BASHING Giant Chocolate Hello Kitty - Huge Egg Surprise Toy Opening - Candy & Sweets Review

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Hi friends:)
I just love my bashing chocolate videos,i cannot believe i needed my Dads help again,Hello Kitty was so hard to crack,i hope you liked the cool surprises. YUMMY CHOCOLATE🍫

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Toy in other Languages: 
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Lucy Kamunye
show us how you made it
Mark Driver
no deberian de hacer esos videos por que hay niños como yo que mueren por tener un juguete y probar un chocolate asi
Omg!! I want a giant hello kitty chocolate!!
Lawrence Dayle Garcia
Hello ketti
Gladys Ybarra
Patrick Cornell
3:18 no its not youkiller
Patrick Cornell
Windsor 1
Prxnce Tuan
I want to make videos with you are going to be a superstar Tiana
Prxnce Tuan
I love your videos I wish I could meet you in real life
Tyeffa Harris
hi tt📱💬😃
Edwardo Gamboa
Lillan Buu
l dont like Hello kitty mee inglish
Rosamaria Carrillo
quiero ser tu amiga espero me puedas responder quiero ser tu amiga mi nombre es gabriela
Tiffany Gilyard
girl u need to hush because you are so freaken loud
pier paolo guria
Angie Hughes
Mm I
shane bailey
Taleisha Dunn
Can I have some!!!! I wish you could pass through food
I'm a Fat niga
do you like hello kitty
Lucy Januszkiewicz
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Anastacio Castillo
mas pone.
Lps SweetPikachu
Por que te sobas el pecho ¡EL PECHO NO ES TU ESTÓMAGOOOOOO!
Queen A
Amiey Masniza
Melissa Perius
were can i get joy toys
Melissa Perius
is your family rich
Shannon Fernandez
I love your videos
Linda Amari
Luis Martinez
Maybelin Morales
los. pueden. poner
Aysecetin 1985
' 8oil Iyi g2cwlee Iyi geceler kendine iyi
Breona Larmore
no i dont watch hrllo kitte to old
طيف اياد
Nanet Caguioa
Violet Warburton
give me
Avril Colbert
Jameeka Jermany
Omg that looks so yummy and so cool Where did you get it 😇😂🤣🤠
Breanna Goettler
mine is small . but yours is big
Breanna Goettler
I got the same stuff animal just like you
Breanna Goettler
what is the last video i forget
Breanna Goettler
I ate chocolate and it's so yummy it is in a bar guess what I like your Hello Kitty so much
Kebe Kass
We've got the same "My Little Pony Egg" but much bigger!!!!!!
Binod thankachan
Daniel Wheeler
Do you know cookie swirl c toys and me
Daniel Wheeler
your so good at making videos toys and me
Daniel Wheeler
Eat the chocolate because it might taste good
I think it might taste very good
DeMaria Rhian
hi hi Tiana can can have some of your shopping
DeMaria Rhian
please Tiana can I have at your shop in Kinder Joy I live in the
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