... he won't be invited back.
Nick Sofialakis
I'm not a US citizen but i can see how the (Fake US Democrats) are loosing their near by opportunity to have America fully hijacked just like Russia in 1917. Thus the Globalists Zion BANKSTERS are furious because Great Trump is unveiling their Satanic NWO's hidden objectives and the m/s Zion media is trying harder than ever to derail the Trump's Train Of Jesus who's about to give them what they deserve and free America and our World for good!!!
Ron M
colbert is stupid
I work retail. I sell them every day, and now even on the Late Show I can't escape the fidget spinner. Why, God, why?!
Kym Ratliff
Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news, a sentiment that is held by a majority of voters across the ideological spectrum.

According to data from the latest Harvard-Harris poll, which was provided exclusively to The Hill, 65 percent of voters believe there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media.

That number includes 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents and 53 percent of Democrats. Eighty-four percent of voters said it is hard to know what news to believe online.
"sacrifice one of his children, oh and a good one too, not Eric"
mayb god rigged the election so Trump could win, get the fuck outta here with that god shit u fuckin idiots
Jamie Roby
I'm assuming those 453 dislikes are for the fidget spinner...
Doug Morgan
van Tran
stephen colbert the man who always talking Donald trump . Maybe he liked him!
Is it just me or was God wearing pink nail polish? 2:33 LOL
Sarah Lomas
Wait, all those 3 religions pray to the same god, so.....
Thiago Vazquez
Originally answer leave orientation science jazz dilemma leaf piece democracy.
Hi Stephen thank you for this video (♥️ the God apparitions)! Rarely have I watched talk shows (til Trump's inauguration). Now I watch a few, "The Late Show" being my favorite, due to your comedic brilliance and sense of social responsibility [also a shout out to your writing, research, production teams, guests and last but not least, Jon Batiste ("coldblooded!!!") & Stay Human.] Your unrelenting wit and courage are much needed in today's America. For many of us sans a public platform feel helpless, hopeless and voiceless towards the tyranny we currently face. You are one of the authentic and genuine champions for those of us that are feeling confused and vulnerable in the midst o FCC the Trumpian regime. Thank you for choosing to utilize your talent, celebrity and resources to challenge and bring awareness to- the countless malfeasances, discrepancies, derelictions and ironies that encompass our current power structure. Your humor is cathartic; Your subject matters, socially responsible. Also, I am appreciative that it is on YouTube free; I cannot afford the luxury of cable TV (even basic cable), do its a real treat. Thank you, your team and CBS for allowing ppl to view your wise and heartwarming funnies free if charge. And hope it's ok to thank the FCC for letting you "let it rip"! God bless you! -Tina O. from Massachusetts ♥️💙💜💛💚💗
"And not Eric." LOL. That made the whole video worth watching
Urfana Husain
That was live in real time wasn't it.

(Kinda like Crush the Turtle?)
It is a Melanin deficiency!!!. This is blasphemous and empty-brained to dare to depict God as albinoid or pink-skinned. How can anyone in his right mind depict GOD the PERFECT ONE, THE CREATOR of life, as pink-skinned and DEFICIENT IN ANYTHING?! Outlandish psychopathic disorder!! Whoever made that animation is one of these many vile beings that have no concept of truth and want everything to worship them.
Sweet Jesus! This image was disgusting! Painting God as yourself though you look like a demon!
Why are Whites are so terribly prone to self-worship? it is disgusting. It is always shocking to see how much these creatures worship their own distorted, colour-deprived image. So much that they defile everything to look like them. Even the animations of fish and elephants have blue eyes (For those who do not know: it surprises me how stupid these people are that do not know this. It’s in yr physics class!: The blue eye colour is a result of refracted rays of light due to the complete absence of melanin. That is why some whites have “changing eye colors”:- they talk about their eyes matching their shirts on some days. It’s not an actual colour. It’s only refraction.)
Ruthless Savage Hatred
i was literally playing with my fidget spinner the same time as god haha
Harley Pappas
i'm an atheist but this is hilarious
Darrell May
The God thing is soo great!
leonardo o bello
The good lord should not be protraited or used to insult President Trump. Shame on you Colbert hope you burn in hell.
Viscera Trocar
Rare moment where Stephen flubs a line three times in a row at the end. It's great.
Rock And Roll and. rock
Magical Misery Tour ;)
Crunchy Ice
Jesus can you make a video on anything other than trump? It's people like you who make fun of others because you are jealous.
Neil Mathews
its funny because you know........there's no god
Ben Montano
God has a fidget spinner...I feel so validated
Breeze Incognito
I think God gave Trump because of America's arrogance. Basically putting up a mirror to see for themselves who they have become.
Gained Average
Steve Harrington
fuck israel
There is a video on YouTube where Stephen Colbert and Bill Nye discuss how there is no God, but yet we see this segment with what he is referring to as 'God'. From my understanding, he does not believe in God, so I don't see how he can use him as an example if in his opinion he doesn't exist.
This is stupid as fuck to be honest, Trump is trying to get closer to Israel and you gotta find a way to make him seem bad no matter what it takes, even saying something as dumb as, "God thinks trump is getting needy" like who the fuck are you to say things like that, and to have anyone impersonate and humor "god". Liberals are desperate asf and they own the media, so its hard to be on the media as a republican to be honest.
David X
God is great - first HE let Trump be POTUS then HE lets Stephen make fun out of it - HE is the main comedian
Plus, I really wanna ... I really want to see that pee tape. 😂🤣
pee tape
dave skerritt
Oh God! Ooops, I might have used the Lord's name in vain there!. I find it amazing! We usually never see God, but Stephen manages to get him to make regular guest appearances! And it turns out that God is just as stupid as the rest of us! And by now I would have already thought that Stephen was destined to go to Hell (according to Trump, who seems to think he is God ). I know that I just can't stand that damn (oops, sorry God) darn Trump administration. So far the Trump administration is so fucked up! Ooops! Oh, I'm so sorry God, for using that fucking 'F' word! Oh God, I'm doomed! Oh no .Now I'm going to have to worry about those Jehovah Witnesses knocking at my door to set me right. lol :)
R E T R 0 W A V E
racist that god is white
Jackie T-M
Buy a God a drink first LOL!
Christian The W
dat Biblical shade
Free Mind
Lol God thinks some need sick kids get borning because of bad karma..
Dare - wait for it - Devil
Wait, God is a white man?! But... but... So disappointed. No longer a believer.
karam jnah
that roast
Benjamin Doepel-Stevens
Stephen knows there is no magical sky daddy, right?
John Bidochka
"NOT Eric!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Michael Roberts
Try this with Allah instead of God, and around the world people will die. Colbert will need protection 24/7 etc....
Jeffrey Lu
Is it just me or does he sound a bit like Wikibear from Conan?
wannipower Name
God has some rad nails. To bad he doesn't exist.
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