High School Crush | Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita & Loren Gray

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Lele Pons
its just me
seems like lele is the favorite student
Ashley Cineus
love you lele
alex reyna
OMG the girl with the black hair she was jumping I'm was dying that part😂😂😂😂😂
Dahni Austin
😂😂I love this one its adorable
Yelena Diaz
like these vídeo she is spanish like these vídeo for lele pons is súper cool
Yelena Diaz
I can`t see for my sister she said me queme these tablet in me noo
Ricardo Benitez
Lele Pons you are one crazy Blonde , hilarious,😗😘😗😘😗😘😗
Jazmin Orlando
Lele puedes poner subtítulos a tus videos porfa☺
Nothing I
Kate Torttla
Major video!💜
My Life
I just realized it was Loren
Ana Delaney
"This is such a weird country" hahahaha
Lilly Brensinger
I wish that's how it worked for me
Best Friends Dont Last Long
Tonni love
that is the opposite of what happens with me
lolo tv
Lonen gray 😙😙😙😙😙
Teen Trunks
marlon webb doe
J3LLY Playz
I like the detention part. GENIUS
sheetal mandyal
Lantas Blitar
Dana Alexa??
U look like Taylor Swift
Spider Mann
That's like me running toward pizza
slime shorty
I love u lele

And innana❤
Eadie O'Connell
This was awesome
xX gamergirl4lyfe Xx
Lele u said Pikzza 😂
Liliosa Paletua
Lele. pon. Are. my. favorite pretty much better than me at it
Liliosa Paletua
are you guys
relle broking up
you guy's☺☺
Rebecca Wang
I love his voice
Alexander Hernández
Juanpa needs to love lele
Alexander Hernández
Juanpa needs to love lele
peter carpenter
You Drew that Hart before you did That video
oscar solarte
Zzzz sucks
日本人いる〜?( ´ω` )
Harley Quinn7042
Sophia Mila Wishes
“ She doesn’t even go here!” 😂😭
The Ultimate Show
You just kill the man
Minmim Stock
the way he ran tho
ericka walters
I love you
Nike's World
Wait.... What!
Hey Miaa
They might be the cutest couple...
Kaylie's Maya's gaming channel! YOUTUBE FANS!
Manuelacool12 Aj
Typical Emily
Inanna DID try to help by saying,"at least try to clean it up"
Noa Lakstein
"she doesn't even go here!" haha
LMAO it’s funny how when she said fuck and that’s funny when the teacher says who trew that They all. Raise their hand and lele pon. Jumped to get her crush JUsT LMAO
Edul Gasparyan
Neon Girl
Lele and Jaunpa are cute together 😍
Jesse Arrington
I'm actually a girl but I need to use my brothers
Jorence Palad
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