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Introducing Complicit, a new fragrance for Ivanka Trump (Scarlett Johansson).

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Fuuuuuuck this is hilarious
So... I get the idea, and on paper it's really funny, but having Scarlett Johansson play Ivanka kind of ruins it. A part of a good sketch is how well you can make the actor look like the character he/she is portraying. But it doesn't work when the actor literally looks like the character. Scarlett and Ivanka look too much alike. They're both blonde, they're both sexy, they have kind of a similar facial structure... I don't know, this just looks like Scarlett Johansson, it creates a disconnect. What you could've done, is maybe put Baldwin in drag, or get another actress to play Ivanka, but that's just my opinion.
Jack t
Ivanka looks like she would give her dad a BJ just to be on his good side.
Public Opinion
The really funny reality is Scarlett Johansson has HERPES hahahahha true story! here perfume would be called {A B R E V A}
Kathrine Be
Why people have to hate ivanka. That's what crowd want to
Too funny!
Party loyalty is unhealthy and the herd mentality overrides common sense. Everything is always the other party's fault even though both you morons are ruining the country for everyone else. Trump was literally giving a middle finger to old people that supported him and his supporters are still on his dick. Liberals shut the fuck up about labels no one cares that you are a gender fluid binary squid man. Only you do.
Sebastian Spencer-Rollins
They even got her to do that run Ivanka does . I could not deal lat that part .
Nicholas Sanchez
If Ivanka is complicit then what does that make Chelsea Clinton and her rapist father? Scarlett is ugly and SNL is not even funny anymore.
blevan jarrett
Legit none of this was money
Lindsey Normington
cool scarjo but you've been complicit in a lot of racist bull shit like how many times has she played an asian woman??
Annisette Lefluer
I wouldn't have tried to compare her to Ivanka. There is zero resemblance , Ivanka is such a beauty! Bunch of ugly jealous people. I guess when you're born rich and beautiful the world hates you and compares their ugly insecurities.
You know some of Trumps kids were registered Democrats including Ivanka. They couldn't even vote for their former Democrat father in the New York primaries. I'm waiting for SNL to make fun of Chelsea for trying to find someone to clean up the Clinton foundation after ripping off Haiti for hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm going to have to hold my breath for a Yuge amount of time I bet. Who really is complicit?
Monte de Sion
LOL 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Mia Bonnie
She's just as bad as the rest of her family.
Matt London
This AD drives me nuts... in a good way XD
frank marquez
I didn't get it....
Matt London
"Also available in a Cologne for Jared" kills me XD
President Donald J. Trump
She's complicit alright... making America Great again!
Deplorable Tom
liberal jackasses. she's a role model for women everywhere, yet all they can do is mock.
Scarlett is damn pretty but she looks like she is going to binge eat very soon and plump out.
Ron Really
Such a trashy show. It used to be funny. I quit watching it when they got so stupidly political. Haven't seen Johanson for awhile. She is getting quite old looking. Oh well. Another brainless biotch.
She is not complicit, she is in bed with Kuschner and stands by Daddy.
Uncommon Sense
SNL you're so desperate now. You were completely blindsided by your own pride when Donald Trump WON. Now it's time for Donald Trump to change the minds of the remaining brainwashed public you hold so dear, through action. So enjoy your propaganda while it lasts, because the American people are waking up. No matter of democrat vs republican anymore. A matter of waking up.
Uncommon Sense
Saturday Night Live's facade of entertainment does not excuse their INEXCUSABLE prejudice.
담배 좆과함께 좆물나게 빨아재꼈는 것 같이 생겼네
Javier Feliciano
Spotted Mellisa Villaseñor
Oh and the absolute fucking plank that is Michelle Obama was much better. Get a fucking grip America
Badger BadgerBadger
We finally get control of the religious right and now liberals want to Make America Retarded Again. M.A.R.A. via S.N.L.
Nigga Alex! Is Doing This Shit!
Can I lick her pussy?
Marci Nelson
What is worrying is that a large part of America is complicit in supporting such a blatantly immoral and dishonest person as some kind of Messiah, and that many are Christian.
Scarlett is hot but the smoking is not kind to her face.
Mikey Sal
Mikey Sal
Cool. SNL is still a thing??? Didn't know that.
Michelle Higgins
Honestly SNL, as much as I love the show, disappoints me so much with this desperate attempt to discount Ivanka or ANY woman for that matter. They completely focused on the fact that she was envied, beautiful and desirable & powerful. Without once acknowledging the FACT she's educated, extremely intelligent, scandal free, and a prominent & successful business woman. This gives the impression that she's simply eye candy, existing for nothing more than to mindlessly be attractive and depend on her attractiveness or sexuality, and that her success or power exists only in her outward appearance.

THIS is the exact opposite of what feminisn represents, in fact it's sexism. Because it's a partisan skit created & focused on nothing more than discounting a woman because she's beautiful, as if we cannot be EVERYTHING a man can be or accomplish just as much without being complicit or attaining those successes for any other reason than our looks. Disgusting, honestly
Sugar Glider Guy
Sugar Glider Guy
Lets Read!
Must be so fucking annoying being part of the SNL cast during this endless liberal tirade. But hey, whatever pays the bills, amirite?
Angelica Carpitcher
Scarlett Johansson looks good as a blonde
Mikaela Mika
Ivanka is more beautiful than Scarlett. Can't be compared.
Joseph R
I hear Chelsea Clinton also wears this perfume
i suppose the fragrance she'd promote for herself would be just named "pathetic"
This was just dumb.
If SNL made a new fragrance it would be called "Repetitive".
Daniel Moore
She's a pig
Five Four1
Why is it okay for leftists to make fun of people and belittle them but if ANYONE on the right wing were to do it there would be a shit storm?
Kenny McCormick
now do the same video of George Soros walking through a riot: Complicit
valid 5
Why are trump supporters so fucking stupid they automatically assume you're liberal if you don't like trump
wandering scott
another step down for SNL....still going lower and lower. no humor, and getting the ever scabbier hollywoodtards to do the skits for them. pathetic!!!
John Sloans
Almost like Ivanka! Except for the spare tire belly bulge
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