We Tried the Best $1 Chai in NYC

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“Very comfortable tea, I could drink it all day."

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red label tea is the absolute best idk what kind of lives people are leading with yellow and blue label
lol I would have thought they would have stereotyped by have indians in host the video
simran kaur
chaaa ahhh😍😍
Zahraa Goolam- Hussain
chai a hug in a cup. It warms your soul
Starbucks 's Chai Latte is pumped with so much sugar and no real chai spices. In short Starbucks's chai is sweetened milk thats it. I will give 4/10 for starbucks.
Deepak Kumar
Loved it. Ahmed and Zamil Uncle ... You guys rock.. I will try all these Chai wala's in my next NYC visit..
Anyone else tragically hungry after watching that deliciousness?!?
Patrice Farmer
I want to try authentic chai. I am pretty sure I'm not drinking the real stuff at the coffee houses, lol.
I wish Handii gives me free food with chai tea like you guys got. Thank you al 3 of you.
Ahmed Ali Akbar is my new favorite online personality! So great to have a decent Pakistani doing amazing things! God bless!
Riana Malik
As a Pakistani American, I appreciate the debunking of Starbuck's 'chai'
Crusch Karsten
krishnakant shahani
punjabi deli is the best place for indian food in new york..
Jungshook NoChu Come thru
Omg when i saw the kashmeri chai i want kasmeri chai so bad rn since i live in Germany and there are not so many desi culture as America or England
Ammar Maritimus
Teh Tarik !
zara Khan
Syed Shah
There's a Bangladeshi bakery in Jackson heights near by TD bank they have the best chai ever and its only $1 LOL!!
Salmon Latte
I knew chai from starbucks and only ever got chai from starbucks and I love it so much. I wonder how amazing the true taste of chai actually, i hope someday I get a chance to try it!
Nazifa Ahmed
Nothing beats authentic Desi Cha. Not Chai. Cha
lmao they translated "desi" as "tasty"
Catherine C
this was such a nice warm video
Euphoria Plays
chai is life life is chai
1.4M vies Million views
"Really cold" snorts
Hemant Bhatia
you've gotta try "Chaai Point" and "Chaayos" outlets here in India..
Shahzaib Rasgeed
Guyz who choose their restaurant gave full marks
Mingjian Zhang
hhhh I know so little of chai as one working in starbucks...
Noor Gill
Anyone know where to get this in Toronto?
Kira Nightray
Modi needs to go there.
Aqsa Tahir
am i the only one who hates tea
Aqsa Tahir
kashmri tea is love
W Esam
shai not chai
Kanzah R
come to chicago and do this!
Hillary Clintons Cliterous
Was anyone else waiting for the taxi to blow up
Satbir Bhaurla
i love his scarf!!@ 😍😍😍
Snehjot Saini
Yo much love to my 🇵🇰 peeps! Desi swag!
:O my dad knows kulwinder singh, he used to stop by a store near where i live.
The HummerMeister
Ahmed allahu akhbar. I thought my pc would explode tbh
apoorva 30
Pink tea we have in Jammu also. My fav.
Hobo Van Camp
3:05 Holy smokes, Manmohan Singh is also a chaiwallah..
Enigma White
car full of muslims in new York, not suspicious at all
Navu Kumar
I bet 90% likes came from Indians
cybil jutt
in Pakistan chain is so famous ...even we have a famous chai wala..
Tokotoko Bunni
I could go for some chai right now.
Isaac Vuong
Ahmed: Im ahmed!
Cashier: ok....
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