We Tried the Best $1 Chai in NYC

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“Very comfortable tea, I could drink it all day."

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rebecca mahmood
nothing beats original street stall teas back home #ChaiWala
Baby Gurl
Drinking masala chai while watching
Hrishabh Divya
1 $ = around 70 rs wtf .. ... no thak you my 5 rs chai is best
archit sharma
dud Patti is punjabi favourite
fer bhave India ho bhave Pakistan ho
Emm X
After this video, who really had the craving for chai? I don't even drink it that often but mmmmm, all of them looked SO good!!
Karan Bharaj
Ahmed looks like a brown version of Sal from Impractical Jokers
Persian and Turkish the best tea add cardamom and enjoy
Likhan Ghosh
Loved it!
Riktam Sarkar
Lemon tea also taste great
Andeel Ali
I am a Pakistani and the tea I love the most is McDonald's Cardamom (NesTea) and it costs only a dollar!
Ruki blomst
That background music was so relaxing
Tyler Miller
allah akabar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angelo Lopez
Ever tasted Iraqi chai?
Adam Blister
If you're in Dallas area looking for the doodh patti chai, AL MARKAZ is the place! https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/al-markaz-carrollton
Saumya Rawat
Chai = life

blue jay fan101
Rupesh Sahu
in india everyone have atleast 3 cup chai a day, we say "india runs on chai"
Hawra Mustafa
Instantly hit like after the bismillah:)
Dont let this distract you from the fact that The prophet muhammad had 11 wives. One of whom he married when she was 6.

Muhammad is a pedo, dont forget.
When your Punjabi and say Chaa instead of Chai 😂
Red Booom
this is indian thing..definitely not the chai that i know..
Dude, the cab driver speaks in Punjabi ( Indian language) at the 4:50 mark of the video to the owner of 'Haandi' Not in Urdu.. BTW the dishes being shown on the table you are eating at is of course eaten all over the Indian subcontinent not just Pakistan as mentioned towards the end of the video. Chai recipe mentioned is consumed in countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh... Not just Pakistan. Lot of misinformation going on! ;-)
Urooj Fatima
Kashmiri chai is the best. It's literally served in every British Pakistani wedding.
meral khurshid
We actually have kashmiri tea or regular tea at our wedding at times
Wrong, best chai comes outta my kitchen
khurram amin
If u wanna try best tea in ny
I think u miss kabab king tea :)
Papa Ji
I'm drinking Chai (desi) now, or should I say "Chai Tea Latte"....?
Prabhjot Lidhar
Chai is Indian
Shop in my college provides a better tea for Rs. 5 ($0.08)!
Iam Sir Z
Chantal Gaye
Is he gay
Aneela k
Now... I want some too... Love chai latte
can't say not to the titty milk :D
Every time someone orders Chai Tea Latte and tries to explain how much they like 'desi' culture, something inside me dies.
I am so going here on my next shopping expedition
Navya Mishra
sips masala chaigood chai these days is so hard to findshakes head
goodman gilman
goodman gilman
dhudh patti is the best
that was punjebi not urdu at Haandi while ordering
They should make a video like this, but to find the best pani puri in NYC (or more realistically, the San Francisco Bay Area).
Zahid Hasan
Tea is called "Cha or chaa" in Bangladesh and without it life is impossible here.
Pristine Berry
Hardeep Singh
How is chai Islamic. Chai is Indian Dharmic and in fact tea originated in India. So the whole premise of using tea to show the plight of Muslims in USA is invalid
Living in Moscow is painful as an Indian! Not many chai places here! 😩
PandaTV Plus
How much do Indians and Pakistanis have in common??
PandaTV Plus
I like buy tea for 5-10 rupees max. What does that cost? 1 dollar=70 rupees.
Indians are master chef for chaie
Zunaira Ahmed
Patloo Son
🔴Can't believe it's the same place where 9/11 happened. Buzz feed should feed itself some sense. Muslims?? Shameless bastards who spread so much hatred and don't even regret about it!

Shame on you to run such show!
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