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Introducing Complicit, a new fragrance for Ivanka Trump (Scarlett Johansson).

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Kate McKinnon should do an impersonation of Scarlett Johansson
Donny Balls
never a mention when Obama was bombing Syria
There are almost zero Trump supporters complaining in here. People just look for a way to bash us in any way I guess. It's a funny skit and no cares just get over yourselves
Yur Face 2.0
RIP Ivanka Trump
Manveer Singh
laynn 10
So this is the American way of taking care of one another. A nation that use's the term
"WE THE PEOPLE" would rather cause division.

Those who demand to be tolerated are unwilling to tolerate...that is what you by your own admission in these comment have proven.

May God have mercy upon you ALL
mexhapati luv
Queen Of Green Christi Kelly
#Brilliant OMG JUST.....BRIALLIANT....
Melissa Warren
This is 10 times funnier after watching that Ivanka complicit interview.
HEY. I think that you should be in a lot of trouble for making some of your videos unavailable to people here in the states. Are you hiding something or just confused? Either way, you should fix it since it's disgusting.
Eli Day
LOL!! She's totally Billy Zane.
Ana ayala aguirre
: )
Scarlett is awesome. :D
Olivia Braun
"oh how we see her" trump shows up in the mirror😂😂😂
Andrii Mazur
Ivanka is much more beautiful than this scarlett.
IVANKA would make a great president, but I think we need General Mad Dog Mattis first.
Rick James!
I wonder how it smells
Marsha Creary
ROTFL LMBO!!!!!!!!!!
Ivanka is the future president as well.
love the whole Ursula looking into the mirror parody!
Complicit. Made in Russia.
The words genius should not be used lightly. This is comedic genius! It tells a profound truth while being incredibly humorous. Bravo SNL!
Ha! It's so funny -- this is becoming more and more true by the day!
Princess Alize
you rock Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett perfectly replicates Ivanka's weird frozen smile
Kimerie Tate
Melissa Villasenor looks really pretty here.
Rohar Baconmoo
Because the fat one has room to be critical.
Mellisuga Helenae
who is this ugly woman?

Who is that hunk?!
Diamond Koopa
Wow slow captions huh?
Joseph Freese
Pretty sure she's darn right criminal at this point. If her father husband goes to jail, no way her husband and her should get out of it clean.
Scarlett Johansson's ass in that dress omg.
Robert Gregory
I kind of fell sorry she has to be around dirty Donald...she is in hiding from the fallout...
Juan Nunez-Martinez
Vanessa Bayer's face in 1:03-1:05 is priceless.
Jason Unsell
I wish Ivanka was President instead at least we would have something better to look at during these trying times
sahil kavaiya
Virtue signalling celebrities
Estelion Sindanoriello
New Trump's fragrance, Complicit: Orange peel, Siberian pine, coal plant fume and a bit of racism. Only for 9.99, call now :P
Stannis Baratheon
Complicit....said the white washing box office flopper. man the Zionist are pulling out all the stops and failing miserably.
Red flaaag...
Greta M.
Joke's on you: Billy Zane is hot as fuck :'D
Bit Mask
Ivanka is better looking than Scarlett.
"also available in a cologne for jared"
Gen Valencia
I don't remember who Billy Zane is... but I really hope it's the guy who dropped the keys 🔑
James Butera
she wishes she looked like ivanka
Michael Holmgaard
Daaaaaaaaaaym!!!!! :D
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