We Tried the Best $1 Chai in NYC

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“Very comfortable tea, I could drink it all day."

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JC Maldonado
I love my masala spiced chai tea latte with milk
Ni Enye
it's amazing how Pakistanis and Indians are like brothers in America, compared to when they're here in the middle east or in their own country where they're fighting most of the time.
ItzzFrazzy 987
Can't believe they didn't mention ChaiWallah
Lipton tea! Woot Woot! Was waiting to see if anyone used Red Label or Kanan Devan tea. :D
Omkar Z
You can get 10 cups of awesome tea for $1 on any street in India! How cool is that huh?
Faraaz Baig
the sad part is im indian and lactose intolerant so no chai for me
How have I not seen this video earlier? Wanna see more vids in this series plz!!
U saw gus lastname Akbar
i was thinking
Amanda Pruitt
I want some now
ayesha x
watching this right before iftari 😂
This is why I want to live in New York.
Sarah Mickel
I was so happy to see the chopped pistachios for the last one!
"Because that's the way PAKISTANI do I guess"

yess yess yess
Kyra Dickie
I always thought chai was russian, but russians just have it normal tea with no milk or sugar. All my russian friends call it chai.
FaizyTUBE Khan
ami!!! chai
FaizyTUBE Khan
live long Pakistan
umairah kalim
im going to go make some chai :)
Dedrek Lorengrad
why do you even put spices ? it totally destroys the flavour of the tea.
Fly with Seraph wings
doodh patti tea:O. I'm missing on a LOT.
1$ for a tea there?
we get it here in india for 5 rs
Priyanka Kasargod
I loved this
Dhruv Nambiar
He did not speak urdu he spoke punjabi
choudhry ali
Someone pls tell these Americans how much better chai is for them compared to that trash they're addicted ti
shahzaib ahmed
giz biz
They call it chai tea, we call the bun bunpaav.. lol most people in Mumbai do. A sweet wibs bunpaav with chai tea. Yum
Say no to racism.
This video is so warn and cozy,just like Chai.
Sujal Burman
That Guys are from porkistan.
Ahmad Wazir
Curse this chia, now Ramadan is in the corner. Will get tea related headaches. it's a drug, too addictive and dependent on it. Tea is my weakness.
Akshay Awaghade
lipton tea is worlds worst tea brand
try taj mahal
h20 nh4
all Muslim s r terrorist...i fear Muslim very very much.they r wating for blow us all .in the name of their god....
rebecca mahmood
nothing beats original street stall teas back home #ChaiWala
Baby Gurl
Drinking masala chai while watching
Hrishabh Divya
1 $ = around 70 rs wtf .. ... no thak you my 5 rs chai is best
archit sharma
dud Patti is punjabi favourite
fer bhave India ho bhave Pakistan ho
Emm X
After this video, who really had the craving for chai? I don't even drink it that often but mmmmm, all of them looked SO good!!
Karan Bharaj
Ahmed looks like a brown version of Sal from Impractical Jokers
Persian and Turkish the best tea add cardamom and enjoy
L. G.
Loved it!
Riktam Sarkar
Lemon tea also taste great
Andeel Ali
I am a Pakistani and the tea I love the most is McDonald's Cardamom (NesTea) and it costs only a dollar!
Ruki blomst
That background music was so relaxing
Tyler Miller
allah akabar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angelo Lopez
Ever tasted Iraqi chai?
Adam Blister
If you're in Dallas area looking for the doodh patti chai, AL MARKAZ is the place! https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/al-markaz-carrollton
Saumya Rawat
Chai = life

blue jay fan101
Rupesh Sahu
in india everyone have atleast 3 cup chai a day, we say "india runs on chai"
Hawra Mustafa
Instantly hit like after the bismillah:)
Dont let this distract you from the fact that The prophet muhammad had 11 wives. One of whom he married when she was 6.

Muhammad is a pedo, dont forget.
When your Punjabi and say Chaa instead of Chai 😂
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