that. Kane and Brock Lesnar.
karl corroll
mr wrestler,7
big show sucks so much any more
Kairi Rose
At least you tried roman
Kairi Rose
OMG this guy is imortal
R Lange
yes yes yes braun suck !!!!!!!!
Braun Strowman's strength here reminds me of Kane in his prime, he's effortlessly lifting show her it seems
ruthlessmariobro20 gaming
dang I wish big show survived that
Strowman done a backflip up to his standing vertical.
فزاع الكربي
Israel Boswell
Tahir Abbas
Braun big shows stronger then you
Nicolai Aya-ay
iam a fan of big show and brow man sucks
Leati Joseph
3:12 #RIPReigns #ThankYouStrowman
cm punk The Best In The World
battle of the beards
Ronald Pilco Chipana
Braun Strowman su truco pasa
This should've been a whole feud that culminated in a PPV fight. What a match.
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I'm not Ready To Rumble
Strowman eat a snickers
you're not you when you're hungry
Bill Negan
you can be 900 pounds and 10 feet tall and still have a glass chin
Laimonas Velikiux
aj styles no winner vs john cenaaaaaaaaa
Dimitri Rascalov
Braun Strowman is king WWE
I miss the time when Big Show was actually good.
Oana Ionel
bravo big show
Manpreet Gill
braun strowman bad dead
Ya gotta love how the WWE rewards the giant by basically making him a 400-pound sack of potatoes for the millennial up-and-comers to toss around. The guy should be leaving in style, instead he's bolstering the next crop of fly-by-night superstars. Vince never did figure out how the whole gratitude thing works.
brown will face brock for the world title would be so sweet
The exact same as last week: Strowman takes out a big guy then Roman Reigns comes out, does two superman punches and then Strowman counters the spear.
_________________________________ 001
I thought the APA was coming out when I heard Roman Reigns titantron music.
lj leeke
WWE is fack
1:39 I think Braun might be the only one that's physically strong enough to do the tombstone pile-driver on the Big Show.
The Amazing El Phantasmo
Nice way to focus half the video on RR... But not that kip up that Braun did.
Chessey the Unisaur
More like big showman
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