Top 10 Best Tim Curry Performances

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This iconic actor is well remembered for his dramatic and dangerous roles, as well as being highly regarded among 90s children for appearing in some of their favorite movies. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 most memorable performances of Tim Curry. But what will take the top spot? Pennywise in It, Wadsworth from Clue, or Dr. Frank-N-Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Watch to find out!

00:47 #10. Daniel ‘Rooster’ Hannigan in “Annie” (1982)
01:35 #9. Long John Silver in “Muppet Treasure Island” (1996)
02:22 #8. Cardinal Richelieu in “The Three Musketeers” (1993)
03:11 #7. Mr. Hector in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” (1992)
03:50 #6. Hexxus in “FernGully: The Last Rainforest” (1992)
04:59 #5. Billy Flynn [aka ‘The Prince of Darkness’] in “Criminal Minds” (2005-)
05:52 #4. Darkness in “Legend” (1985)
07:01 #3, #2, #1 ????

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Watch some of the movies that Tim Curry has performed in!
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sara Taylor
I'm so happy that I've seen everything on this list, even on the honorable mentions and filler clips
Rafael Trivino
"What's a matta? One balloon not enough? TRY AH BUNCH!!!" That reading of that line is so kick ass.
Olivia Grace
#1 is and always will be #1
Kyle Andrews
I'm just a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania
manuel Rosales
I'm a BIG big fan of IT
Daniel Mart
Other HM's:
The Hunt For Red October
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Transformers: Rescue Bots
Young Justice
Scooby-Doo & The Goblin King
The Wild Thornberrys
Armando Gonzalez
You forgot dr.poole from Oscar
I swear if Rock Horror isnt at least Number 2 i never watch any video of this channel!!
Marcus Snyder
Wild thornberries, psych, monk
Stacy Ragland
I looove Tim Curry!!! Rocky Horror is one of my all time favorite movies!!! ♥👄
Catherine Williams
What about Sir Nigel Thornberry?
Catherine Williams
I loved him as Dr. Poole in Oscar
Arr Bar
Love, love, love Tim Curry!!!!!!
Sydnye Chey
Ben ravencroft from Scooby Doo and the witches ghost anyone?
Well thanks for spoiling the twist of Muppet Treasure Island for me! Lol
carolina loreley
what's number one???
Where the hell is his role in "Tales from the Crypt" episode, for which he received an Emmy nod?
kasper hald
Clue has got to be 2nd Rocky horror 1st IT 3rd
Mike Dearing
Tim Curry is an absolute legend, even when he's playing a villain, he's still insanely likeable
Can he shoot threes?
I liked Dr. Pool from Oscar. I love that movie
Kari's Small World
Mrs. Frank Furter
Probably one of the biggest Tim Curry fans you'd ever meet. Two large Tim Curry tattoos on my right arm and a third coming in three weeks. <3 I just love Tim.
Emily René
AHHHH TIM CURRY 😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love him so much
kellie O Donovan
"Still confuses the hell out of teenagers."

my dad is 52 and still hasn't a fucking clue what was happening in that movie
Point & Shoot Films
who the fuck made this list and didn't include Nigel Thornberry OR Pa, Ma, and Winona Brackett on Tales From The Crypt?! Or hell, what about Mr. Jigsaw in Loaded Weapon, which should have been an honorable mention over Congo. This is why I can't watch your movie have no idea what you're talking about.
Robert Morales
No King Chicken from Duckman? Loved that role!
What, no Kilokahn?
Baron Of Hell
Down here in the comments we all float.
kasten riedle
What about Nigel thornberry SMASHING!!!!!!
Reza Primardiansyah
I know of him from Gabriel Knight: Sins of the fathers
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jim X
Rowan Atkinson was nearly cast as Wadsworth the butler.
His character from Congo is only an honourable mention? - It should have made the top ten at least and (even though it's from a game) nothing for his, "Space!!" scene in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 or his character in The Hunt for Red October? :) .
Jeffrey Elya
Tim Curry has been around for a while, but he has clearly stated that his favorite character he's ever played is Long John Silver from Muppet Treasure Island. I'm a 90s kid,.....I grew up watching the movie.
Caylin Coleman
the David Bowie of acting.
You forgot his appearance as Poet Man in the Super Nova episode of the Lexx series.
A. Kenneth
Very best triple threat performer of his time. Completely under-recognized by his peers, but we, his huge, appreciative audience, adore him. He deserves every award ever given to performers, and more, plus all our thanks.
Tim Curry makes an awesome Professional Pirate!
what about gabriel knight games?
Al Z
so glad to see Frankie as number one!
Lisa Young
Finally!!!!! :D
sometimes I have night mares about pennywise. The last one I had I out smarted him.
Crimson Lucifer
I loved his performances and him being Pennywise and The Lord of Darkness :o he's the best! :)
Warren Webber
Thank you so much for including one of my favorite movies- CLUE!!
Joshua Ford
Um nothing for Nigel thornberry
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